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  1. West Brom - Chelsea

    Hmm...how many more teams are we going to face with that pink kit this season: Leicester..? Everton..? Based on the track record from last season, they will make us wear the 3'rd kit even in matches that don't really need them.
  2. Super Frank Thread

    Hmm...title seems to be out of context. As per the article : "but, asked if he would consider bringing in a former team-mate capable of fixing the defensive issues, Lampard provided a one-word answer: "no" Basically, would he bring in another former team-mate like Cech to coach the defense? I wouldn't mind him answering 'no' to that. Also, I thought he already hired a new defense coach for this season?? Not sure why he would go for another one so soon.
  3. Spurs v Chelsea

    No Emerson. Most likely worse than Alonso. When it comes to defense, while Alonso lacks pace, Emerson on the other hand doesn't give a shit. He's a lazy ass defender.
  4. Spurs v Chelsea

    Depends on whether Frank learns his lesson and decides to not persist with 3 at the back for every single game. Once in a while its okay. However, I'm wondering if 3 at the back is the right approach for Spurs this time. Mourinho's teams seems to struggle against it, but I wonder if he would have learned something by now.
  5. Spurs v Chelsea

    The amusing thing is..., the press thinks we need to move players like Barkley and RLC out of the club in order to balance the books. No mention about players like Drinkwater, Bakayoko or Baba Rahman They've probably forgotten that they used to play for us, lol.
  6. Spurs v Chelsea

    I'm wondering if we'll go with a back 5 for this one. Zouma-Silva-Tomori at the back. Always seemed to work against Mourinho's Spurs last season. Alonso might actually be useful if that's the case, but I doubt he's going to return to Lampard's lineup any time soon after that mistake.
  7. West Brom - Chelsea

    On a side note...not excusing the team's performance in any way, but is interesting to see the articles popping in the English media (this from the Daily Mail): "Bilic furious with Havertz hand ball in Chelsea equalizer" "Thiago Silva sees 3 goals shipped in torrid first half display" "Chelsea fans call on club to sack Lampard in the tunnel" And for United's win: "Is this the cRaZiest premier league match ever?? " We are definitely up against harsh critics this season.
  8. Super Frank Thread

    I have no idea what Frank is going to choose. I know what lineup I would select. The only thing I know Frank might finally have made up his mind on is that Havertz will play CAM, or right behind the CF for best results. That's the only certainty regarding his selection for the attacking players.
  9. Super Frank Thread

    Its not going to help, and I will be REALLY worried if we don't see attacking players lineup consistently in their respective positions, within the next 3 PL games. I would expect Pulisic/Ziyech to claim the RW/LW spots, but that's about it. If I see Mount starting on the wing again, after those 2 become available, then I will really question his tactics. I'm already worried about the lack of defensive organization. Not sure a new keeper is going to helps us keep clean sheets.
  10. Super Frank Thread

    Don't think he actually does, and that's not entirely on him to be fair. The lineups for our 3 PL games are something like what we would see in a pre-season tournament. Its a bit unfair on him because he haven't had a real pre-season. The glaring errors are at the back for me. We still suck at set pieces. Doesn't matter if we have an experienced head in there or not.
  11. West Brom - Chelsea

    What upsets me is that there are still so many individual errors that have carried on from last season. Even experienced players like Silva, and lethal finishers like Werner, are bungling up at crucial moments. I still maintain that Lampard's team will perform better with Pulisic and/or Ziyech back in the fold, but moments like these make me question if its down to coaching. If teams like Everton are able to put up consistent performance, what does that say about Chelsea's man management?
  12. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Very well played today. Most importantly, his attitude was POSITIVE today. Completely unselfish, setting up Havertz for his goals. This was a big departure from the second half of last season, where he was moaning and desperately trying to score, in order to win his place back. It LOOKS like its going to be a tough competition between Tammy, Giroud and Werner for that CF role, at least based on this match. Might be a headache for Lampard, but one that's good for the club.
  13. 29. Kai Havertz

    Is he going to be the goal scoring central midfielder we've been lacking for a while now?
  14. Chelsea 6-0 Barnsley

    Compared to our current squad, these guys were built like tanks!
  15. Chelsea 6-0 Barnsley

    Finally!! We get a proper pre-season underway. Time to build up form and fitness.