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Blue Armour

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  1. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

    Yeah, a bunch of our players had zoned out in the box thinking there was nothing dangerous to come. In fact I would blame neither Kepa and Rudiger for that one. They just happened to be closest. I would blame the players who were nowhere near the ball when they clearly were supposed to
  2. Brighton 1-1 Chelsea

    Happy new year people!
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I'm curious with your reasoning. If I choose to be 'pragmatic' why would top 4 not be a possibility? We are one match away from being halfway through the season, and regardless of the result we would be at least be level on points with 4th place at least. This is despite us starting the first half of the season with several players injured, and no transfer window. If I was pragmatic, I would assume the second half to yield even better results. You can play negative Nancy, as you are entitled to your opinion, but I'm not sure why you want others to adopt that view.
  4. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    If a single match could encapsulate everything, today's match did. Our defensive line sucks ...whether it's a back 3 or a back 4
  5. Chelsea 0-2 Southampton

    Ah that's annoying. Happy Birthday, though!
  6. Chelsea 0-2 Southampton

    I stand corrected. Not sure what I confused it with back there. Apologies
  7. Chelsea 0-2 Southampton

    Meh . Unlike many on here, I have next to ZERO reaction to this match. Chelsea have one of the worst boxing day match records in recent history. It's only typical that we beat Spurs away and end up embarrassing ourselves at home. When I saw the same 3at the back formation, with Emerson/Azpi at wingback I knew were in for an insipid first half. Out of form CHO starting was the cherry on top. Plus Kovacic out and RLC injured, we dont have any real runners from midfield. So on to the next. Jan transfer window cant come soon enough. Rudigers rustiness has convinced me that we need a new CB in addition to a LB
  8. 29. Fikayo Tomori

    Great return after a spell on the sidelines. Well done
  9. Chelsea 0-2 Southampton

    Rotate. We need him for Arsenal. Would switch to 433 for Southampton and back to 3 at the back for Arsenal
  10. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Lol. It may not seem like it, but I think Mourinho was low-key complimenting Rudiger there Sure, he might have been really annoyed about it, but if Rudiger was on his team and did it, he would have loved it.
  11. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Completely agree.... Sorry, meant to say 5 at the back for THIS game. Wouldn't want to see that all the time
  12. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Told ya, that 5 at the back is the way to go for this game Agree, @Tomo ???
  13. European Competition thread

    Well RB Leipzig are higher than Bayern in the table. And we saw how Spurs did against Bayern..
  14. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    I gave Azpi a lot of stick last season, and questioned his ability as a captain. But this season, barring the first few games and the mistake at Everton he has been good, especially during the 7 game winning run. I would definitely pick him over Alonso, or current-form Emerson who has declined since picking up an injury early this season. At this point, with Rudiger just regaining match fitness, I trust none of our defenders in a back 4, and that includes James as well. We need to put them in a 5 so that each of them have adequate cover. At least for this game
  15. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    I agree...after the Wolves game, 3atb was boring to watch, almost akin to Contes 2nd season The only reason I suggested it, was to get a reaction out of the team. Because as far as the PL goes, the team is in a slump. They seemed to have given up ever since the Etihad game. Besides changing formation and starting personnel, I'm not sure how Frank is going to get a reaction out of his team. Not sure if he's yet at that stage of his career ala Klopp, who can motivate his team otherwise.
  16. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    We are in a slump, and drastic change is needed for this game to give the team a shake up. Ditch the 433 for this one. Go to 5 at the back, with James as RWB. Hopefully Tomori will also be fit in time. Wing backs will allow for Pulisic to move into the center to influence play. We've been leaking goals for a while now, and a change in mindset is needed for this game at least. At least to throw Mourinho off, in what he would expect to be an open game
  17. Chelsea 0-1 Bournemouth

    Yeah, the east and west stands were pretty quiet today. At the risk of sounding biased, those are the stands which have the most tourists. Dont think it's going to change much, until we expand. On a side note. Knew VAR would rear its ugly head today. It's becoming my eternal enemy
  18. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Wooah..didnt know they designed the birds nest in China. Club always had good taste when it comes to these kind of things
  19. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    It is a beautiful design. Love the inter arching brickwork as well., and of course the tall corridors going around the stadium. Almost like a spectacular shrine of some sort.
  20. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Interesting to see they have preserved the old shed wall in those pics.
  21. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Lol...I was just going to post a link myself. What do you guys think of us going for Neymar next summer? Personally, would prefer that even if it is to just pip City/Liverpool Plus, I think he could mature at 27, at least in terms of attitude
  22. 28. César Azpilicueta

    For me, if we are playing James at RB, Azpi has to definitely start, until we get a good LB and Rudiger returns to the CB lineup. The current defensive lineup had no other vocal leaders and very little organization, and he's the closest we've got, no matter how much of a 'leader' he is. Remember, Azpi was playing fine at RB when we were on a 7 game winning streak. Lampard started including James as permanent fixture in the starting lineup, not just based on James' merit, but because Emerson and Alonso played like crap in their most recent games Emerson was terrible against West Ham and City
  23. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    New left back, and new backup striker. Backup CB as well, depending on Rudigers form Even if Rudiger comes good this season, I would still like a WC CB, but that's not something we would get in a January window I think
  24. Everton 3-1 Chelsea

    Didnt see this match, but even before seeing the result, the writing was on the wall after Everton flopped against Liverpool so badly. Knew these fuckers would sack their manager and look to rebound against us. Wouldn't be surprised if they went to flop in their next game. Anyway, this result is in the past. For now, we still have our points gap against the 5th placed team. Let's look to protect that
  25. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    I just think this guy is a bit lazy with defence. Doesnt rush out quickly enough to block a cross. Failed to do it in the city game, and failed to do it today. No surprise he's fallen out of the starting 11