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  1. Chelsea adidas kits 2015/16

    I'll never pay for another jersey as long as it is covered in Adidas' cumshot stripes and a huge sponsorship that takes up 1/3 of the chest. Although I will say I enjoy how garish this new kit is. I love the kitsch.
  2. Expectations for new season?

    I don't care where the team finishes. I want entertaining attacking football with the implementation of youth over shilling millions of pounds on players like Nainggolan and whathaveyou. At the end of the day it doesn't bother me if players are bought. I like to watch this game for the appreciation of the sport not to see someone else bask in glory while I live vicariously through it all.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    Personally I always thought it was a bit of both. It's on the Rise and Fall of the British Empire, so I suppose everyone leaving for Australia fits into that narrative nicely.
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    Hopefully it's on shuffle and this song is next
  5. Hip Hop discussion

    The more I listen to TPAB the more I hate it. Not that I think it is a bad album per Se, it isn't. I just don't find it particularly pleasing to listen to, much like a lot of Eminem's work it is just too angry and aggressive for my tastes.
  6. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Personally I love observing the phenomenon of the 'supporter 180'.
  7. Get Emanalo Sacked

    I think Levy has done a great job for Tottenham. When he sells a player he gets over the odds and he refuses to sell to a direct rival unlike Chelsea. Aside from a few flops he generally plays hardball and gets the wok done. Since 2011 they've only ever made a profit from transfers, never losing money in the transfer market. Tottenham have been a phenomenallywell run club this last half decade and I think the only reason Chelsea fans can't accept this is due to blind bias.
  8. Get Emanalo Sacked

    A team that currently plays better and is run better than Chelsea.
  9. Bournemouth v Chelsea

    Cheeky gits get what they deserve. At least my brain is proportionate to my skull, you Frankstein's Monster headed freak. Square headed twit.
  10. Mats Hummels, much like Sergio Ramos fits perfectly into the niche 'fantastic footballer, idiotic defender'.The best players aren't always the ones with an 85+ rating on videogames or the ones oft in the media circles. Never forget that Jose Fonte was once the best CB in England. I'll always pick an average player that elevates the team and fits into a philosophy over a fantastic player that is playing in a manner foreign.
  11. Juan Cuadrado

    It's not always biased to judge on nationality...Chelsea could always sign superstars from Lichtenstein.
  12. Fernando Torres

    Go Nino, Go!
  13. Get Emanalo Sacked

    People seem to have forgotten how much influence a certain Pietde Visser has at this club. I really don't believe Emanalo is as influential as some believe him to be, there won't be some revolution if he is sacked and the club will continue on in a similar manner. He is simply a cog in a machine. I find the entire obsession with Emanalo to be completely naive and simplistic in nature.
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    When did he say that?
  15. McEachran got ridiculous amountstime at 17 when he debuted. He didn't improve at all. All he had was a beautiful first touch and a nice pass, everything else was fairly rubbish.