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  1. Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea

    Cant see Kepa starting
  2. Nabil Fekir

    hard to make out. I am trying to think of any of our youth with that kind of beard
  3. Nabil Fekir

    Pedulla reckons we bid 60m euros and they want 80m euros so we may throw Zouma in the deal. Skeptical, but he'd be a top signing. Tomorrow could be a belter
  4. Nabil Fekir

    Liverpool fans are weirdly obsessed with Fekir. Celebrating him yet he doesnt even play for them. They are weird
  5. Nabil Fekir

    Im trying not to get sucked into this rumour, but it isnt going away
  6. Mateo Kovacic

    Think this will get confirmed tomorrow if true. When Spanish media say "in next hours" they usually mean days
  7. Mateo Kovacic

    as an exclusive, which when it comes to Real Madrid news is what you want. I believe....
  8. Mateo Kovacic

    sweetener in Courtois deal is my bet. If we end the window with Oblak/Kepa and Kovacic id be pleased. Very much so
  9. Nabil Fekir

    Curious to see if tomorrow (today whatever lol) there is any more reports of a potential deal. right now im less than convinced by the initial France Football report
  10. Jan Oblak

    yeh as much as want Oblak or Kepa, we all know what is coming....
  11. Nabil Fekir

    I would like to sign him purely because, among other things, the Scousers are adamant he only wants them
  12. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Marca, As, and some Bilbao based journo reckon we are going balls deep for Kepa. It'll be Butland
  13. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    He was set to join Real wasnt he last Jan? or last summer? Seems a good GK though, id be quite pleased. Get many yrs out of him, too
  14. Nabil Fekir

    There will be numerous "preparing move for" "set to bid for" reports over next few days. Ignore most and anything else is a bonus
  15. Jack Butland

    So Butland say SSN Telegraph and Matt Law say Butland, Sergio Rico (might mention Oblak not sure) Mundo Deportivo seem sure we are triggering Oblak's clause.