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  1. Politics & Stuff

    I've come to the conclusion that the left is entirely hypocritical of sexuality. If sexuality is indeed malleable and fluid as they say it is, then a gay person is allowed to undergo Gay Conversion Therapy under their own discretion. As long as no objective and observational harm comes to a child then the government has no right in telling parents how to raise their child. If a fifteen year-old boy approaches his parents and says "I do not like being attracted to men, it makes me uncomfortable" then the government has no right in how the boy and his parents handle the situation, whether that be therapy to change, or therapy to accept, it is the discretion of the family to choose. Sexuality isn't set in stone and if a straight person can become more attracted to the same sex over time then the same can happen in the opposite scenario. Government meddling in the private lives of the family is an obstruction of liberty. You don't have to like it but if a gay person wants to be straight they are allowed to be. That is what sexual freedom is. Also, I've read VP Pence's support of mandatory EST is a fabrication, there was so such statements ever made.
  2. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Yep, he was pretty much 50/50 staying or being dealt. I watched a short doco about it a while back and Habs fans were really losing patience with Price. There was a hugely controversial decision made by the office on keeping Halak or Price, they went with the later and eventually Price turned from Public Enemy No.1 to the favoured hero of Montreal. Price is now a franchise player, head and shoulders above all the other goaltenders in the NHL. He is so dominant on form, he carries the Habs to the playoffs. It's not like the Habs are a bad team either, they are quite talented but without Price, they wouldn't be anywhere close the playoffs. The Halak vs. Price situation really mirrors Cech vs Courtois in a lot of ways.
  3. Politics & Stuff

    I'm sure there is a comfy place in hell for him.
  4. Chelsea v Spurs

    This match has barely kept my interest this half.
  5. Politics & Stuff

    Well, there are a lot more Catholics than Jews, no? It's like one quarter of America. Besides people see Catholicism as a choice, one can be a Catholic and leave the church and no longer be a Catholic. That isn't the same in Judaism, no matter what a Jew does, they are still a Jew, even if they convert.
  6. Politics & Stuff

    People get these paranoid delusions because Jews are over-represented in the media. When half of Hollywood films have Jewish stars, when half of what we see on TV is Jewish people start to get skewed views on reality. In actuality it's just because Jews pretty much created Hollywood and many Jewish cultures have learning and success as an important part of their culture. It's no surprise when a culture that has history of achieving has many people in powerful positions. From my perspective that is something to be proud of. Really, how many Jews go to Temple weekly, practise a Kosher lifestyle and read the Torah daily? Outside of the Hasidic freaks in Brooklyn (I've heard some horror stories about them) not many.
  7. Politics & Stuff

    I love Milo Yiannopoulos but he is wrong on what the alt-right is. The alt-right is a movement that states there can be no Western Civilisation without European ethnicity and the two are intrinsically inseparable, it is a concept that rejects integration and refuses to accept that anyone other than those with European heritage can be truly western. It is broad Euro-nationalism at its core. Yiannopolous isn't alt-right, he is a neo-con with very libertarian views on free speech. Most people think the alt-right is an ideology that rejects the establishment, rejects globalism and rejects political correctness and the big government that comes with it. It isn't. David Duke (former Klansmen) and Richard B. Spencer (Neo-Nazi) are two examples of the true alt-right. http://www.dailywire.com/news/8638/what-alt-right-ben-shapiro
  8. Politics & Stuff

    What does that even mean?
  9. Politics & Stuff

    This is the politics thread. Everyone is entitled to an opinion here, no matter how heated, controversial or misinformed. It up to people to engage with others and give them a new view point, a new perspective, not to ridicule them or cry 'wolf' when they hurt your feelings. Challenge ideas, challenge their opinions, because that is the only way you'll change someone. Banning them, censoring their opinions will lead to nothing. Making a hateful or prejudiced person change their mind is an infinitely better good than just shaming them and removing their voice.
  10. Politics & Stuff

    "Completely fine with the message" Don't make me laugh you delusional fool. You act like I read every single post on this forum, I do not and in fact I haven't even read that post, just you whinging about anti-semitism, and I came to defend myself against your allegations. Next time, tell me why it's a problem instead of just demanding that I ban someone, I'm not here to get offended for you. I haven't banned anyone in a long time, just so you know, mainly because I don't do it anymore. But that doesn't change a thing because according to you I hate Jews. Maybe I should ban both you, Leif for anti-semitism and you for slander against my character. That'd be fair. By the way, who have I personally banned for childish reasons? Please tell me.
  11. Politics & Stuff

    It wasn't ignored you daft bastard, I read it personally and shared it with the other staff members, and if it was ignored it wouldn't be because of his faith. Why are you hiding behind the slander of 'anti-semitism', that is a toxic word if I ever read one. You have no evidence of anti-semitism yet you find time to character assassinate because of your own victim complex. Why don't you challenge this supposed anti-semitism instead of crying about it? I'm not here to protect your feelings, so man up and prove them wrong. Next time you spout that bullshit you better have a fantastic piece of evidence.
  12. Politics & Stuff

    It's a bloody alias that she has had for years. I can have an alias, look my name is now 吉良 吉影. That doesn't mean I'm Japanese. I really cannot fathom why you are so obsessed with the naming. She has purple hair and red eyes when every other character that isn't a cyborg is realistic looking, she doesn't look human, she looks synthetic and that is why I mentioned earlier an inhuman and ambiguous appearance would be most appropriate. She isn't a typical case, I'd accept all the characters of Akira would have to be Japanese or all the Samurai Champloo but not this science fiction. And guess what Oshii the original director for GITS supports the decision, on top of that Shirow has stated that her body is a 'mass production' model and that her body looks nothing like her original body. I have not, will not accept that her shell is explicitly meant to be Japanese in appearance. On the otherhand characters like Togusa are 100% Japanese. Chi Chi looks exactly the same as Android 18, because every character in DBZ has the same face. Even Piccolo has the same face.
  13. Politics & Stuff

    Japan doesn't even bloody exist in Dragon Ball, it's pure fantasy.
  14. Politics & Stuff

    Goku is an alien and Motoko is a cyborg. This isn't disrespect to the source material at all it's you reading to much into something that has nothing to do with series as Motoko's nationality has little if anything to do with her character. It's a futuristic sci-fi fiction series with cyborgs running around doing clandestine government business, they aren't portraying Oda Nobunaga as a white man. Hell, to be honest we don't even know if Motoko was Japanese, or if she is even a Japanese citizen, that is how little of her past we are shown. For all we know, she could simply have learned Japanese, or it could have been installed into her brain. At the end of one of the millions of series, she states she doesn't remember her real name, so her Japanese name is an alias. She might not even be a real human, with fake memories implanted.