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  1. Fulham v Chelsea

  2. Fulham v Chelsea

  3. Fulham v Chelsea

  4. Fulham v Chelsea

    Schurlle has been kind of embarrassing, he's seem out of his depth compared with the rest of the team, hes so limited skill-wise he can't play the 1--2 passes with Hazard and Oscar the way Willian can.
  5. Fulham v Chelsea

    Hazard, Willian, Ramires, Azpi, Cahil, and Cech should be rested.
  6. Man City v Chelsea

    I expect a comfortable 3-1 victory for us
  7. Mikel John Obi

    I think he should have a new role with the team, against low tier teams he should never see the field until we secure a lead. However, I think he will play a crucial role against the better squads across all competitions. When we secure a lead we throw in Mikel with Matic and Ramires and it becomes virtually impossible for any team to score on us. IMO this is pretty huge advantage for us, not many teams have the potential combinations that we have in our midfield now.
  8. European Competition thread

    ‘I left the club on a high and I think the supporters really loved what I did. ‘I really enjoyed the time that I spent there and loved them and I still do. ‘But now I am Galatasaray player and can give everything for this team.’ ‘Everything will depend on this game,’ he went on. ‘It is not going to be easy because I know this team, the manager and players. It is going to be very very difficult but this is football and you never know. ‘First, we need to do something in İstanbul. İf we want to believe in qualification, we need to do something in İstanbul and have to take good result.’ That is every quote in the article, I fucking hate Dailymail...
  9. Oscar

  10. The Mourinho Thread

  11. Oscar

    He is rather weak with his right foot.
  12. Juan Mata

    This article states that "Magistrates gave him 3 points on his license." Anyone care to explain that??
  13. Wulfert van Ginkel

    Come on, I know we're all fans here but let's be realistic...
  14. Chelsea Kits thread

    That track jacket!!
  15. Chelsea Kits thread

    Pretty average IMO, not the worst but not the best.