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  1. Next Manager?

    https://www.dcfc.co.uk/teams/player/frank-lampard scroll to bottom of page EDIT: they have removed it. It was the announcement of Lampard leaving to us
  2. Next Manager?

  3. Next Manager?

    Management section on our website has been rinsed. All of Sarri's staff removed along with Zola. Cudicini, Hilario, Biosca and Scott McLachlan all that remain
  4. Next Manager?

    Sounds mad but Lampards announcement is getting to the point of "ffs finally, glad that saga is over" rather than "yesss welcome back frank!!"
  5. Next Manager?

    no shit sherlock. CarefreeYouth is a know fuck all. Don't buy into this BS that he is ITK, i have called him out on his lies before and he just blocks you. Cech coming back he claimed after the media, Cech's announcement he got right but so did everyone else once the pics of him having his photos done were leaked. Where is the cancelled stadium tours to announce Frank last week? Telling people the Derby chairman was lying about no contact way back when Sarri left, and he was the one who knew the real truth. Nonsense. The tweet he put out about Frank's announcement being delayed due to FFP because that was the inside info he had been "told"? Bollocks, utter utter bollocks. He read it on social media. Don't you find it weird how until that particular theory was being talked about, he was absolutely 100% insisting Frank would be announced last week. Soon as the FFP stuff spread round twitter... surprise surprise "he suddenly got told info"
  6. Next Manager?

    Frank and the club have agreed everything most likely. I suspect we at the stage of lawyers double checking everything and payment being made. Or, sorting out whose coming with him
  7. Next Manager?

    "Might" get some sort of indication tomorrow as he is due back at Derby with his staff to plan for Monday. I think he will turn up as he is a decent guy, but it makes you wonder if he and Jody know they are coming here, why bother planning anything of your own choice? Or, maybe just maybe, dare i say it, he is not coming
  8. Next Manager?

    yeh Newton does the loans. Flo is there, too. John Harley is/was
  9. Next Manager?

    I get your point but Cech's a highly intelligent man with a good knowledge of football, he is simply there to assist with performance analysis and advisory role. think he may have a say in recruitment too but he is not the negotiator so to speak, but then again Marina had never ever done anything of the sort before coming with Roman, and she is a good negotiator - have to get experience somewhere, and where better than your club. I can also understand the "jobs for the boys" line when it comes to Morris, Makelele, Drogba etc but i think Morris is almost a necessity if we plan to bring 3 or 4 youth players into the squad next year. Knows them better than most. Not totally convinced yet that Drogba or Makelele will infact return. I imagine Lampard will bring Morris, Jones and shay Given with him. Johnny Hollins was a total different era of course, although he did win the Full members cup in that epic v City lol
  10. Next Manager?

    In the video with Rio, Drogba definitely knows what is happening.
  11. The Board

    Cech bleeds blue, fucking Arsenal divvys thinking he is one of them. Ashley loves us as does Cesc, drink it in gooners
  12. Next Manager?

    Definitely going to be Frank. No question. Sorting the DoF out first makes sense i suppose, i reckon Lampard will be very soon
  13. The Board

    be soon i imagine
  14. Next Manager?

    End of the week would be Friday, we haven't even contacted Derby at all, yet I know Sarri only left Sunday, and I for one think Lampard is nailed on (IMO), but I am really surprised we haven't at least got compo sorted with Derby. I know Frank is on holidays but he wil have an agent in UK to tie up loose ends. I have a feeling our board may also just be putting feelers out elsewhere, too.
  15. Next Manager?

    di marzio has not even reported it. Some other guy has..