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  1. Stamford Bridge thread

    Top man.Make sure that flag gets shown tomorrow.
  2. Stamford Bridge thread

    The fact is we will not be moving anytime before 2020.A site may already of been found,but construction would not begin overnight.It's not rocket science! I smell a nasty rat,and it's got Buck and Gourlay written all over it. Those who favour a move to the London Borough of Brent.Enjoy your new ground!
  3. Stamford Bridge thread

    The majority of CPO's want a say in the running of new Stadium ie restoring Osgood's ashes,(which will be on the consent of his widow) and restoring the Matthew Harding stand.The club want to disslolve the CPO.They have absolutely no regard for the Chelsea fans pre Abramovich.
  4. Stamford Bridge thread

    It's the former mate.It's not Roman's fault he has a group of idiots running his club.These are just moneymen.If the NO vote gets turned in then Bruce Buck and Ron Gourlay should both resign.
  5. Stamford Bridge thread

    I was reading in yesterday's Evening Standard that the CPO are getting tough and going full circle with a protest planned ahead of Saturday evening's game with Everton-distributing leaflets with Say No CPO.This will now go global as the game is being televised and fully show the football world CPO's hand and everything they stand for. I wonder wether Richard King will be available for comment?.
  6. Stamford Bridge thread

    I'm in same boat as you mate.i don't go reguarly anymore(priced out of the game).Club should also reconsider reducing ticket prices with certain concessions especially for Champions League group games.CPO should also have a say in new stadium,and i don't mean having your name on some stupid "walk of honour". I live just off the Hounslow SWT railway,so Battersea would be ideal for me,or Earls Court eitherway and with Earls Court we don't have to change pubs so local businesses don't suffer too. Say NO CPO
  7. Stamford Bridge thread

    Totally contradictray.FFP states that a football club owner cannot use his personal wealth to finance their club.However,there is a naming rights loophole in the regulations which Man City recentley adopted.
  8. Stamford Bridge thread

    Also for the CPO,in order to vote YES the location clause gets increased by another 20/40 years so on the passing of our current board and/or future board members,they too don't try to relocate us outside 3 miles of SW6.Location IS important.Those who think otherwise obviously have never been to Stamford Bridge.
  9. Stamford Bridge thread

    Afternoon GregCity are laughing as their stadium is owned by Manchester councils so FFP does not affect them in that sense. Reasons behind West Ham's bid for the Olympic Stadium falling through is that the IOC do not want the stadium to lose it's identity with Athletics. With FFP regulations soon to be enforced,Roman cannot buy a stadium,it has to be done through the sale of the site which Stamford Bridge sits on,which we all know who holds all the cards to that.
  10. Stamford Bridge thread

    That is wrong.CPO's that are voting NO don't particually want to stay at Stamford Bridge,most have accepted that we do have to move as it's nigh on impossible to expand The Bridge due to various complications ie:residents,H&F council etc.The main issue is the location of our proposed site which the club have not disclosed but we believe they already know about. There is a clause in the CPO contract that the club will not relocate more than 3 miles away from Stamford Bridge BEFORE the year 2020 which is nearly eight years away. If the club get the 75% share of the YES vote they require then they have full control of the club,and after 2020 they can move us anywhere they like. Had of the club been more transparent about their plans and intentions then this issue would be resolved more ammicably. Most of us fans favour a move to either Earls Court or Battersea Nine Elms,not the crime ridden ghetto's of NW10 Let's hope the club are listening!.
  11. Stamford Bridge thread

    Interesting interview.Purslow does ask Buck some challenging questions.You might have to shuffle on the I-Player Greg as Steve Morgan(Wolves CEO) is on first.Buck's on halfway through.
  12. Stamford Bridge thread

    Apparantley CPO Director Richard King allegedly recieved a letter over 6 weeks ago from Bruce Buck regarding Chelsea FC's proposal to the CPO.Mr King however did not adknowledge this at the last Fans Forum meeting,prior to the announcement becoming public. Mr King i believe is urging other CPO shareholders to vote YES. The open letter is on the CPO website.
  13. Stamford Bridge thread

    Was listening last wednesday evening to R5.Christian Purslow(former Liverpool FC MD) interviewing Bruce Buck at the leaders in football conference.Buck made absolutely made no sense with regard to FFP and also strongly denied Chelsea have no immidiate plans to leave Stamford Bridge. Then why does he want the CPO to sell their shares and effectively dissolve?. I think the interview is still up on BBC-I Player.Just key Christian Purslow in search engine.
  14. Stamford Bridge thread

    The only place to ever be every other Saturday is getting mugged in NW10 Meet the tourists buy a shirt-get bled try until it hurts
  15. Stamford Bridge thread

    Ello mate.Really busy,don't really get alot of time these days.When CPO issue went public i had to air my views.Firmly in the NO camp.Hope you're well too btw.