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  1. 8 hours ago, Vesper said:

    Maicon :wub:

    now we are talking

    that is my type of brutal bulldozer right back (would LOVE to have him and Ashley as 22yo fullbacks on our side as our FB pair!)

    ahh, the good old Inter days, sigh (hopefully they keep improving, and get a good manager to replace Conte if he walks)


    what the hell happened to HARD Brasilians??

    almost all now are pussytklaat

    Maicon, Lucio, ...even our very own Alex

    Brazilian defenders of a bygone era. Tough as nails

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  2. 3 hours ago, Vesper said:

    the defence will still be addressed

    missing out on Havertz would be a long term disaster from both ends, both us, and then the fact he strengthens the hell out of a direct rival for EPL and/or CL glory

    Yep, definitely need him for the short term.


    For the long term, however, am concerned that one day Bayern Effng Munich will come sniffing for German talent, just like they grabbed Leroy Sane. And we've got Timo too. Hard to see them not come in, if 1 or both succeed.

    Then again, we've always had Madrid lurking around for Hazard and still got 7 good seasons, so maybe it won't be that bad.

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  3. 1 hour ago, communicate said:

    Not sure I am worried when alonso on the ball. Both rudi and Zouma are not comfortable playing on the left.

    For me our cb are fine, if we can get a better cb sure we should go for it but he has to be first choice nailed down starter material. So we don't need matip or gomez, we need vvd. We don't need lindelof or Bailly, we need Maguire. 

    On the other hand midfield imo is a bigger concern. Without kante we can't stop anybody. It is like a highway to attack our d line. It will get worst next season without willian in the squad. 

    Not sure about your point on CBs, but I agree with you on the midfield lacking defensive nuous. 

    Barring Kante, and to a lesser extent Kovacic, the midfield can seem a bit porous

    It could be risky, but it then again depends on what kind of on-the-ball tactics the team will use next season. 

  4. Its cliche but today was not our day...Azpi and Puli getting injured in the same game, and the ref having a crap day (probably Antony Taylor's chance to take revenge after we knocked his beloved United out of the competition)

    Like @Tomo said, these horrible ref decisions tend to even themselves over the course of a season. Shame that it happened in a cup final, but we could have done better in terms of our own performance..

    I couldn't watch this match live, but watching the first 20 minutes of our play (high press and fast attack) from this game, fills me with excitement for the next season, when we have our new signings integrated. It would be enough to put most sides to the sword.

    Onwards and upwards.


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  5. 2 hours ago, Superblue_1986 said:

    I think a better example would be in the first half that cross that Caballero palmed away from under his bar. I'm not sure Kepa would have reached it, or at least got a good enough hand on it to clear to be honest. Wolves go 1-0 through a freak goal and it's a different game completely and that has been the story of our season.

    Or Liverpool's first goal at Anfield last week.

    I thought we were doing decent up till that point, and then Kepa gets beaten by the first real shot on target from range and gives Liverpool momentum they didn't need.

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  6. On 7/23/2020 at 1:25 AM, Puliiszola said:

    Giroud is not going to decide if we win or lose this one. These players will:

    Kepa: the worst GK in our history. Worse than ross freaking turnbull

    Jorginho: the worst DM in our history, and no one even comes close to his brain dead idiotic decision making.

    Alonso: the worst LB in our history. Worse than baba rahman.

    I dont really care who starts in the back 4 or GK to be honest.

    We are nigh guaranteed to concede at least 1 goal regardless of the lineup, no matter who from the squad starts in defense.

    I'll keep Azpilicueta as captain, but that's pretty much it.

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  7. Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud.....Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud.....Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud.....Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud.....Start with Giroud...Start with Giroud...

    And oh yeah,

    Start with Pulisic as well.

  8. I couldn't watch this match, and going into it, was honestly not expecting anything interesting in terms of a result ---- (the real interesting end result was Utd vs W Ham), but having said that, WHAT A MATCH!

    Really proud of our young guns, Pulisic and CHO trying their best to make a comeback,against the title winning Liverpool, and very nearly creating a classic like our 4-4 draw at the Bridge in the CL. Shame that Arsenal reject had to come along to scupper that plan, but whatever.

    Our objective lies before us.

    Kepa's form is a big worry. I thought he had turned a corner after he was dropped for Wily, before the lockdown, but ever since season restart, he has been terrible again. Granted the defenders don't make things easy, but he offers very little in terms of being a final line of defense.. At this point, we're only using him as the last man and nothing more. He's not even dominant or vocal enough during set pieces, which is why there is so much confusion in our side whenever we concede a free kick. The big issue with trying to replace Kepa with star quality, is that its another multi million investment and a waste of what we spent to secure him. We might need to look at nicking cheaper, but surely better performing alternatives, such as Schmeichel or Marinez by promising them first team action. 

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  9. 28 minutes ago, Fulham Broadway said:

    Loved the way Loftus cheek just took the ball from Pogba

    Yeah remember that moment well

    His physical strength on the ball feels like a throwback to midfielders like Ballack and Lampard.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Vesper said:

    Manure are simply NOW (since Fernandes came and Pogba is back and happy and Greenwood has exploded) a far better team than we are

    and (this will shock many here I think as i bashed him hard)

    I really have to eat crow

    and say

    at this exact moment in time (future can change thsi obviously)

    OGS is also a better manager than Lamps is now

    On the topic of Lampard and OGS.

    I find the current form of both teams rather interesting.

    First half of the season, you had us regularly picking up points against the bread and butter of the league, especially in away games. United fared well against top 6 teams but flopped against lesser opposition.

    Now fast forward to the restart, we have won a game against City, at home, beat Leicester away, and you have United more consistent against the lesser sides.

    Interesting that our next 2 games are against top 6. 

  11. Whatever Lampard does to try and remedy the defense, I hope he realizes that chopping and changing the lineup for the sake of it, is not the solution.

    You'll risk alienating yourself from the players and it's all downhill from there, usually, once that happens.

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  12. Just now, Vesper said:

    no way to say that IF Shitty has at least one year ban

    even if Wolves win tomorrow

    we are still up 5 with 3 games to go and the last one is against them

    we surely will beat Norwich 

    so up 5 with 2 games to go to go at worst

    we probably will be up 2 points (as we play Victimpool after Norwich)  unless Wolves slip up in the next 3 games before

    so the last game is for the CL

    as SU is now 6 points off us and so they cannot make up the difference as long as we beat Norwich  (even if we are level on points with them we are still, even after today, up on them by 9 in GD, and were up by 15, so today was a damn disaster there)





    I hate to depend on another team's ill fortune.

    But what do you City's chances are of getting a 1 season ban at least?

    Can they suspend the decision through an additional appeal??

  13. 1 minute ago, DDA said:

    So why now are we playing with urgency at the 86th minute????

    Has Frank upset these clowns?

    Wouldn't be surprised

    He keeps chopping and changing to please certain of his favorites.

    No way had Tammy deserved to start over Giroud in this match.

    No way should Billy have started over Jorginho in the last game.

    And then he keeps rotating the back 4 without any plan.

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  14. At this point, I don't really care who plays in our back 4 (or even in goal).

    Its a merry-go-round of idiots.

    I know Azpi will never be dropped (and to be fair he defends alright 7 out of 10 times), and will probably include Alonso, simply because he gives an option in attack.

    Reece James has looked rusty since the restart, and his defending has never really convinced me.

    I don't think the race for top 4 is the best time for him to get match practice as a starter

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  15. 5 hours ago, Strike said:

    Gilmour was solid. A bit sloppy but also fought well in the holding role. 

    Jorginho should start the next one though. Looked more assured 

    Don't quite agree.

    He was anonymous in the 1st half., and all at sea in the 2nd with Crystal Palace taking 60% of the possession for long periods of the game.

    Anything but solid, IMO.

    The instant Jorginho replaced him, we go back to having 70 plus percentage of the ball.

    The kid is good, but he has been poor since the restart (barring that one long ball he played to setup a goal in 1 match).

    Shouldn't be starting right now when we have crunch fixtures coming up.

  16. I've been saying it. Plenty of people on this forum have been saying it.

    The moment we lost Kante and Kovacic, we should have resorted to Jorginho to control the midfield. He finally plays in this match, probably 70 mins later than he should have.

    4 hours ago, Jason said:

    I am really, really curious about what has happened between Lampard and Jorginho. Whatever flaws Jorginho has, it is quite bizarre to see a manager who made him vice captain and praised him so much pre-pandemic to suddenly not playing him at all. 

    Its bizarre.

    Even if the intent is to move past Jorginho in the future, why would you sacrifice the game when it was obvious we were playing like a 10 man team with Gilmour in the middle of the park. He waited so long to introduce Joginho.

    Embarrassing to concede 60% of the possession to Crystal Palace.

    Gilmour has NOT looked the same since the restart. Its actually detrimental to keep playing him in this state, as his confidence will only plummet. His passing (even though the intent of his passes were good) were off the mark, and led to so many turnovers. Too lightweight and poor positioning in our defensive transitions, barely making interceptions.

    Hope Jorginho starts the next game, especially if Kante and Kovacic are out longer. I would start him even if one those 2 were actually available.