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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    That top scorers list means nothing to me. Players around him ( except Benteke) played for big clubs against proper defences. They can't be compared to Lukaku. Just because we aren't able to get a decent striker doesn't make Lukaku great. Because he isn't.
  2. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    It's about time they rename Champions League to La Liga II with europian friendlies. If there wasn't for money it would be such a waste of time for other clubs. It will be won by Madrid or Barcelona in years to come. Other clubs will win it every five or seven yeras. Every football wonderkid will go there which will further prolong their dominance. Ronaldo will go eventually but Mbpape is on his way. Modrić and Croos will be replaced in the same fashion.
  3. Diego Costa

    I just hope he wont blame Conte or club for collapsing of his China cash cow. That's my biggest issue with him nowdays and why I believe he may become a passenger. I still rather want him to stay and Matic and Moses out, from starting eleven at least. And an upgrade for Willian and Pedro and another CB. Pennyworth, I know.
  4. Diego Costa

    We should have sold him in January. Now he is turning into passenger we can't cash in. I sincerely hope he will be shifted out as soon as possible even if I struggle to think of a decent replacement. But until than even Batz will do.
  5. Romelu Lukaku

    Never have been less excited about transfers as this summer. I'm pretty positive we will spend about 200 mil ( Only from this year transfer income and just a little bit from tv rights) but how many players we can get for 200 mil? Max two decent , not guaranteed great players and some pocket change? Hardly enough to improve our lack of depth and to replace every player that has left. And to think one of those special players could well be Lukaku, goalscorer yes, but world class - far from. I'm afraid that Europe will disclose his shortcomings. If he comes I really really hope that Sanchez loves London and isn't interested in learning German language. He is the cheapest decent winger we can get. I reckon Hazard wont go. With those two, I could be happy with Lukaku.
  6. The English Football Thread

    I like the rule too, but it could make EPL even less attractive for some foreign players. Like it matters, the best ones end up at Real or Barca anyway.
  7. Romelu Lukaku

    If our aim is to compete only for PL, then it would be alright signing. But with him leading the attack, our chances of getting at least CL semifinal decrease dramatically. Never liked him and anything he's done at Everton didn't convince me at all. I just hope it's Conte's demand.
  8. Oscar

    Never liked him, probably our most frustrating player . But he is not our biggest problem. Those who are making decisions on our transfers are.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    He inherited decent team from Rafa. Not great one, it lacked DM , CM, winger( KDB?) and a STRIKER. That was a team which under impossible circumstances won CL. Those players (young ones) were winners in the making. They won two Europe cups in two years ( Even EL is tough cookie this days - whould you bet on Arsenal winning it?) and were average in PL because of non existent striker. He needed to upgrade that team, but instead he dismantled it. If he had to sell before buy, he should have sold Oscar not Mata. Nevertheless, he dismantled that team and created vulnerable atmosphere that was sustainable while we were 'improving' or winning but it was bound to crash as soon as things turn sour. He won the league and the cup, but in the long run his reign will do us more harm than good. I realised that in the begging of 2014 and I wasn't the only one. Not because he sold Mata, but because he said that Oscar is his number 10, and a player to build the team around. (And stopped playing him in the important games soon enough). Now, can this team he built, way better than the one he inherited win the Europa League again and get us that CL spot?
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    When looking for a culprit Jose needs to take a good look in the mirror. It was his rash sales, biased favoring, weird tactics, alienating players, no rotation that made our squad what it is now. Jose is now facing consequences of team selections based on reputation and past accomplishments rather than current form and meritocracy. When players can be certain that no matter how they perform they will play in the next important game complacency sets in as we are seeing. The opposite also applies when squad players giving 100% only to come to a realization that no matter how hard they try, how well they play they cannot displace underperforming untouchables they lose interest, focus and they start thinking of their way out.When I'm at it, how pointless most of his transfers have been? I'm not sure board gave him awfull lot of money, but he got enough funds to play decent football and keep us in the top four. That's consistency, isn't it? That stellar pressing football team used to play during good times demands two things: big squad and rotation. Former have been sistematically ruined later virtually non exsistent. And now the reilable first 11 from last year quite often look like shadows of their former selves. But than again I may be a Chelsea hater cause I refused to see last season wins and trophies as a justification for mediocre football, unimaginative tactics and everything mentioned above.
  11. Diego Costa

    Most players who did similar antics are offenders. Let's call them that way. Costa is re-offender. Who does it game after game. Week after week. And gets away with it more than not. Like Suarez did. Most players aren't as constant at their antics and that's why they get away with it.
  12. Diego Costa

    I can't believe there are people on here who think he doesn't deserve ban. Be happy if he doesn't get Suarez treatment afterwards. He is on the verge of getting it. Rightly so. People should watch football when they watch Chelsea, not his antics, slappings in the face and pushovers.
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    The worst thing about Mourinho is his favouritism of certain players. That's why he loses dressing room sooner or later. Second is his lack of imagination regarding to team selections and attacking style combined with solid defense. I'm not among disappointed on here. I saw this coming and went trough disappointment long time ago, precisely when he sold Mata and replaced him with Salah. I don't think this situation is entirely his fault. Lack of transfer budget and 'ignoring' Jose's wishes and getting 'second rate' players instead is big part of the problem. This transfer 'inactivity' may be reacton to Jose's transfer failures (he sold better players to get worse ones in 80% cases) which left our squad weakened instead of stronger. Or maybe it is result of limited funds. We are about to build new stadium, we are likely to face restricted transfer budgets which may lead to underwhelming results in the near future. I'm not sure we will be better of without him. He is more than capable to avoid relegation. Maybe even get top four because Man Utd, Liverpool and Tottenham are still shit. I don't think we would be looking like winning trophies with someone else. Just far less dramatic.
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    It seems to me Jose only comes with two-year guarantee policy... what can you do?
  15. The Mourinho Thread

    Sorry, but even Mourinho knows that winning the PL these days is nothing special. It won't reinforce his believes. Only winning CL will. That , and only that will make him fill special again. And rant about refs a bit less.
  16. The Mourinho Thread

    Peace wonderful post. I agree with you completely. I sincerely believe that Mourinho is able and will win at least back to back PL titles, but imo his "cure" is CL title. He needs to improve his approach and tactics in big games for that, which may be the hardest thing for him.
  17. Oscar

    This really made me laugh. Great post.
  18. The Mourinho Thread

    That's what Henrique said. This season Premier League is one horse race. We were dominant from the beginning to the end just like Bayern is dominant in Bundesliga. Which club was our biggest competitor? Man City - don't make me laugh - they are shit ant it doesn't have nothing to do with us being too dominant, their time passed. Unless they invest cleverly and get decent coach, they will be in the top for race next season. Wait a minute, there are in the top four race now. Arsenal - LOOOL Liverpool - don't make me laugh Man Utd - LOOOL PSG dominated us with eleven and ten men. Monaco dominated Arsenal ( the club that will probably finish second in PL) big time. Probably none of this clubs will have a chance to meet the clubs you mentioned, and if they do, they will be crashed. Bayern can beat anyone. Same goes for Barcelona. The same can't be said for Chelsea, even though we dominate the Premier League. Premier League regressed big time and there is no point denying it. It's easier for us now than it was for us in 2010 or United in 2009 / 2013 or City in 2012.
  19. The Mourinho Thread

    If our excellent football doesn't transfer to big games ( at least 80% of them - Cl semi finals and finals excluded) I fully expect Mourinho's job to be in jeopardy. That doesn't mean I want him sacked, I don't, as I expect him to dominate in Premier League for the next couple of years. But if we continue to be ' the biggest cowards among big clubs' I can't see him lasting that long. I didn't called us that, but these days I heard that expression many times .
  20. The Mourinho Thread

    After Ferguson retired, winning Premier League is not about being the best it's about being the least bad of the bunch. City was that team last year, and Pellegrini capitalised . Now it's Mourinho's turn. Top five English clubs are in such a bad shape, it's unbelievable. Mou can dominate for the years to come if City enters in our post 2010 transition, as it seems. Nevermind, kudous to David Luiz for telling that Mourinho is not special, and proving it on the pitch afterwards.
  21. Thibaut Courtois

    DDG is excellent keeper. But when he came to United he often had mares in defending and was conceding silly goals. He costed them points more than once. It was a matter of adapting. Premier League is the fastest league up there, and it's not easy for ex La Liga keepers to adapt here and keep clean sheets instantly. Tibo doesn't keep clean sheets but he is not costing us points. He handles this league transition much better than I expected him to, to be honest. He is great and with time he will become exceptional, maybe only second to Neuer. When he starts to keep those clean sheets ( it will take time, mind you) he will be doing that in 7 games out of 10 or something like that. In a nutshell, he will be amazing.
  22. Oscar

    I can't think of any Chelsea player that has been more overrated than Oscar. I don't think I'll ever see great attacking player in him despite some glorious free kicks, goals and assists now and then. He shouldn't be near the final three/ four in the team aspiring to achieve something in Europa against Real, Barca, Bayern, in particular. To be fair, the same can be said about Willian, Schurrle ( maybe even Ramires) but none of these players are nearly as appreciated as Oscar is. He will come handy against smaller teams, when he can do what he does best, hustling opposition while he has Hazard, Fabregas and Costa to do attacking work and score goals. But top teams, who find the way to mark Fabregas, will probably expose the real Oscar - the one almost ineffective in attacking sense. That is if he plays.
  23. Frank Lampard

    If he just went there and became/becomes liability for them like he was for us, starts quite e few games, slows down their midfield and causes a few bad results, people wouldn't be hurt, in fact they would probably joke about it and called him our secret agent. The problem begins with him scoring. That's when it starts to hurt. But take it easy folks. At the end of the day, you will have the last laugh when Terry lifts that trophy. And please ask yourself again would Mourinho realy like to have Lampard and Fabregas in the same team. I think not.
  24. Juan Mata

    Precisely. This forum has become unreadable for me . Whenever I click on view new posts and this thread appear I just sign out. Haven't spend much time here since United game and if my predictions are true about Mata and United I won't. I can't help it, barely look here, but couldn't help it now and this is the post I completely agree with. This is the truth. Plain and simple. It doesn't matter that this is the first time since I joined that we have complete team, proper central midfielder, proper defensive midfielder, solid wingers on both sides and striker. I used to be unhappy about central midfield situation and that turned out well. And now when we finally have all rights to believe that we have chance to win everything, some people are not completely satisfied. They feel need to trash ex players. Fair enough. If that pleases you lot. Never take into consideration how pathethic team have United and how their game was never about number 10, just wingers and strikers. Believe that with Oscar, Willian, Shurrle or Salah in their team they would have turned into Premier League force. And when we finally win Premier League, say that's because we got rid of Mata, not because we finally have proper central midfield, solid wingers and proper striker. Whatever. It's my fault your trashing spoils my mood. Not the other way around.
  25. Juan Mata

    Juan Mata is a player who pretty much screwed his career by making wrong decisions. He would be better off if he had chosen Arsenal in 2011. He is perfect Arsene type of player: give him to play and he is happy. If trophy comes, good, if not, nevermind. He just wants to feel accepted, successful and important and that can only be achieved by playing. It would be much easier if players took their capabilities and style of play into consideration before opting for the next club. In his case anyway. Since he left it has become hit to talk about his flaws and limitations. Some in order to explain what we wont miss, other to highlight how superior option Oscar is. And I don't have problems with highliting his limitations, I'm aware of them myself, however I do have a problem with explaning how poor player he was without taking into consideration how hard it was for him to play his best football here. Yes he was given free role which helped him score more goals or make more assists, but he also is attacking midfielder who played entire two seasons with us without a striker to pass the ball to. He was under poor managers when it comes to the League( although fabulous manager in CL) almost entire two seasons . In the second part of the first season our players only cared about CL, it was so visible on the field but ended up in heroic triumph. That season was about CL not the League and who says otherwise is wrong. And our team wasn't good enough for both fronts. Juan Mata is about end product, but it's not like he had all the conditions to make the best impact in terms of end product here as some suggest. His limitations are to blame but lack of reliable striker/winger isn't ? Man United is another terrible decision . He won't fit under Van Gaal. I certainly hope he will be sold as soon as possible. It won't be easy for him to be benched again. It will be another fail for him, new blow to the player who thrives for recognition.I won't be coming here either and read all those mean posts 'ha, he's benched again! ' type. I will be gratefull to him for everithing he's done and I will keep my fingers crossed for him to somwhere along the line find a club where he will feel like important part of the team and where he will get recognition he craves for again. Meanwhile I will watch Hazard and Oscar playing with striker. Luxury that Mata never had here.