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  1. 5. Kurt Zouma

      He looked impressive in that short life.
  2. 5. Kurt Zouma

      Romeu was getting serious minutes just before his injury. He was starting under AVB, remember? Van Ginkel was also just starting to get important minutes before his injury. If both hadn't been injured they might have been pushing for a starting berth, now we shall never know. The difference between the two midfielders and Zouma is that they became injured just when they were making an impact, not over a year later.
  3. Andreas Christensen

    Or get rid of Terry and have Christensen actually play the minutes Terry would be getting otherwise. He doesn't need Terry to 'groom' him that is what the defensive coaches are for. If you want Terry to train the kid, tell the bloke to retire and study for his coaching qualifications.
  4. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    I read some pretty retarded shit on Twitter tonight on the Super Bowl. Kinda regret it.
  5. The Serie A Thread

    Napoli winning is only good for the League. Juve winning is another pathetic league with a monopoly. 
  6. 20. Matt Miazga

    This is where it begins. The fall of Zouma and the rise of Miazga. 
  7. 26. John Terry

    Zouma out and the reconstruction of Chelsea's defence is prolonger another season or more. Hooray.  JT should have been winding down to a rotation role but I suppose starting isn't all that bad.
  8. Chelsea v Man United

    Woooo, Man Utd bias on NBCSN.
  9. Chelsea v Man United

  10. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Much like other aspects of your life. Personality, romance, adventure; all quite boring.
  11. 11. Alexandre Pato

    I was thinking he was maybe one or two weeks away but definitely not over a month. Silly, I suppose but it's better than Falcao. I'll remain optimistic no point in dismissing it until he is gone.
  12. 11. Alexandre Pato

    People can be wrong in hindsight. No need to be smart cunt about it. We will wait until he actually plays, if ever.
  13. 11. Alexandre Pato

    Show me the source of the  £58m bid for Oscar.
  14. 11. Alexandre Pato

    Do you really think the club wouldn't have an option to buy first? Geez, even a 13 year old on Football Manager does that.
  15. 11. Alexandre Pato

    I'd say the reason he was loaned is because of two reasons: the first being that he hasn't played football since the Brazilian league ends at the beginning of December. Secondly, it is because his contract expires at the start of next January therefore if he is signed in June, he will be cheaper. This is a very clever move. If he succeeds, he will be cheaper, if not he goes back to Corinthians.