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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    No more Ballack No more Didier No more Kalou No more Mata No more Bison BUT.......... We got Jose, We got Jose, We got Jose How we wanna remember them is left to us all..They will always be loved and appreciated for every memory they gave me and true blues world wide...Good bye friends, chin up to those of us who are emotional over this, express your emotions, but dont forget who you support and who that team now has as manager....BELIEVE!!!!
  2. David Luiz

    I agree with pretty much all you have said.....But people try to compare him with the English traditional no nonsense CB, ala JT... And yeah i meant just CB's...
  3. David Luiz

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50oUbezu5Mo I love and admire Kompany, imo the best defender in the PL the last 3years.....But we havent seeing him do these stuffs often, and im not even putting up David Luiz's goal, as that just hitting the cheat button.... Also, kindly show me a defender better than Luiz when it comes to technique....Not saying he is the best, just asking for one that's better and playing at the highest level...
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    Which youngster do we have that can pass the ball from the midfield and is PL ready? Baker?.....I know we got a youngster MVG, but it think its a know fact that he is injured....We have tried pretty much the other options there, Essien, Mikel, Rami....Also how many world class AM's does Man U have?...Do you Januzaj, will get a spot among our 6 AM's, you have to put things in context....Why did the same Moyes not do the same with Ross Barkley last season?
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    Honestly i dont get why people act so ignorant or just straight try to play the, i dont know wtf is happening card.... What are Jose criticisms based on? An entire season? half a season? or because he is special and we are not spanking teams 6-0?...Are we in the 3rd year of Jose's transition?...Have we been actually able to have a real transition period? because our impatience...AVB wasnt here long enough for his "philosophy" to bear fruits, he was chopped and mid season we had to start from scratch, how many mangers have we had after that? I think 3, that means we have to start from scratch 3 times again, just between last season and this one...So yes brother we are still in transition and its actually starting to look like a real one, not those that by december we were already out of the title race.. Everyone know we needed a striker, we went out and got one for basically free, he is not great for us boo hoo, y'all would have been fine if he had cost like $50million, would they have been guarantee he would be great for our team now?.....Lukaku with all his talent, is delusional if he had expected assurances to be the No. 1 striker...I dont know why most people and not pissed at him for not willing to fight for his place, or would you have been happier if Ba was on loan at Arsenal and helping them challenge us for the title? most of all now that they have Ozil to supply him... Those that say they cant see any difference, if you watched our games last year, when did we use to press high up the field and tried to recover possession and start attack asap during rafa?...Now watch our games and see how much we actually do and did that in the first half of yesterday's game...The players couldn't keep it up in the 2nd half and that has happened more than once, so yes i see things changing....I liked the first half yesterday and against stoke, we just need to to start transitioning into doing that for an entire game....
  6. Boston Marathon Explosions

    I never said it was unethical, and i never said or implied that they are more important in anyway, but because the lives were lost in Boston and not one of those places doesnt make it less of a horror, America has a stronghold on world media so whatever happens here is broadcasted around the world and blown out of proportion, and you really dont know what 9/11 did to this country, it changed everything, we are just trying to get away from that so whatever happens that is even a slight reminder of that day, is blown way out of proportion.. The media will only broadcast what they can make money from, and that is the sad state of our capitalist free market nation, I wish something could be done about the hunger, but Africa's biggest problems are their leaders, some of them have the nicest houses in the US and spend money like its nothing out here when their people are suffering....
  7. Boston Marathon Explosions

    Ok...Then blame your media for shutting up about it, why blame us....I understand non americans feel when anything happens in America it is worldwide knowledge, but hundreds of blacks die from shooting everyday in chicago, west LA, south dallas, Miami, DC, pretty much every inner city in America and NOBODY hears about it...But when there is a school shooting, it its worldwide news, so if we are talking about deaths that dont make the news, it happens way more in America than anywhere else, just check the statistics on the number of gun deaths...
  8. Boston Marathon Explosions

    People in Somalia, Bahrain, Syria are getting killed by their own people, we went through our own civil war where we killed each other and have been stronger since then, let those countries fight their battles....They dont have the innocent citizens of their countries targeted by cowards who cant stand and fight... This is not fair a and this is not how you fight a war, how much of a punk can one be to bomb people at a marathon....Yeah they might be overreaction by the media, because it is the USA, but how many other countries get terror attacks on their innocent citizens by people they dont even know..... I am not really offended by what you said, but i dont think it is fair to compare civil wars and terror attacks....
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    Please, Please, Please...Dont say things about the Zen master if you dont know much about teams and players he coached...How many rings did Jordan win without Big Phil?...Im a Laker fan, and how many rings do you think we have won after Phil?, the first time Phil Jackson left the Lakers, we were so dreadful that Kobe asked to be traded, why didnt the almighty Kobe(whom i adore) not win everything for the Lakers himself, or why he is not wining it for us now...Shaq only won the one ring with and amazing D Wade after he left the lakers...How many rings has the best player of right now (Lebron) won? just one? and he took him being two years with D wade and Bosh to pull it off...I bet if the Zen master had coached Lebron, we would have been counting the number of rings they have both won... I know he had some of the best players of our time, but do you also notice that he seems to get the very best from the best players of our time?...Somehow great managers always tried to get their success looked down upon because the had the best player in their locker room, or maybe it was because of that manager that the player turned out that great... Mourinho: in my opinion had a lot to do with making Lamps, JT, Drogba and Cech into the world beaters they turned out to be.... Fergie: Giggs, Beckham, C Ronaldo...The list goes on Big Phil...Shaq was the leagues beast and best big man, but couldnt win a ring until he played for the Zen, master... Kobe was an arrogant teenager who Big Phil described as uncoachable and turned him into the BLACK MAMBA that we have today Michael Jordan...How many rings did he win with big Phil?...All 6 that he has... Phil Jackson as a basketball coach/manager is the GREATEST there has EVER been, and i am not sure i will see another GREATER in my lifetime....Thank you Zen Master for everything...
  10. Mikel John Obi

    I bet you wont be saying this if you were not european, so Africans dont have the right to have a continental competition like Europe does?...i dont know who won the last 4, but i know Didier Drogba is praying to win just ONE...Its not important to you, but people who care about where they come from even if their competitions are not as well known or posh as yours, still have pride in putting on their national colors and should not be insulted for it..... We can be slaves to patriotism when it is the Euros or the World cup and you would want every Cfc player to compete in those competitions, but when its a less known like ACON you have a problem with it?... Do you think it would be fair if just Europeans and American (North or South), alone are allowed to compete in their continental competitions, but Africans are not? I think Shola Ameobi opted to play for England long ago, Victor Moses is going, You mad bro?
  11. Fernando Torres

    In all honesty, its disrespectful to compare our very own Salomon to this piece of crap...Kalou scored MANY MATCH WINNERS for us in his time here...And say whatever you want about Salomon's ability, but he played like he cared if we win or loose he just wasnt good enough most times, he is not our highest scoring substitute ever for nothing...I have said it before, nando doesnt give a shit if we win or loose and will always be a scouser in my eyes who cared more about scoring against us that he does scoring for us..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, dont soil the legendary legacy of King Kalou , by comparing him with this sulking dumb blonde b****......Never ever forget this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGxmIEVWafU
  12. The Basketball Thread

    Mike Brown finally out, he was turning LAL into a joke....Please, please Jim Buss get Big Phil back..The triangle offense would fit perfectly with D12 and Nash, Kobe n Gasol have won rings with it...Please Jim don't be stupid again, like that one time you didn't care about what Kobe thinks and you brought in Brown over keeping Brian Shaw that would have continued the triangle offense with an healthy Bynum last year...How did that turn out? Yeah Jim you got us no rings like your pops...Mitch please talk some sense into him so he crawls up to Montana and get the Zen master on a private jet to Staples center... WE WANT PHIL...WE WANT PHIL...WE LOVE YOU PHIL...WE MISS YOU PHIL...PLEASE COMEBACK HOME ZEN MASTER!!!...
  13. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    So Great to see Brian Dawkins #20.....Weapon X, LEGEND!!!!........Cmon Eagles!!!....
  14. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    For real?..Why dont you like him?....I really like that Auburn team, and have been a fan since then....Well Sanchez is a joke of a QB, with all due respect @blue-in-me-viens....I guess he need to stink for Tebow to get a shot
  15. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    WTH is happening to Rivers in the 2nd Half?...DEFENSE stepping up as usual :blue scalf: ...