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  1. The Conte Thread

    Almost universal thinking amongst the journo's that he's off. Think in the end it's comments from our players like Hazard today that will do him in. I'm sure quite a few of them are sick of setting up defensively and playing like a small team.
  2. Chelsea - Man Utd

    We seriously look like a Championship side who Cindarellla'd into the final against a big team. Embarrassing.
  3. Chelsea - Man Utd

    This is just pathetic football. Zero attacking quality. Like the commentator just said, Cesc is dead on his feet. He's so unbelievably unathletic that he's a total liability.
  4. Chelsea - Man Utd

    We're surrendering far too much possession to them and showing them far too much respect. Cesc needs to get on the ball and start linking play. So far our whole attacking approach is to smack the ball up to Giroud and hoping he can bring Hazard into play. It's not working well because Giroud is often being double marked. We also haven't been able to get our wingbacks into the game offensively at all. We need to show a bit more ambition going forward or we're just inviting a mistake or freak goal.
  5. Chelsea - Man Utd

    I was confident bore both Hudderfield and Newcatsle and was obviously let down massively. I'm confident here again before this game as well for some reason. Send Conte off on a high so we can remember his time here fondly rather than our players surrendering meekly. If we go a goal down early we'll really get a good picture of who still cares. See which ones go into "fuck, let's just get this over with" mode and who mans up and gets stuck in.
  6. General Transfer Talk

    Seems like all of our rivals are already busy and are being linked with very good players. Only rumors that concern us are about key players leaving. This is probably the worst possible summer to need a new manager and overhaul due to City, United, Liverpool, and Spuds all having managers that are now fully settled and on the same page as their boards.
  7. I hope not. I'd even have Enrique ahead of him.
  8. Just offer Poch a Pep or Mou-like salary, a lengthy contract, and tell him he's completely safe in his job for the duration of it no matter what happens. Allow him time to do for us what he's done at Spuds - develop a great style of play that's both solid defensively and exciting going forward, improve and coach up players to fulfil their potential, and integrate young players. I think if we were to show to him that we are more ambitious in the market than Daniel Levy is he'd consider it. That's the biggest problem, though.
  9. Jardim, maybe. I'm not 100% sold on Allegri. Admittedly, I was the same with Conte before he came here. I have to see how he does away from Juve where he doesn't have by far the best team.
  10. Luis Enrique rumors heating up again. I just don't see how we play Barca style football without a massive overhaul of the squad. He would be a gamble on the level of AVB. It's a risk that's too great for me.
  11. Pochettino would be unbelievable but unless we offer him the moon and the stars I don't think it's possible. We'd have to not only give him a huge budget but we'd also have to sell him on the idea that we want to change as a club. If Sarri isn't available, Allegri (who I don't believe is even an upgrade on Conte at all) and now that Tuchel are off the table I think we'd be best off just sticking with Conte for another season and hope our summer recruitment is great. There isn't a real standout candidate that I feel would do a better job.
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    With the decision making around these parts lately I wouldn't be surprised if we hire Brandan Rodgers and sign some average English players.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    Fair play to him with these latest comments. The exact mentality I'd have in his position. He's probably sick to death of going from mountain top to valley every other season. We win the league, have a disastrous summer and finish miles off of a title challenge. He won't want to waste the rest of his prime years here if we continue to sign the Drinkwater's, Bakayoko's, Barkley's, and Zappacosta's of the world. Especially when he's watching rivals sign world class talents. Hopefully these comments light a fire under our clubs ass and they bring in some top class. Otherwise I fear he'll either force his way out or do the unthinkable and run his contract down and leave for nothing.
  14. Chelsea - Man Utd

    So which of our former players will score a late winner against us here? Mata, Matic, or Lukaku? Already imagining Mou smugly smiling as he wins the FA Cup and sees Conte get the sack straight afterwards.
  15. 10. Eden Hazard

    It would be really worrying if he doesn't sign an extension soon. It would be suicidal to allow his contract to run down. If he's dead set on going then it has to be this summer. We can't allow a player who is worth £150m run down his contract and either let him walk for nothing or only get relative peanuts for him.
  16. The Conte Thread

    We'll even have to think about refreshing some of our players the fans like but simply aren't good enough anymore. The likes of Willian, Cesc, and Pedro. All players I really like but who are/will be 30+ and on the decline. Pedro and Willian are wildly inconsistent and Cesc has somehow become even less mobile than he was when he arrived. None of those 3 should be every match players for a side with title winning ambitions next season. Then we have players who are straight up average and wouldn't look out of place at a 8th-12th placed side like Cahill, DD, Zappa, Barkley. The club would have to sell off so many just for us to start to get better. And while considering all of that we also have to think about Hazard and Courtois going. This summer is going to be insane.
  17. The Conte Thread

    Much as I think he has to go after the cup final, I just don't see what Sarri or anyone else is going to do with many or our players who seem unmovable in the summer. Bakayoko ain't suddenly going to develop a silky touch and be able to pass like Busquets. He's not going to develop football intelligence in a single summer. And I can't even fathom the club selling him 1 year after buying him for £40m. Drinkwater cost 35 fucking million and unless the club take a massive bath I can't see him being sold right away. I have this bad feeling that we'll do just a couple of deals and the club will hope our next manager can suddenly turn our current average lot into title challengers. Like, I'll be very pleasantly surprised if there is more than 1 new player in our best XI on opening day.
  18. Newcastle 3-0 Chelsea

    No new manager coming in is suddenly going to transform some of our players into top footballers. Many are just average and will always be average. Major overhaul + coach with an attacking philosophy needed.
  19. Newcastle 3-0 Chelsea

    It really is tough to look forward to next season. Squad needs so much work that unless the club go mad in the window (with both in's and out's) we will again be on the outside looking in. I have zero faith in those who make the decisions.
  20. Newcastle 3-0 Chelsea

    Done and dusted. Switching off now.
  21. Newcastle 3-0 Chelsea

    Barkley and Bakayoko may as well be lamp posts. Our midfield is getting played through with zero resistance. My oh my do we need some major surgery there in the summer. Trouble is we just bought those two players so I doubt we'll be selling them so quickly,
  22. Newcastle 3-0 Chelsea

    We are seriously making Newcastle look like fucking Arsenal the way they're passing it around! Wtf is going on!? We can't string 2 passes together!
  23. Newcastle 3-0 Chelsea

    Maybe the most embarrassing performance of the season so far considering what's at stake.
  24. Newcastle 3-0 Chelsea

    Letting Newcastle stroke it around with ease, dominate possession, and pen us in our own half. Fucking Newcastle! In a match we must win! We can't even pass a fucking football. Our midfield woeful.
  25. Newcastle 3-0 Chelsea

    If only Liverpool were playing away and to a side desperate for a result. Then I'd feel good and excited about today. Instead they're at Anfield, only need a point, and are playing a side who will already be on the beach. Oh well. Finish this shit season with a victory and let's hope for a Conte masterclass against José in what'll be his last game as Chelsea manager.