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  1. Daniele Rugani

    I hope that too but I'd prefer him to do it by not signing mediocrity. I've never heard of this fella (wouldn't be hard as I don't watch anyone but us) but seeing a fair few surprised voices on Twitter about the fee for someone who is not so highly rated. Also as others have said, why do we need ANY CB? AC,AR,GC,DL and that's before we look at any of the loanees. Save the money imo
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    If we could get good money and Asensio I'd be well pleased tbh
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    If he wants to go sell him. Get the next one in. Hazard is a sublime player on his day but I find he goes missing in quite a few games. Add to that he's one of the ones who reckon they can decide fates of managers etc, then get a top fee for him and move on.
  4. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    A lot of work to do in very little time. Club need to get their fingers pulled right out their arses now and sort his squad out. Whoever is going get them gone and bring in what the man wants. Not long till start of season and this absolutely ridiculous Australia trip to come. Get it sorted lads
  5. Next Manager?

    Your massively optimistic. This thread will be on the go again in 2 years max
  6. Next Manager?

    Remember the video of Zola showing a crowd of boys how to take a free kick and they're absolutely blown away when he hits it. That's the sort of thing our boys now have access to. An ultimate professional. Unfortunately tho hazard is seemingly the first player off the training ground so maybe no extra sessions for him
  7. The Conte Thread

    Good piece there tho wasn't Kennedy booted out for telling China to fuck off 不
  8. Next Manager?

    He's a wee WANKER. Used to like hate cesc and then obviously really came round to him. Then he blocked me and about every other fan for some unknown reason 不 ( must have said something about him) and i didnt like him as much but THIS!!! I understand if he's not a big fan but fucking behave you wee twat. You don't have to interact with that tweet at all. Hope he's binned now too
  9. Jorginho

  10. Jorginho

    I'm not sure what your missing in what I've said but I'll just leave it shall I. "Lol dude"
  11. Jorginho

    Well it's not difficult to understand, city seemingly have a London base sooooooo......
  12. Jorginho

    Don't want to pour cold water on this cause it looks like this is a goer but seemingly city have an HQ in London too
  13. Next Manager?

  14. Next Manager?

    So sarri and jorginho are coming this afternoon and we still ain't sacked conte? Na, nothing happening officially until that's been sorted
  15. Gonzalo Higuain

    Hope not. Much better options out there
  16. Next Manager?

    Fuck right off! 不 is this meant to be serious. Behave yourself mate ...mercattoretweetatto LOL 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不 literally ANYTHING can be posted on here now
  17. Next Manager?

    No player is bigger than the club and no player should dictate what goes on
  18. Next Manager?

    I like conte a lot. His first season was brill. We had a manager who we felt a connection with because he felt the passion i feel for my club but he showed it on the touchline and for all to see. Last year tho rightly or wrongly we had a different manager. A manager who at times seemed to hang us out to dry so as to make a point to the board. A manager who complained about our squad and our transfer policy. But still, a manager who won an fa cup. Keeping the winning whilst in turmoil mentality alive. If conte can get over himself and stop sulking and complaining I will still get behind him. I still think sarri will come but if not I'll still back the manager and will ALWAYS back the club. KTBFFH
  19. Next Manager?

    Rest assured our precious hazard will be kept informed
  20. Next Manager?

    Ffs! The club are not concerned about you being upset, they are not worried about how you think other fans are laughing at us. The rumours are not hurting the club, people on here are blowing things waaaaaaaaaay out of proportion. Yes it's not ideal that we haven't signed all the players we need, yes it's not ideal that,if we're replacing conte we haven't don't it yet but none of this plays any part in the well paid, successful business people who Roman has entrusted to run the club's minds. It's important to some of you but it's not to them. This club is not obliged to tell you anything, you'd like them to but they are not and they don't until things are concrete.
  21. Next Manager?

    Not by calling a press conference and telling the media they were wrong. They did it by giving conte a new contract and then telling the world
  22. Next Manager?

    I didn't say club's don't do it. I said chelsea don't do it
  23. Next Manager?

    But they don't tho
  24. Next Manager?

    Can we draw a line under people asking why the club don't come out and clarify press speculation. No club comes out to deny every bit of media speculation because guess what...youd be at it all day every day because that's what/all the press do. People should really have realised by now that the only media outlet you should believe is chelsea official website
  25. Next Manager?

    They don't comment on press speculation