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  1. Gonzalo Higuain

    This notion that Sarri doesn't ask for signings or whatever is complete and utter BS. Hello Jorginho. As other Napoli fans said on Twitter, he does look to strengthen a lot, but he isnt a manager who will kick up a fuss if he can't. Plus, i think managing a club with a budget like ours, he would be far more tempted to enter the market. Can't exactly do that managing Empoli or Napoli to an extent That author also has a second 11, which include Leon Bailey. A second 11....
  2. Alisson Becker

    Think if/when Courtois goes, we will throw money at this deal. Might even try get the groundwork done before Courtois leaves (if). This assumption from Liverpool fans that he would pick then simply due to CL is nonsense. If he came here it'd be a 5 year deal, of course we would qualify for the CL in that time frame. So no, he isn't 'giving up' the CL - If he signed a one year deal then yes, the CL factor would make sense. lol Deluded sods
  3. Aleksandr Golovin

    Tuttosport are supposedly shit, he may prefer Juventus but they dont want him and just spent 105m on CR. All media seem to think hes headed to us
  4. Gonzalo Higuain

    I thought this was one of those lazy rumours. Sarri has managed him before so lets link him with Sarri's new club. But i actually think there might be something in it
  5. Jorginho

    It'll get announced Monday or Tuesday i reckon along with Sarri. Tomorrow maybe but i wouldnt think so Then again, it is entirely possible we announce Sarri then like hour or so later announce Jorginho. I can't see us doing some amazing triple unveiling with Zola tbh
  6. Next Manager?

    Blue top, second from left is him i think 222.jpg_large
  7. Next Manager?

    Welcome home Franco, you beautiful man
  8. Jorginho

    Awaits the obligatory pic of him in London somewhere.
  9. Next Manager?

    To summarily dismiss Conte (which you tend to do for gross misconduct/breach of contract) the club must be absolutely certain they'd come out on top in any legal battle. Not only that, but lawyers will have advised them and given them plenty of confidence that this route will work. Interesting. The Costa text will be one piece of evidence, potentially lost the club millions, and I can only assume he has said or done stuff behind the scenes to really rub the club the wrong way
  10. Jorginho

    I am still laughing at the city mobs straw clutching. Because there are no pictures today of Jorginho in London, its BS
  11. Jorginho

    They are beyond. I have never known a fanbase with such arrogance and entitlement. Visit their forums when City lose... its absolutely priceless, you won't ever witness such excuses in your life. I remember going onto there once pre-match and they accused Sky cameras of turning down the mic in the City end so their atmosphere sounded worse
  12. Jorginho

    Key point for you, Bluemoon is remarkably arrogant. They believe they have a divine right to sign whoever they want because they are City managed by the best manager in the world, Pep They cannot fathom how any player would prefer to join someone else, failing to understand some players might not want to play for City and Pep, it is quite that simple. And despite winning the league, breaking 100pts and having Pep... we are still the bigger club. Now that may sound like me being arrogant, but its not, its fact. And for them to accuse Jorginho of chasing the money is absolutely fucking mental. Whats that now? Fred, Sanchez, Alves, Jorginho (pending) all snubbing the amazing Man City and Pep? Ooops
  13. Jorginho

    I reckon when Sarri and Jorginho are done, our market will kick off in style
  14. The Conte Thread

    You have to admire and appreciate just how good a manager he is. But we assume, from media and press conferences, that behind the scenes the tension you could cut with a knife. I always thought from day one Marina is a tough bitch and i think Conte can be a right stroppy git. Never going to work. I was starting to think he may stay (and would not have been against it if he was backed), but there is a possiblity he knew he was off and has done for a good month or so. Was just told by lawyers keep quiet, say nothing, turn up for work and do your job or you lose the payoff.
  15. Jorginho

    Of course i dont want to look foolish but Man City journos, and some fans, clutching at straws saying they aren't sure the Jorginho stuff is true. Preferring London is nonsense etc