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  1. The Pre-Season thread

    Chelsea squad to play Werder Bremen tomorrow. Loic Remy, Matt Miazga and Kenedy have been cut. this was off twitter so make of it what you will.......
  2. Chelsea Kits thread

    Get rid of those daft lines on the torso and it would be a decent third kit imo
  3. Chelsea Kits thread

    Just seen Moses has posted a pic with white socks http://www.whosay.com/victormoses/photos/353995?wsref=tw
  4. Chelsea Kits thread

    Best adidas has given us imo!
  5. Chelsea Kits thread

    Found this on twitter this morning http://sulia.com/football__tweet/f/24566757-f4cc-4ddb-8833-be58e325ec7e/
  6. Chelsea Kits thread

    I does look even better without the stripe, but i still like it tbh. Not sure on the black and yellow one, kinda hoping its a test design. But i think you can bet our third strip will be black!
  7. Eating llama, zebra, kangaroo, water buffalo, impala and red harebeest!

  8. Has a top top girl friend! Love you baby! Xx

  9. Working late on a friday aint the one! May have to have some alcohol when i get in!

  10. Just tried all 4 new kit kat flavours and peanut butter is the best FACT!

  11. paths are icey people, watch out!

  12. should be in the pub in an hour and a half! woooooo

  13. thank fook its friday!!!

  14. What to get me dad for his birthday? and believe it or not he said no alcohol!?!