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  1. Chelsea - Man Utd

    I know its only midday but still zero sign of any sort of sacking.
  2. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    we're likely stuck with Sarri until Tottenham. But that could be a very toxic night.
  3. Chelsea - Man Utd

    subs got booed and ironically applauded.
  4. Chelsea - Man Utd

  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I am not as convinced as some that he is off. Even if i think he 'should' go; I do however think his subs are shite, his tactics dont work and he is walking on thin ice
  6. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Azpi for Zappa at 2-0 was literally funny Fuck me
  7. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Barkley for Kovacic Giroud for Higuain (which if we're losing will fuck me off, go 2 uptop!) Willian/CHo for Pedro
  8. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I think he is here for the season He was Marina's choice, she'd be too proud to sack him. Only way he goes would be if Roman just intervenes
  9. Chelsea - Man Utd

    I know, had that been Valencia, Sevilla or even Milan we'd have got beaten by 2 or 3
  10. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Good kick up the ass from Sarri, and i expect a better second period
  11. Chelsea - Man Utd

    We're going to win 4-2 I feel it in my waters Told you, Malmo was irrelevant, they havent kicked a ball in 2 months, we'd have beaten them regardless. This last 15mins of the half has been dog shit. Sarri, do something
  12. Malmo 1-2 Chelsea

    A win is a win. But that was turgid and dull. Malmo are poor and havent played a competitive game since December, and we scraped past them really. Big improvement for Monday needed. Utd, City and Spurs is where his future can be saved. Malmo results wont matter.
  13. Malmo 1-2 Chelsea

    It's the ignorance and continuing with his favourites after their shit shows which is annoying
  14. Malmo 1-2 Chelsea

    Not having that team. Malmo, chance to try something new, drop the underperformers. So, what he does, is play Jorginho, Barkley, Azpi, Pedro. All poor recently... Top banter CHO bench, Ampadu bench. Don't tell me Mr. Sarri you are resting them for Utd in the cup? Course.... fucking stubborn Anyway, 4-0
  15. Malmo 1-2 Chelsea

    If we lose, it's more embarrassing than Sunday. I'll eat my own arm if we lose tonight, no chance at all it happens