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Blue Armour

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  1. Ramires

    Sorry if I'm wrong but it sounds to me like you're saying we need a Xavi, Iniesta and a Sergios Busquets type model for our midfield... I think we just need a midfield that works...one that has all the necessary tools in it such as creating chances, scoring goals, keeping possession, passing quickly, pressurizing the opposition and winning the ball back....
  2. Ramires

    No, he won't because he's not the same kind of player... Then again I don't see why he has to
  3. Ramires

    Nope...To be honest, I keep hearing about a new opinion from the commentators on what position the guy is supposed to play in. I hope he doesn't turn into one of those wasted utility players
  4. Ramires

    I think what is generally perceived as poor touch is mostly because of the breakneck pace at which he plays. His control over the ball is pretty decent actually.
  5. Salomon Kalou

    Why can't they work out Didier's contract before they even think of offering one to Kaloo... :ballack:
  6. Michael Essien

    Considering the history of our players with regards to injuries, I guess we will never now until March gets here..
  7. Salomon Kalou

    From the looks of things it seems as if some of the older squad members aren't too happy with the new deals, and the club is trying to secure deals with whoever they can from that group...
  8. Salomon Kalou

    I hope this has nothing to do with Drogba's contract talks supposedly stalling...
  9. Stamford Bridge thread

    I''m sorry if this sounds naive, but can't the CPO members request some sort of agreement on paper, that the move (if required) will be to one of the favored locations within the 3 mile radius? I also think that the recent turn of events means they (the board) have a location in mind...
  10. Stamford Bridge thread

    Depends...if the fans get nasty about the whole thing, Roman could get nasty or just leave....
  11. The England Thread

    And there the article loses all credibility... Paul Parker's a bald baboon....
  12. Daniel Sturridge

    Lol...I was actually going to say the opposite. As far as today's performance from him goes, you can't ask for more than that. But he could have made more goals for the team in the latter stages if he had just looked out for his team-mates who were also arriving in the box. That way he'll earn more respect from the other players. Otherwise we'll have a "Scholes calling Nani a ball hog" type situation. However I'm not too worried...If all goes well, he'll have a more mature head on his shoulders a few years from now and that'll make him an even better player.
  13. The England Thread

    Andy Carrol in the squad...and Capello claims he looks at club performances before choosing his players.....
  14. Petr Cech

    Well I ju------ Forget it. I just find you entire post disagreeable.
  15. Joe Cole

    But you'd have to admit that was it a pretty good goal he scored for them...
  16. Frank Lampard

    Lamps time maybe drawing near, but its ridiculous to doubt his commitment to the team and its cause... Quote: " It was the first time in eight years that Lampard found himself fit but not selected for a Premier League game as Chelsea brushed aside Swansea. Reports Lampard stormed away early after failing to come off the bench were wide of the mark. He spent more than half an hour after the game warming down on the pitch and came back drenched in sweat. Most of his team-mates were already showered and heading for home. " Rest of the article
  17. Frank Lampard

  18. Romelu Lukaku

    Finally got to see Lukaku in action for the whole 90 and another 30 minutes as well. Decent performance, with great commitment. However, what he does need to work is his technique (crossing mainly) and his jumping. For such a tall guy, its a wonder that he couldn't get his head onto some of the good crosses played into the area; In short, he needs to work on his fitness. (Remember the cramps as well?) But what amazed me today was his speed. He could indeed become a deadly weapon if honed properly.But to work in this Chelsea team he'll need to become a better all-round player, and a more complete center forward.
  19. Fernando Torres

    Anyone else noticed that his hairstyle was almost back the normal? Golden locks I mean
  20. Joe Cole

    Shame...after the last league match against Wigan, I thought he might just be getting back to his best. And then a few weeks later...gone. To be fair, he did mention Chelsea in that interview, when he was talking about initiation songs... Maybe he didn't ask about the club because of his tiff with the administration. I have no sympathy because he left on his own terms, but didn't he claim that he left because of the politics or something? He said he would reveal more info later. It may have been just for getting more wages on his contract but was that all? Anyways, Joe Cole's in the past...hopefully he can secure a regular starting role without breaking down any time soon.
  21. Daniel Sturridge

    He wan't magnificient I agree. Sturridge will get the occasional goal and assist but its too much to ask him to propel us towards any trophy.., I'm afraid that we'll continue to be in United/City's shadow this season unless one of our CF starts scoring regularly
  22. The England Thread

    I thought I was the only one who noticed that...The moment he left, they had all kinds of chances to equalize. Till then, I thought England started the 2nd half brightly, with Lampard spraying more quick forward passes. Whether that was short-lived only time will tell... But I have a feeling that English fans in general, and a lot of the Chelsea fans themselves have run out of patience for Frank....Glad to see that he's fighting for an international spot (of course, there's the upcoming Euro) instead of bowing out easily
  23. The crowded bench of AVB

    Ditto.. 2 attacking mids and one holding...Start of last season, Lampard himself said he preferred that kind of formation
  24. Oriol Romeu

    Oriol: "I don't intend to go back to Spain" from here Even if its true, I hope he doesn't change his tune in a few years..
  25. The crowded bench of AVB

    What Lampard is still good at: 1. Goal Scoring. 2. Killer pass in final third, that is when he's in the final third when the ball arrives there. 3. Stamina What he has lost: A bit of pace and speed, which is why his vertical/forward passes tend to get intercepted at times because they are late. This is why, he tends to give more sideways/square passes than usual and tends to lose the ball when harried.Its also why he doesn't reach the final third on time because he's the one who usually starts the play from the middle of the pitch,. In my opinion, he can still put the first two plus points to good use, provided the support in central midfield is good enough to set up the play. The other option would be to play him in a holding role. Not bad,but this would effectively prevent his goal scoring runs. However, he would be encouraged to use more of his long shots which aren't too bad either.