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  • Memory I met with the chelsea squad 2011/2012 !!! get an auto graph and snap a few pictures!! Gosh a dream comes true! TT.TT so damn excited!
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  1. The Football Player Game

  2. The Football Player Game

    Nadir Belhadj
  3. Oh nooo...not those Liverfool again. I'm sick of a penalties which might be happen at the end of the match. And if we are so lucky enough we will get through but if we're not, damn it.
  4. The Football Player Game

  5. The Football Player Game

    ryan giggs
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    Andrea Pirlo
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    Nadir Belhadj
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    Nicky Shorey
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    Ashley Young
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    Obi jon Mikel
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    iker casillas
  12. Haha.lol. That's ok. I thought the same things either. Ava: 8 Sig: 9
  13. Frank Lampard

    He's no doubt the greatest midfielder ever. Very accurate passing and had done a very god job as a penalty taker. He's just amazing.