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  1. Joe Cole

    Wish he had never got that knee injury.
  2. 19. Diego Costa

    I hope there's a silver lining after all this shit storm settles down.. The fact is, we are at risk of losing a proven striker and 1 of the 2 main pieces for Chelsea's attack force. And we're linked with Lukaku, Mbappe and Morata...all being interesting youth talent with great potential to succeed in a team like ours, but still...just potential. instead of building on what we achieved last season for the next, we're ending up with a lot of uncertainty before it even begins.
  3. 19. Diego Costa

    Yes, those clubs spent silly money...and yes, like you said there's little chance we can do the same even after this successful season... We have a stadium expenditure coming up...and while we won the PL, the earnings aren't too much greater than what PL clubs below us got. Besides, foreign clubs will always demand more transfer fees from English clubs. This is the new trend....In this climate, what are the odds that we go and get exactly the type of player we need> This is supposed to be the season to sign plenty of strong reinforcements to make an even stronger squad...Not spending silly money to replace key players.....
  4. 19. Diego Costa

    Mate...Costa's only been here for 3 seasons. And he's only ever wanted to leave during the 3'rd season...Yes, once at the start of it, and now the two most recent attempts (Jan, and following). But mind, the only bit that was ever confirmed by the player himself was the move he tried to make before the start of the season. I'm not making Costa to be innocent...I'm pretty sure there's more than meets the eye, and Conte wouldn't have just texted the player in such a naive manner. My point is, this is just the baggage that we have to deal with when having Costa...For all these antics of his, I still don't think we should hasten his departure without making sure we have good cover for his position.
  5. 19. Diego Costa

    My point is players like Drogba were a rarity back then...and are a rarity right now. And honestly, the reputation of the club has nothing to do with it...How do you think City got so many superstars within a short span of time? How are the Chinese clubs luring players? I'm glad we're linked with the likes of players Mbappe and Morata. But how easy is to get them? We're having to face a battle with the likes of Everton to get someone like Lukaku, and for what? 80mill plus?
  6. 19. Diego Costa

    No. No. No. And no. No. No. Okay
  7. 19. Diego Costa

    Thing is...we've made allowances for contributing players before... Drogba has thrown tantrums,..after Mourinho left.., when Phil was here and not to mention the red card in the CL final.. We stuck with him and see where that got us... If Conte sees someone better than Costa coming in to do a better job, then that's fine....but otherwise, I think the club bosses should just bite their lips and do everything in their power to hold onto him. Its not just a case of a player leaving. Costa gets along superbly well with his team-mates, the Spanish/Brazilian contingent, and not to mention Hazard. Granted it was a low blow to make this public, but I don't know how this would affect the team chemistry when they learn of this revelation... I think this situation could have been handled more carefully by the player and his bosses. All said and done, Costa's season is FAR from bad as a player. 20 goals, a lot of them really crucial to our points tally, and earned us our PL title, and nearly got us back in to the FA cup final. If Conte's idea of replacement is just Lukaku, I will be extremely worried going ahead into the new season.
  8. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Hmm....2 up top next season with Batshuayi and Lukaku? Could be deadly, but not sure how they would accommodate both Belgians in the squad
  9. John Terry

    I like how the media tries to stir stuff up like this...like in the video below...Former greats like Thierry Henry (like in the vid below) don't give a hoot about the substitution...its mostly just media and opposition fans finally letting their frustrations out...its like most of them were squirming throughout this entire season watching the top of the table....Normally we have something controversial accompany a good season,..these guys finally got something to chatter about towards the end of this season....the only people who should have any right to complain, should be the traveling Sunderland fans, and I doubt most of them cared either. [media]
  10. Goal of the Season 2016/17

    Hazard goal hands down. I know the Matic goal looks beautiful in the highlights and one to seal victory in the semi-final against Spurs, but come on....it just came off a well hit shot. You see a couple of goals like that every season. When Drogba and Lampard were around you were almost guaranteed to see a blockbuster shot like that fly into the net at least once a season. The Hazard goal is just something else...the buildup and the footwork. You can just see the highlights with the commentary...the excitement keeps building up.
  11. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    One of his best qualities is when he commands the box the ball comes flying in...plucking crosses from the air and what not. The game against West Brom was a good example
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    I really hope Hazard can go as far as he wants to in his career. Like Conte said, he's a really special player and he must never forget this..any game, and any moment in a game.
  13. 22. Willian

    We may find other players with similar ability, but it will be almost impossible to find it paired with this kind of attitude. Need to do everything to hang onto Cesc and Willian.
  14. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Don't think he ever lost control of the ball from any long pass played towards him today (even if he had help from Traore failing to track back). Its been such a benefit this season having full-backs playing on the side that suits their stronger foot. Not to mention he subdued Traore, who was forced to cut into the center of the field to make any kind of advance
  15. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    I'm pretty sure Fabregas wants to add the CL to his CV