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  1. Man Utd v Chelsea

    They really don't look to be in good form at all here. Very slow with terrible attacking buildup play. Of course, you can be sure Rashford or Martial will probably be starting against us and add another dimension to their attack. But I'm glad Herrera the cynical, cheating cunt won't be.
  2. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Probably because, unlike us, everyone they play in La Liga other than Real Madrid and Atleti are scared shitless of them. They go behind and Barca just blow them away. We showed balls and character today and didn't let their best players take over the game.
  3. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Their goal felt like a gut punch. Cant be too upset considering Barca's only goal came from a mistake from us. None of us expected it to be so close. We're not out of this yet. No way can we play with the false 9 at the Camp Nou, though. They wouldn't have been expecting it today but will be ready for it next time.
  4. Chelsea - Barcelona

    All it takes is one little lapse in concentration for them to slip a ball in behind us like that diagonal Messi tried to Jordi Alba which I think is their most likely route to scoring. Absolutely MUST focus.
  5. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Excellent second half of the first half! I feel like if we'd have had Morata out there as a focal point in Pedro's place we'd have been better.
  6. Chelsea - Barcelona

    This really is embarrassing not even being able to get a sniff of the ball on our home pitch, and when we do finally get the ball we punt it up to the tiny Hazard who can't do anything with it.
  7. Chelsea - Barcelona

    It is very strange that Emerson isn't even in the squad. Alonso's first match back in a couple of games against arguably the best side in Europe. What if he gets roasted or injured? I'd rather have Emerson (a natural left back) coming on than shoehorning Zappa there. Hopefully he's not injured and is instead just being eased in due to the nightmarish fixture list we have coming up.
  8. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Woooow. He actually did it. This is either going to be genius or fail spectacularly. Morata must be seething, tbh. Probably been dreaming about playing against Barca in the CL as a former Madridista.
  9. Chelsea - Barcelona

    In this particular case he'd be going against midfielders who are similar to him. None of Barca's midfielders are the type that Cesc struggles against (powerful, dynamic, athletic, fast). For this reason I actually think he can start tonight. He's not going to get bullied by Busquets/Rakitic/Iniesta or beaten for pace. The biggest problem I see is us not having much of the ball meaning Cesc will be expending all his energy chasing shadows.
  10. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Such a headache for Conte in terms of selection. Go 3-4-3 with both Hazard and Willian in great form and hope like hell that a midfield 2 of Kante and Cesc can withstand the pressure of dealing with Busquets, Rakitic, Messi, and Iniesta or go 3-5-2, sacrifice a bit going forward, and solidify the midfield. We can either go balls out and try to play with them or go conservative and somewhat cowardly to minimize risk of away goals. For me we have to go 3-4-3. Let's be honest, we probably ain't stopping them from scoring no matter what we do so we may as well have a go with our best attacking XI. I'm praying that Cahill doesn't start. Absolutely praying. Azpi/Christensen/Rüdi is our best back 3. Cahill will be his infuriating passive self that he always is against top opposition. He just back peddles and let's his man run at him. He cannot start tonight. But sadly will most likely.
  11. Chelsea - Barcelona

    I just keep repeating in my head "please don't get embarrassed, please don't get embarrassed." Losing to one of the 2-3 best sides in Europe in a hard fought, narrow defeat would be sad in the moment but not unexpected. If we just get hammered, let them have 80% of the ball, play like cowards who are scared of the occasion, and lose by 3-4 goals at home it'll be depressing and that same feeling of Chelsea being in crisis is back. And then we have United, City, and our kryptonite Crystal Palace all in a row. Things could look pretty fucking grim in a couple weeks time depending on results.
  12. Christian Pulisic

    Has Man United player written all over him. Mostly for marketing purposes. Biggest English speaking market outside of England where United have a massive following, the future face of the USA National Team, would be absolutely huge in terms of shirt sales. Pulisic and Pogba would be their two poster boys. What may stop him going there is that they're already well stocked in the attacking midfield areas. Unless they sell fan favorite Juan Mata.
  13. Chelsea 4-0 Hull

    Willian has to start against Barca for me. Better ball retention and link up play than Pedro. Having Giroud and Pedro to bring off the bench is good firepower. Would also be a ballsy move if Conte throws Emerson into the fire instead of Alonso. Marcos hasn't played in a while and even when fully fit and in form would get roasted by Barca. We need someone who can run.
  14. Chelsea 4-0 Hull

    Giroud was involved in all 4 goals. 😂 What a half he had!
  15. Chelsea 4-0 Hull

    Center of the pitch and center of the defense look a bit sketchy but we should still be wining this. Cahill and Ampadu without the protection of Kante in front of them is a recipe for some fuckery. Also a complete lack of pace in midfield with Drinks and Cesc.
  16. Chelsea 4-0 Hull

    So the last 3 midfield signings we've made (Baka, Drinkwater, and now Barkley) have either been injured when they signed or got injured almost immedietly afterwards. Fucking great. This run of fixtures we have coming up would've been the ideal time to have Ross fit and now who knows how long he'll be out.
  17. For someone so clearly talented Neymar is just so unlikable for me. Constantly diving and rolling around, constantly moaning to the refs. If he just played his football and stayed on his feet I could tolerate him.
  18. PSG are huge choke artists. All that money spent and they're stil extremely reliant on one player (Neymar) to pull some magic out of his hat in these massive games. Mbappe didn't do much, Cavani was invisible, and Neymar spent more time on his ass than on his feet. Theyre like the ultimate flat track bully side who are soft when it matter most.
  19. Would look pretty bad at this point if we get humiliated against Barca after watching all of the other English sides dominating their ties (Spuds only drew their game but dominated much of the game). I know we have by far the toughest matchup out of all the PL sides but still. We're at home and this is Chelsea. Just hope we don't get thumped 0-5 or something embarrassing. If Baka and Cahill start I fear we will however.
  20. Juve dominate the opening minutes and then just stop playing. Spuds now playing their ideal game pressing and controlling the run of play.
  21. City are going to win the CL this season, aren't they? 😔 There isn't a defense good enough to contain their attack.
  22. Spuds are one of the best sides in the PL and yet Juve are making them look like when a PL team faces a side from the Championship. Men against boys here so far.
  23. 28. César Azpilicueta

    Probably the biggest beneficiary of those extra days off. You can tell he had been run down a bit during our poor run. Looked back to being himself yesterday. Should be captain next season once we sell Cahill to Stoke or something. 👍🏼
  24. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Really just need some matches and minutes to sharpen up. The physicality and workrate were there already. Also goes to show you how a good center forward can immedietly strike up a great understanding with Hazard. Costa, Morata, and now Giroud have just about instantly linked up well with him.
  25. Chelsea 3-0 West Brom

    If it hasn't happened already, Hazard needs to be offered £350-400k a week to stay. Where on Earth would we be without him and who on Earth would we replace him with?