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  1. You should make your own toilet paper cause you the shit.

  2. Off out to see Captain America.

  3. So Liverpool fans going nuts because someone on Twitter said he said something in a SWEDISH paper. Think people, Torres is in England.

  4. God show me the way because the devil's tryna break me down.

  5. Kakuta is potentially the answer to many of our problems.

  6. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    Wouldn't mind signing him up to a future agreement, or signing him and loaning him out, as he's not needed at the minute but would be nice to have him now so his price doesn't rise or someone else doesn't snap him from under our noses.
  7. lol @ Liverpool trying to get Sturridge.

  8. 07/08 home kit RT @DavidRolls25 #chelseapoll What is your favourite ever Chelsea kit. Name season and colours, obviously. RT aswell.

  9. Come on Djokovic, don't lose your head. #wimbledonfinal

  10. Mancini: "I like Ezequiel Lavezzi, Marek Hamsik and Edinson Cavani. I like Javier Pastore a little less." Suggests #MCFC didn't bid for him.

  11. This is why we don't read the Daily Mail RT @chelseabuzztap Daily Mail >> Chelsea move for Arsanal winger Theo Walcott http://t.co/uCrBmUA

  12. I love everything about London, especially Chelsea, and also the Tube for some reason. #londonpride

  13. I hate how clothes are so dear, everywhere I go nowadays its at least £40 for a shirt/shorts etc. Need a tree that grows money at that price

  14. So #CFC finally join Nasri race according to @rorysmith_tel http://t.co/3HiRHef