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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    Absolutely this. All the teams he's managed since leaving porto have been public enemy number one from chelsea to inter to madrid. To further buttress your point on the impact a manager can have on the popularity of a team. Our popularity was the highest it's been in the Roman era under Ancelotti. even despite winning the double (The theory is always they hate us because of our success) most neutral fans and even some bitter rivals found us much more likeable and the media and FA significantly eased up on their "bias" at the time.
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    And mourinho has also gotten away with a few of his own. Even if the system was imperfect (which it is, just like any other systems really) An intelligent, professional and responsible manager would do everything possible to avoid giving the FA ammunition to punish him and his team. What made his controversial remark bizzare is that it wasn't even a remotely legitimate shout (That was never a penalty i a million years but ironically Southampton had two legitimate pens denied) If you are going to criticize the authorities atleast make sure you have a solid case.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    Ofcourse this is the type of response I expected. biased to the core. Apparently the English FA, Spanish and Italian media and FA all have an agenda against him and his teams. It's just so happens that the controversy that seems to follow him around every club he goes are not his fault and the whole world are out to get poor old jose. It's time he takes a hard look at himself in the mirror and start taking responsibilities for his actions (if he's ever capable of that). All things considered, he's actually gotten away with quite a few professional misconduct since he arrived, many jabs at referees and opposition managers and players that haven't been punished. Majority of his senseless rants about "conspiracy against chelsea" were ignored as well. And the gullible people that have fallen for the "He's doing it and saying it to take pressure off his players" "classic jose mind games" (as if that's a justification for being controversial and unprofessional) do not help matters either.
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    He just branded the decision by the FA "a disgrace". a leopard never changes its spot SMH. he will never learn/change. I hope they increase future ban/punishment if he continues on the same path.
  5. 10. Willian

    The pass at 2.48 is ridiculous. I'm so glad he's finally adding productivity to his game. Happy for him.
  6. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    And so it begins.
  7. Romelu Lukaku

    The myth that Costa has a good allround play is one of those things that actually baffles me. I watch every chelsea games and see Costa busy wasting possession and generally looking like a semi pro on the ball majority of the time then I come on the forum and see comments like "His link up and hold up play is excellent" " He's one of the best strikers in the world" and I say to myself, are we watching the same games?. I still maintain that Costa is nothing more than a glorified, scary looking Huntelar/chicharito. A decent goal poacher and nothing more.
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    While carlo wouldn't be my first choice, I will take him back gladly. He will restore our status as a football club from the circus/soap opera of a team/club that Mourinho and Costa have turned us into. at the very least. And I have no doubt he will do a much better job in terms of tactics and team selection than Jose currently.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    I don't know where this myth that carlo is anti youth came from. He was very pro youth at Chelsea and madrid, giving respectable opportunities to players like Josh, Sturridge,kakuta,Jese,Morata. And what do you mean by the highlighted? I hope you are not trying to imply Carlo plays the same style or poorer football than mourinho because that will be a shocking opinion and no neutral fan who have any knowledge about football will ever agree with that as carlo's teams are more attacking and better coached offensively than Mourinho's teams (well the current version of mourinho anyway).
  10. Branislav Ivanovic

    Are there any rules prohibiting selection of players who aren't fully fit? if not,don't be shocked if Mourinho still starts him against Villa.
  11. Branislav Ivanovic

    José must be absolutely gutted
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    And this is the man people want as our manager in the long term. SMH.
  13. Branislav Ivanovic

    When you think about it. Mourinho really is a rich man's Roy Hodgson. inclination for Big, tall, powerful, athletic players, banks of four, lion-heart, passion, awful football and all that. He should consider taking over as England manager when he leaves Chelsea (which I hope will be at the end of the season) He would fit right in.
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    If this is the case, why fire any manager at all? Couldn't the same apply to every single manager that's ever been sacked due to poor performance in the history of football?
  15. Branislav Ivanovic

    It's like choosing between a turd and a refuse bin that's been left to sit outside in the intense summer heat for a few weaks.
  16. Branislav Ivanovic

    For all the shit we gave bosingwa, he was never and I repeat, never this bad. As a matter if fact, I don't think I have ever seen a Chelsea player play this badly and for so long. Maybe Torres but that's debatable, even despite how shit he was, he still had the odd good game once every 6 matches or so. Ivanovic on the otherhand (if you take away his offensive contributions last season) as been terrible defensively since the second half of last season.
  17. The Mourinho Thread

    The introduction of a single player cannot be the solution to this mess. It runs way deeper than simply dropping Ivanovich and fabregas and introducing rlc and baba. I believe there's a huge tactical and fitness issue with this team and the confidence is at an all time low. Rlc won't suddenly make us creative again nor will baba turn us into a clean sheet machine.
  18. Kevin de Bruyne

    He's not good enough for the mighty Chelsea and couldn't hack it in the (best ligue in ze world) EPL obviously. Another masterstroke by mourinho, bravo.
  19. The Mourinho Thread

    Stability simply means continuation and a stable environment and an arguemnt could be made that Mourinho has actually been a disruptive figure to the stability of this club with the constant chopping and changing of players ranging from Mata, cech, De Bryune, David Luiz, schurrle, lukaku, Bertrand, Luis, salah, cuadrado and so on. some of them were key players and others were never even given a chance to settle into the team before been sold or loaned out. that level of player turnover in such a short space of time is anything but stable and good for stability. Then there is the issue of lack of identity and pattern to our play. How is he making a case for stability if he's been here for 3 seasons and the team still lacks any form of identity? The only thing mourinho brings apart from the odd success is short term-ism and chaos to a football club. He's not proven at any point in his career to be suited to long term management. There's absolutely nothing to show or suggest that he's the right man to bring stability. His past record and current evidence does not support that theory. so the question is, if there's nothing to suggest both in his past and current that he is capable of bringing stability to a club in the long term, why should the club and fans trust him with the future of this club? seeking stability with the wrong man is counter-productive and just as damaging as the suppose negative side effect of high managerial turnover. If you actually bothered to read his post carefully. He used arsenal as an example to illustrate the importance of identity and consistency towards achieving stability. Arsenal might have some identity but lack (ed) the consistency to effectively implement their philosophy. They went from playing with power, pace and combination of counter attack and passing football with players like Viera, henry, pires, overmars, bergkamp et al to possession (tiki taka wannabe) based football with smaller players and became too obsessed with buying cheap and developing youngsters. The difference between the arsenal that dominated English football in the 2000s with man utd isn't just in personnel changes but style as well. They lost their way/aura along the way. Moreover shouldn't wenger's reign at Arsenal be evidence that keeping a manger at club long term for the sake of stability is overrated anyway?. Arsenal haven't won any major trophy in 11 years despite their managerial stability. Perhaps if they had fired him and hired a more ambitious manager who believes in the arsenal way of playing football, they would have achieved more in that time. How does this even make any sense. How have the managers liverpool have had post 1990 reflective of the strong identity they had in the 70s through to the late 80s? Their identity was "pass and move" football and the managers they have had in that time have been anything but the epitome of that philosophy Souness, gerarld Houlier, Benitez, Roy Hogson? and do you care to explain how david Moyes is a like for like replacement for Alex ferguson in terms of keeping the philosophy at Utd alive? One plays relentless attacking football with use of wingers while the other is the essennce of a typical "British manager" i,e negative, defensive and unimaginative.
  20. The Mourinho Thread

    Someone actually said mourinho isn't at fault for the mess we are in. Wow. And subsequently a few posters agreed with him and ran away with the idiotic theory. This forum is the gift that keeps on giving. Never cease to amaze me, the waffle some posters come up with.
  21. The Mourinho Thread

    Blasphemy. How dare you make such remark about the greatest manager in the world and possibly history of mankind.
  22. The Mourinho Thread

    You get the type of manager he is when he couldn't stop wanking Tony pulis off in the media last season. Out of all the great EPL managers of the past, he named the man that is known for his defensive/negative and awful one route football as the man he would start a football club with if he were an owner. That tells you all you need to know about his mentality. he couldn't care less about the creative and beautiful side of the game. Despite being from portugal, he's the very essence of a stereotypical "English manager".
  23. The Mourinho Thread

    No he doesn't and he certainly didn't at the time Bayern hired him. he built his career off the back of his work at the great attacking ajax side of the 90's and his record of promoting youth also played a role in barca and munich hiring him. He fit their philosphy, now whether his appointment worked out well in the end or not is besides the point and different argument alltogether. But I won't accept he was a mismatch prior to Barca and bayern hiring him.
  24. Radamel Falcao

    http://www.espnfc.co.uk/chelsea/story/2539728/jose-mourinho-interview-radamel-falcao-can-be-scary-again We are still waiting