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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    It seems like he's being wasted. Not in the squad for Sunderland, not in the Champions League squad and unlikely to play against United. Yes, he's a talent but talent need game time and I don't see Chelsea offering him that much of it. We most likely bought him so another club doesn't buy him. My $0.2
  2. Fernando Torres

    Is the Torres conundrum the biggest problem we've ever faced?
  3. Fernando Torres

    Why do you come onto a Torres thread and expect people to talk about things other than Torres?
  4. Fernando Torres

    Are Malaga still interested?
  5. Hip Hop discussion

    Hmm, concentration camps and gas masks. Interesting.
  6. Fernando Torres

  7. Salomon Kalou

    I'd love to see videos of Kalou in training.
  8. The FIFA Thread

    http://www.ea.com/au/football/profile/match-history/PS3/meireles_tattoos# uJelly bruh? uMirin? Add me if your man enough to play me.
  9. Salomon Kalou

    Not looking good for us, ..
  10. The FIFA Thread

    Unrealistic because: 1. Amazing performance from Fernando Torres 2. Cole fails to last 90 minutes Realistic because: 1. Anelka is sulking 2. Malouda is sulking and thinks he is good
  11. Name Changes thread

    Can I change my name from Homer2Chelsea to Beast?
  12. The FIFA Thread

    Anelka 84 Malouda 84 Lampard 87 Sturridge 79 Hahaha
  13. Daniel Sturridge

  14. Florent Malouda

    Just get the fuck out of here. And take Kalou and Anelka with you, you t#at.
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    From Drogba, Torres, Anelka and Sturridge and playing nice, passing football at his 'Dream Team' To Jones, Delap, Fuller and Sidibe and long ball/rugby tactics.. Can't see it happening.