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Blue Armour

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  1. The crowded bench of AVB

    Better too much than too little
  2. Hilario awarded Man of the Match award vs WBA

    Look, we've seen Hilario in a lot of games and if its one thing he does have it IS confidence. Sometimes too much of it. Last match we nearly had a hilarious moment when he came charging off his box all the way to the half-line to pick up a ball that Ramires was going after. If that had gone wrong I'm sure he wouldn't be getting so many votes today. I don't mean to undermine him, but yesterday's performance was what you would expect from him. Nothing spectacular.. But I guess that's more than what a lot of people here were hoping for anyway in Cech's absence,
  3. Hilario awarded Man of the Match award vs WBA

    I'll admit he pulled off one or two good saves to keep it at one-nil,but it wasn't like he was bombarded by shots throughout the game...He was fairly standard and good enough for a stand-in goalkeeper.. Anelka was brilliant in my opinion...In the second half he was the best part of our front three, showing flashes of his (now mostly forgotten) incredible pace...
  4. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    I can imagine it now...Chelsea's dual themed attack: Torres and Sturridge to drive the defense nuts with pace and trickery: Drogba and Lukaku coming on to finish what's left
  5. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    I can imagine it now...Chelsea's dual themed attack: Torres and Sturridge to drive the defense nuts with pace and trickery: Drogba and Lukaku coming on to finish what's left
  6. Oriol Romeu

    That's what I thought as well; in that case, we can forget about that for another.....for 2-3 years?
  7. Drogba or Torres

    Sorry, but that's blowing things way out of proportion
  8. Drogba or Torres

    True...and if I remember correctly he also said making the combination of Torres and Drogba work is a headache best saved for later.. His current objective is to get the entire team ticking...once he does that, then he'll worry about keeping his strikers happy....
  9. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    Looks like that's a wrap then...
  10. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    Would be great to sign him, but its going to be a mess upfront unless someone leaves...I don't expect him join and just rot in the reserves...
  11. Drogba or Torres

    I'd say they're the one's that are hoping a lot...
  12. Alex

    I would certainly hope so...
  13. Drogba or Torres

    Its only pre-season and no-one (well almost no-one) has seen the entire first match to make a judgement... As it stands...from the highlights: Drogba with an assist and Torres with a goal..... Hopefully in the coming matches I will hear about Drogba and Torres from now on...(and if anyone says that's impossible I'll just ask them how good the Drogba-Anelka partnership was when Nico had just arrived in a similar Jan Transfer)...
  14. The FIFA Thread

    Lol..I use the same formation... My front 3 consists of RF, ST and LW....no surprise why...
  15. The Pre-Season thread

    Can't wait to see some attacking football!!!!
  16. Chelsea Kits thread

    Hah..so that's why .... Anyway...if Slam Dunk's right, its navy blue not black... Will wait for the official release and picture of a player actually wearing it....
  17. Chelsea Kits thread

    Its the big black and yellow bars...if only it were smaller.. it looks like a flag of some German state printed on it... Anyways, not too concerned about this...away kit isn't bad and more importantly, our home kit is fantastic this time...
  18. Chelsea Kits thread

    Odd that this one alone would have a collar...colors are ok, though..design could've been different...
  19. Alex

    Isn't Josh supposedly a "dead-ball" specialist?
  20. Alex

    Would be a bad time to let go of Alex even if there is a reason... Last season, in the first half, it was plain terrible with just three CB's in team...and now even Bruma's gone.... the fact is, our priority should be in reinforcing mid-field and not bother about adding another CB to replace him
  21. Alex

    Hmm...a French newspaper passing info on a deal between German and English Clubs... Difficult to dismiss as another tabloid piece of trash....
  22. Michael Essien

    Depends on how bad it is...we won't know for sure until the next few days... But if its a recurrence of the same injury, then that's pretty much it....end-of... Damn...now I'm taking that curse his father supposedly placed on him seriously...
  23. Michael Essien

    I'm a bit concerned..if this is the recurrence of the same injury, this could be the end of Essien's road not just with Chelsea but with top-flight football as well... Let's all hope for the best...
  24. its the calm before the storm :-)