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  1. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Desperate for him to score again tomorrow just to so these endless articles about him will stop. FFS...
  2. Stoke v Chelsea

    Has to for me, surely. Although, it wouldn't shock me if he doesn't because of the extremely tough next two matches.
  3. Stoke v Chelsea

    Which means we should be tearing their defense to shreds, really. No excuses not to be beating Stoke when they're missing their 2 best CB's.
  4. Stoke v Chelsea

    If we don't won this...
  5. Diego Costa

    True. But we're lucky there was one team that was desperate enough to have him that they'll pay far more than any other club would. Not sure any other side in Europe can get mega fees for players they aren't even using like we do.
  6. Diego Costa

    Must be said, if the £50m+ fee is correct that's a great bit of business for the huge headache that is Diego Costa.
  7. Diego Costa

    So, how soon before he starts publicly talking shit about us now? 😏
  8. Stoke v Chelsea

    Would love to see our back 3 as Azpi, Christensen, and Rüdiger but we know that ain't gonna happen. Bakayoko + Kante is a must for me. Cesc is playing well too while Pedro and Willian really aren't so I'd play him instead. With Both Kante and Bakayoko, Cesc will likely have plenty of time on the ball and could destroy Stoke. Stoke are a side we really have to take the game to and be aggressive. They're certainly no pushovers and will be tough but this is 3 points we need to keep pace with City/United, especially with the former being our next opponents after this.
  9. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    He looks like he's about 12 years old!
  10. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    Fantastic stuff. Thought every single player on the pitch was excellent. How fortunate are we to have this strength at CB? Christensen and Rüdiger are fucking great! Christensen just oozes class and composure whilst Rüdiger is an athletic freak who is great in the ball as well. Love 'em!
  11. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    Hoping to see a super aggressive Hazard against this sort of opposition. Get himself sharp for the weekend.
  12. Chelsea - Nottingham Forest

    Hopefully someone can post up a good stream here as its of course not televised here in the US. Got a crystal clear one for the Qarabag game last week.
  13. The English Football Thread

    Ehhh. I don't know. Martial and Rashford are more talented but just as wildly inconsistent as Willian and Pedro. Mata wouldn't start for us at the moment. He'd be the same liability that Cesc is. Mkhitaryan is solid but nothing really special. Their attack was awful last season with the same players. Just so happens that the goals are coming now. Hopefully once Hazard is back to starting every week we'll look much better. That, and Bakayoko + Kante providing a platform for the attackers.
  14. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Fortunately I haven't been seeing much of our own fans slating him. It is true that he needs to toughen up and realize that the refs in this league won't give him soft fouls. He just needs to get used to a completely different league. I have no concerns about him at all at this point.
  15. 9. Álvaro Morata

    The narrative has already started amongst seemingly all of the media now that Morata is soft and I even saw one idiot say he's not a #1 striker. After one average game. When Diego was scrapping and fighting with defenders, winding everyone up, and generally being a nasty cunt they were all slating him and wishing he'd cut it out. Now we have a striker who only concerns himself with football and they say he's "too nice, too pretty, and not nasty enough." Can't win with these morons.
  16. 24. Gary Cahill

    He wasn't egregiously bad yesterday or make any one standout mistake, he's just an average player who should only play against teams we're vastly superior to. He's hesitant on and off the ball, he panics when put under pressure, and loses his head at times. He's not hot garbage like many of our supporters think he is but when we have not one but two other CB's in Rüdiger and Christensen who are better I see no reason that Cahill should start other than because of him being captain. It's certainly not because of ability or JT-like leadership quality. If I were Rüdiger, I'd be super pissed off if I'm not back in the side against Stoke next weekend. edit- Actually, obviously Toni will be in against Stoke because Luiz is suspended. But when Luiz is back, Rüdiger should always start instead of Cahill.
  17. The English Football Thread

    Both Manchester sides blowing everyone away. Pretty embarrassing that we can already forget about goal difference after only 5 matches. The United team/attack isn't even better or more talented than ours is I'd argue. Just everything going for them this season like it was for us last year.
  18. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Already pisses me off how the refs in the PL are punishing him for simply being stronger than his opponent. He has several time won the ball well with a bit of strength and shoulder to shoulder and the idiot ref whistles him. A beast that will become one of our best players soon.
  19. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Which he did well in previous games. We played the ball into his feet in previous games, he controlled it nicely, and payed it off to a teammate. Today was all in the air it seemed like.
  20. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Would Diego have fared better today? Maybe. But as I said above, we didn't help Morata or play to his abilities at all. He's a striker who thrives running in to space after a lay off, running the channels, and playing into his feet. All we did today is lob soft balls and hoped he could latch on. Hopeless in those circumstances.
  21. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    In ALL games against big teams we have to start with our best possible players. If Conte wants to rotate or experiment do it against sides we're vastly superior to like Forest in midweek. We cannot play Cesc and Kante in a midfield 2 against sides that are great technically and can pop the ball around comfortably. Why all of us can see that but Conte can't is baffling. We also see that we need one more special attacking player that's a level above Pedro and Willian. Too many times they just can't cut it. They're solid, 7/10 players but we need another on or near Hazards level if we want to compete against the best sides in Europe. Luckily this result won't hurt much because a few of our rivals are also struggling. But damn, I fear for us against City/United/Atleti/Roma. We need to grow some balls and toughen up. Know when we can assert ourselves.
  22. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Thought we largely dominated the 2nd half and restricted them to only a couple of chances. As good as Pedro and Willian can be at times, I feel like our attack is useless against decent opposition without Hazard. Morata gets no service other than long balls launched into him with two defenders draped all over him. We gave him almost no chance today. These were tactics that Lukaku would've thrived on but not Morata. He needs the ball to feet in open play. I pray that that was the last match in which Hazard doesn't play from the start. We desperately need him.
  23. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Also, I have to mention the refereeing. That was a disgrace! Oliver blew for EVERY FUCKING NIGGLY TOUCH that we made on an Arsenal player but would only penalize them when they barged our players over. So many times our players would get clearly pushed and nothing was given. The officiating in the PL is terrible.
  24. Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    We win that game handily if Bakayoko and Hazard start. A point here wouldn't be horrible against a full strength Arsenal side further into the season, but that team were weak and we threw the opportunity away. If we look like this at home against a shite Arsenal side we'll be torn to shreds against City and even Liverpool. We now are without our most important defender for two tough games against Stoke and City.