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  1. THE CITY OF TURIN STANDS PROUD PFFFT HAHAHA http://www.si.com/planet-futbol/2017/01/16/juventus-new-logo-black-white-crest
  2. 19. Diego Costa

    Mikel was a grand zero quid
  3. Politics & Stuff

    You have to appreciate that in 2008 the country was going through a recession and top economists state that nations go through recessions every eight or so years. The context of the situation is that the economy would have improved regardless of who the president was/is. If you look a small sample of the data, let's say 07 to 10, it looks like the economy was terrible under Bush and expanded greatly under Obama, but that simply isn't true. It was just the 'natural' ebb and flow of the global economy. It really isn't better now than it was under Bush. http://www.businessinsider.com/the-global-economy-has-the-7-year-itch-2015-10 Incorrect, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still raging. Just because America's involvement in the wars is decreased doesn't mean that the fighting just stopped out of the blue. Nearly seven thousand people have died in Afghanistan since 2015 and a further 40,000+ in Iraq. These countries are still being torn apart and the difference now is that certain groups have less obstacles to their goals. Just because it's hard, just because it's not a pretty business doesn't mean it is okay to invade a nation, destroy and then leave without stabilization. I find it disgusting that America is willing to go half-way and then pull-out. Either finish the job or don't attempt it. I'm not pro-war but I am pro-point. Giving up half-way is a disgrace to the people that America claims to protect and the people that have given their lives. Bin Laden means nothing. Look at the world, it didn't miss a step. Obama didn't do a thing about Bin Laden, the credit goes to the men and women that designed the plan of attack and risked their lives to assassinate a figurehead. The only people that believe industries will magically return are delusional. I believe in a free-market and if American unions and governments drive out jobs, it's their own fault. The competition of business is only a good thing. Why would arming Iran, whilst at the same time pouring millions of tax-money into Israel be a good thing? I cannot fathom why giving nuclear capabilities to anyone is an inherently good thing. Lecturing other nation's leader and talking down to them isn't good foreign policy in my books. Look at the Philippines, thanks to Obama a nearly seventy-year friendship has been ruined because of his arrogance. The ACA is terrible from top to bottom. The medical industry is a heavily bureaucratic business tied down by government regulations. It isn't a human right to have access to free health care, just as it isn't a right to have access to food, water or learning. They are privileges. In an ideal world we wouldn't have the government pumping money into these insurance companies, we'd have medical companies vying and competing for their market share. There'd be no need to have insurance cover $800 for a bottle of insulin when there are fifty different companies all fighting to sell their products are the cheapest and most affordable rate. Not only that it encourages invention and progress.
  4. Politics & Stuff

    Obama is one of the worst leaders for the Demos. He is divisive, arrogant, condescending, and hypocritical; which is essentially a black Trump with charisma. Everything he tried to do was knocked down and every over action he takes makes the GOP look better. He is already backseat driving Trump and his term is even bloody over. Obama has been an outstanding failure and the only thing that stops that from being the national consensus is his 'celebrity' appearance in the media. Bloody wars, a nosedive in race relations, Obamacare, terrible economic growth, the worst unemployment rate in American history since the Great Depression, the most financially wasteful bill ever passed in American history, and this could go on. Where is the criticism? There are people that honestly and sincerely consider him to the greatest president of all time, why is he untouchable? A 'politician' that presented himself as a celebrity is leaving and now we have a celebrity that thinks he is a politician is entering.
  5. Politics & Stuff

    Will Obama be like Bush and graciously fade away from the spotlight or continue being a celebrity that demands the attention?
  6. Politics & Stuff

    What? How in anyway is that act not evil? I'm sorry but torturing another human being for no reason isn't anything but. Listen to it again, he isn't speaking about them, they are speaking of the act. 'It', not 'They' being the subject of the statement, and 'It' is the act of torturing another human. I also disagree, to act in such a senselessly violent manner is evil, thereby making them evil.
  7. Politics & Stuff

    It's racist to claim that the motivation behind three men kidnapping and torturing a mentally disable man was racism. Also it wasn't evil. At all. Good boys.
  8. Spurs 2-0 Chelsea

    Some choice comments in this thread.
  9. Spurs 2-0 Chelsea

    Jesus Herschal Christ; this is a fucking boring match.
  10. Politics & Stuff

    Obama is a freak of nature. His charisma has created a personality cult that would actively support a third term. People absolve him of transgressions that would leave past presidents and the incumbent crucified in a public square. One bill written, one hundred and thirty-seven sponsored and three passed. Two hundred and sixty Executive Orders and the chutzpah to lecture the incumbent on not using EOs. Ay, ay, ay, the hypocrisy and the imperviousness to mainstream criticism is mind boggling. No politician or party should be trusted let alone admired like Obama is.
  11. Oscar

    Doesn't get more official. https://www.chelseafc.com/news/latest-news/2016/12/oscar-to-depart.html
  12. Politics & Stuff

    Sometimes I feel the violence by refugees and immigrants isn't caused by their belief in Islam but rather the fact they are from a 'failed state'. They corrupt mentality and culture is what causes them to act on their violent impulses. A violent society will create violent people. I feel like if the shoe on the other foot, Jews and Chrisitans would be the violent perpetrators. It does happen as well, I've read many reports on Christians slaughtering Muslims in 'countries' like the Congo. When consecutive generations of young men know nothing but the violence and mayhem of the Gulf and Iraq Wars, how could they not be disenfranchised and hateful? How could they live knowing their way of life was destroyed by the West? Wouldn't they be filled with hate and rage by knowing that the West is responsible and the West lives in comfort and decadence? Of course they'd want to take it for themselves. Very few monsters are born, most are created. The Caliphate is an ideal to die for, an ideal to throw their lives away in a vain attempt to achieve something 'more'. It's just like Communism, it creates a fellowship of idealists that are blind to any other way of life. They'd rather fall on their sword than sheathe it. This isn't the first time this has happened and it won't be the last, young people throughout history will follow the golden flock in search of something 'more', to be a part of something greater than themselves. It is onyl human nature.
  13. Politics & Stuff

    It is quite simple. By 'Muslim World' I just mean the collection of cultures, peoples, languages and philosophies that are inherently Muslim. I'd say nations like France, United Kingdom, United States of America belong to the 'Christian World' because that is the sphere of influence that Christianity has. You can't disagree that both religions have formed the basis of many nation's ideals. While there are many differences between Somalia and Pakistan, I'd wager that the shared belief in Islam creates a firmer connection than Pakistan and Iceland; just as Iceland would have a firmer connection with Spain than Somalia. That is all. I don't think the terms are mutually exclusive I just can't agree. Culturally I'm probably more in line with Chrisitanity but would I say I'm a Christian? Not at all, because I do not believe in Jesus or God but I can abide by and appreciate many of the teachings. I just can't accept someone is a Muslim when they don't believe in Mohammed or Allah. I'm not deciding who is and who is not; I just think to actually be, one must believe . While I respect that people believe there is more to Islam than just Allah and Mohammed and I believe that they can live in that manner if the choose to; when I refer to a Muslim I do refer to the people that follow that religion not matter how closely or loosely just as long as they believe. If someone tells me they are Muslim, then they are Muslim but that doesn't mean I'm under any obligation to believe or agree with them; just like they are under no obligation to adhere to my criteria of what constitutes a Muslim. To be a Muslim doesn't one have to submit themselves to the will of Allah? I feel there is a disconnect with many people including yourself. When people say 'Muslim', I do not believe they mean anyone that identifies as a 'Muslim' but to the people that follow an Orthodox lifestyle to the 'T'. As in the oppressive imagery we seen and the worst people and cultures that have begun under Islam. When someone says they dislike Islam, I honestly believe they are in fact referring to post-Iran revolution Islam. That is just what I take away from it.
  14. Politics & Stuff

    You know what I meant, don't play the jokester. You say that but a nation like Pakistan is a world apart from Australia for example; culturally, ethnically, philosophically, religiously; that it may as well be a parallel world. I didn't say 'All Muslim...', at all. In fact you are the one that has made more absolute claims than myself. We (at the very least, I) aren't speaking of people that culturally associate with Islam, I'm speaking of people that actually practise Islam. Just like if I were speaking about Jew or Christians, I'd make the differentiation between cultural and practising. A practising Jew is very different from a cultural Jew and the same applies to Muslims. That is just Turkey and Lebanon, I've known people (Pakistani in this instance) that have practically turned into a pariah by their families for becoming Atheists, I didn't say it was absolute just that it does happen within Islam. Just from my experiences it happens to a slightly less severe degree with Judaism and Chrisitanity. I'd say Shiaism is more based on Ali and the Twelve Imams but whatever. How much have these reforms changed Islam on the whole (I actually don't know)? I was more in reference to Shiite (as that is the overwhelming majority), I can't think of any modern examples of someone breaking away from Orthodox Shiite to create a religion and culture that is compatible with western society. Of course there are exceptions to the rule and many Muslims integrate perfectly and Bosnian could even be considered a western society. Maybe the reason some Muslims don't comment if because they don't care? Or perhaps the support it? Or perhaps they aren't really Muslims, just someone that culturally identifies as Muslim?