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  1. Marina Granovskaia Thread

    I don't know what she does, I don't how she does it, I don't know how much control she has, and I don't care.
  2. Mateo Kovacic

    You want some goals? Pick up Aaron Ramsey, mate. Seems to be the only thing he is good for.
  3. Mateo Kovacic

    I'm no expert but I'd trust him under pressing due to his dribbling. He doesn't really score at all, my friend. Whenever I've watched him (only a few times really) he never did anything 'Wow!' but he also didn't do anything that made me scratch my head and think 'What was he thinking?'.
  4. Mateo Kovacic

    From what I saw at Inter he is an all-rounded midfielder. Excels at passing and dribbling, and is capable of defence. I'd say he is stronger at carrying the ball than passing but that is okay, as Chelsea currently lack a 'midfield carrier'. He'd compliment Jorginho and Kante well, though that could be said about a lot of players (and for a lot to fail).
  5. Next Manager?

    In case anyone why I haven't been posting a lot lately it's because I've been preparing body and mind for this job. Toroo lads, this is an inside scoop.
  6. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

  7. Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea

    Barcelona caca.
  8. 29. Álvaro Morata

    I think you forgot just how bad it was with Torres...
  9. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Torres had years of support from the fans but people can barely afford a single season for Morata.
  10. Mesut Özil

    Ahhh, Ozil. The bloke that every calls 'lazy' despite running 10km+ a game. Not lazy, but bloody invisible, there is a reason people think he is 'lazy', it's because despite all his running he doesn't involve himself.
  11. Chelsea 5-0 Stoke

    What a silly question; don't you know?
  12. Antoine Griezmann

    My first post was essentially my gut reaction - to play the devil's advocate, upon reflecting I changed my thoughts on many of the points. You must also consider the following: footballers have weird lives. They don't go to 'normal school' like us; I've read journals concerning life in places like Castilla and Masia that classes are essentially 'for show' and they receive no 'real education'. There were implications that many of the students were barely literate and some (the implication of Dani Carvajal) were completely illiterate dunces. You can't forget some people don't have that many smarts about them, the stereotype of the dumb jock is true and in the case of European football it is exaggerated. Many have underdeveloped social skills as a consequence of having limited life experience out of playing the sport. None of this is a justification or even applies to Griezmann but it could be a contributing factor. That is why I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt in some cases. I don't really know much about Griezmann, but given the evidence of him being very close with several black French footballers and the blackface incident but my conclusion was that he thought it was okay because maybe some of his black friends thought it was funny. That isn't an excuse just my rationalisation of the incident. The only reason I went on a tanget about Chicago is because you brought them up and I know quite a bit about their history and founding. I can see why people would find their imagery distasteful, but I can also see why people would be fond of it
  13. Antoine Griezmann

    No, there is still confusion. My post is not about 'using a terrible part of human history to explain away why demeaning and demonizing someone is not a reason to be outraged.'. It is the complete opposite. I used contrasting propaganda from the 40s to illustrate that forever people have used caricatures to dehumanise people and that blackface is no different and that is why it is offensive. I think I clearly pointed out that it is a bad thing and that it is reason to be outraged.
  14. Antoine Griezmann

    I rescind that bold remark. I thought that obvious with my following posts. What are you talking about? I think people should be outraged, you fool! I explained why people don't like being dehumanised, I explained that throughout history people have been dehumanised and this is no different! I am not doing that at all, you are extrapolating my statements into sheer exaggerations. I have merely explained that the Blackhawks aren't seen in the same light as other teams, how in high-water does that statement lend itself to 'explaining away injustices'? I am not 'ignoring' them! I am just not talking about what I know nothing about, I only know the Blackhawks so I can only speak of them, I am not saying what the Blackhawks do justifies it either. First you mock 'vast knowledge' then you expect me to know everything! Make your mind. I think you vastly misunderstood my points.
  15. Antoine Griezmann

    @Chelsea Legend 11 If you will; here is an article written published by the NBC concerning the Blackhawk's name and imagery. https://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/madhouse-enforcer/Blackhawks-Making-Effort-to-Engage-Chicagoland-Native-Americans-228360071.html#ixzz3SEGTm0zY Albeit one man, the Blackhawk's aren't seen in the same light as the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, and Atlanta Braves. As I said earlier sometimes on the surface appearances are the same but when something is further researched it does look different. You are always welcome to have disdain for the Hawks' that is your own prerogative but being a Chicagolander and Blackhawks fan, I thought I'd give a little info on what the name means and where it comes from. Also you don't enlighten people by telling them to 'STFU', silencing dialogue brings about nothing but reinforcing ideals. People need to be challenged, not silenced!