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  1. Neymar

    I would love to see him here. We have a chance only if Barca don't have the money, and Neymar somehow realize that under Mourinho he will be limited to develop all his potential. But that is unlikely to happen. And Real will do everything to sign him. He is their response to Messi , the best footballer on the world , role which C. Ronaldo never quite fulfill.
  2. Neymar

  3. Neymar

    Then I am happy for him and wish him best of luck! That kind of devotion is rare nowdays and you have to respect that. I want him to win many trophies with Santos.
  4. Neymar

    He is not coming. I dont see point of this topic anymore. He is going to Real Madrid. They dont need him, they just dont want us to have him. That is Mourinho saying us thank you for selling him Rikardo Carvalho last summer .Well maybe it wasnt his desicion. If Chelsea ever sell another player to Real or Farsa, I will be gutted..
  5. David Luiz

    We do not have 3 CBs beside Luiz. Alex is injury prone, JT is 30 years old. They are not long time solutions. With Luiz and Ivanović , in 2 or 3 years time we will need another one, hopefully from our youngsters.