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  1. Edin Dzeko

    So what do we think? tomorrow definitely his last game for Roma?
  2. Edin Dzeko

    Story i read just now that when Roma were boarding the train to Milan for tomorrow's game, Totti said to Dzeko "Does this train go to London?" and Dzeko smiled and replied "Not yet" Lot of the italian articles you read seem to think that after tomorrows game v Inter, theyll likely join
  3. Edin Dzeko

    She doesnt look as fit by there. In the picture with Barkley she looks ravishing
  4. Edin Dzeko

    good news from dimarzio we hope! Dzeko said yes
  5. Peter Crouch

  6. Peter Crouch

    another thing, normally with Stoke news rob Dorsett from Sky is pretty decent and The Stoke Sentinel would be all over it... absolutely zilch. Makes me confident its BS
  7. Emerson Palmieri

    If this guy can defend with a good standard and get forward and be dangerous with his ability and deliveries, Alonso will be in for a real challenge. I like Alonso, going forward he is very good, little suspect defensively and I always think he lacks a yard of pace. Set pieces though, thumbs up
  8. Edin Dzeko

    He wants to stay, of course he does. Why come out now and say he wants to leave when a deal isn't even agreed? it burns all bridges with the club. Just see how it pans out, id take him here, he is a good finisher. Does seem a tad unlikely thought thinking about it
  9. Peter Crouch

    Has to be a joke. Lazy journalism, please, please, please I dont care whether he supported the club as a boy, hes 37 and fucking shite
  10. Andy Carroll

    You watch us still bid for Carroll. Hairline fracture isnt that bad, in the grand scheme of things. And, they say tonight he will be out roughly a month. Hasnt he missed West Ham's last 2 games with a knock to his ankle? He is already in that 'month' of recovery IMO. The fracture has probably been found today or whatever, but has been there about 2 weeks minimum already
  11. Andy Carroll

    you just know if he did sign, after all this complaining fans have done on twitter etc, he will absolutely score on his debut
  12. Andy Carroll

    My mistake, thought Morata was straight red for dissent which is why i thought he must have really mouthed off in a big way
  13. Andy Carroll

    this deal could very well speed up now Morata is out for 3 games.
  14. Andy Carroll

    I would genuinely not be surprised if the fucker scored on his debut. Bullet header off a corner
  15. Alexis Sanchez

    Agree. I honestly think he has no idea lol. He got asked week or 2 back about why we hadnt bid and said "i dont know" He gives his opinion and the board then decide who to buy - his words. For him to have no idea who is joining is no surprise, i wouldnt take his response as final. This is a board deal (if true)
  16. Alexis Sanchez

    1.15 Conte talks to press. Lets see his response and if it gives any clue as to a bid or not.
  17. Alexis Sanchez

    That news is days old now. Just like he agreed terms with city
  18. Alexis Sanchez

    Jamie Jackson of Guardian is a massive Manc... maybe there is something to this then
  19. Alexis Sanchez

    Many of the journos reporting these stories are Utd fans btw. Ducker, Ogden, Jackson of the Guardian. Maybe there is some sinister ploy to create a new snub story lol
  20. Alexis Sanchez

    Absolutely smacks of the Lukaku story. Match bid when deal seems done and make it seem you tried. I will bet you top dollar if it does turn out we bid and he goes Utd it WILL be "Chelsea were reluctant to match wages or pay agent fee" He'll go to utd
  21. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    Bakayoko and Kante should never be in the same 11. Both identical players who do the same role, to varying levels of ability. Drinkwater same. Kante Barkley/Cesc in CM for me going forward
  22. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    Were there boos when Conte made the double change or did i imagine it? I was wondering were they booing Cesc and Hazard's performance (unlikely) or Conte's tactics
  23. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Lot of talk in Spain this is close. Loan with no option to buy. Will be in the squad today so that will mean nothing, suspect it gets done very soon
  24. Ross Barkley

    Many were against Drinkwater signing - and for me he has been very good. A valuable addition IMO.
  25. Ross Barkley

    I think Barkley would do a good job. I am not dead against his move as some are.