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  1. Christian Pulisic

    Gets a great big "meh" from me tbh. Think there are better players we can get for that kind of money. If we are indeed after a new wide player for mega-money then we should be going all out for Zaha.
  2. Chelsea - Everton

    This was the sort match that Diego Costa pulls us through with a big time goal or two. Morata was as soft as cotton today and was back to his whiny, pathetic self. If we had a fierce striker we'd have won despite not playing as well as we can. Jorginho had probably his least effective match since arriving so it's not a coincidence that we struggled in the first half. Kova improved as the game went on and Kante was subpar. Really, our whole midfield was poor overall which is why we didn't take 3 points. As for Everton, they executed their gameplan perfectly but didn't really do much at all to threaten us. We controlled the game almost entirely and if we were sharper in our finishing we would've scored at least twice.
  3. Chelsea - Everton

    SO MANY FUCKING CHANCES! Inches wide time and again.
  4. Chelsea - Everton

    You so much as breath on Richarlison and he drops like a bag of stones. Embarrassing. Yet the ref falls for it every time.
  5. Chelsea - Everton

    Our passing in the Everton half has been woeful. Even our most accurate passers in Kova and Jorginho are giving it away repeatedly. We need to 1) quicken the pace of our play 2) sharpen our lazy passing and 3) bring on Giroud for more of a focal point.
  6. Chelsea - Everton

    Slow motion zombie football for the most part. Everton man-marking all of our attackers and midfielders which means we're really struggling to get them the ball in dangerous areas. We've had almost all the ball but can't do anything with it without moving it quicker. Everton are only really threatening on set plays and when they win a cheap foul.
  7. Chelsea - Everton

    Why do we continue to start so slowly?
  8. Chelsea - Everton

    Knew Richarlison would start despite the fitness concern. Not looking forward to watching that diving bastard. I remember last time we played against him he was on the floor rolling around numerous times and the ref fell for it repeatedly. Hopefully we can keep him quiet today. Everton have a pretty strong looking first XI but have terrible depth. They don't look to have anyone on their bench who can be brought on to hurt us.
  9. Chelsea - Everton

    Think Marco Silva is using a bit of gamesmanship in regards to Richarlison. I definitely think he'll play. Everton are shite away against all the big teams but this is certainly a dangerous game. Wonder if we'll go with Morata or Giroud. Morata's in good form but Everton are a physical side where Giroud may be more effective.
  10. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    Every damn stream I watch keeps eventually dying and our players look like they'd rather be back in London rather than the middle of nowhere Europe. The Europa League is such a slog in these early rounds. Players don't look bothered and I can't blame them.
  11. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    Kovacic can play there. Or we could've slightly tweaked the formation for this one match. Not like BATE are a top team. Im not mad at Sarri for starting Jorginho or anything, just worried that he'll suffer later for playing so much early in the season. He's probably our most important player after Eden.
  12. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    Just what Jorginho needs. More minutes on his legs and a long journey just before we play a pretty good Everton side.
  13. 29. Álvaro Morata

    When he isn't sulking, moaning to the ref, and throwing himself to the ground at the slightest contact he's actually a very solid player. Go figure! Id still rather start Giroud against the top sides but it would be great if Morata can build up his confidence against the smaller ones.
  14. Chelsea 3-1 Crystal Palace

    Honestly, our only real weakness currently is the self inflicted defensive mistakes. An errant pass here, a poor lunge in by Luiz there. Other than that every once in a while we're super comfortable. This game changed like a snap of the fingers with the introduction of Hazard and Kova. Our two best technical players came on and it was like the whole team knew it was over. Kovacic has to come back in as our first choice 3rd midfielder. Barkley is a good option to bring on if things aren't working or when an eye for goal from midfield is required. He's not as tight and comfortable on the ball as Kova, though.
  15. Chelsea 3-1 Crystal Palace

    Similarly to Burnley, Palace tried to come out super quickly and punch us in the mouth. Seemed every ref decision went their way, every deflected ball fell to a Palace player, and of course Zaha morphs into God-form Messi against us. But about 25 mins onward we took control and dominated. Barkley wasn't poor here but he put us in danger several times on the counter due to loose touches or square passes across the middle. For me, this is the sort of opponent Kovacic needs to start instead. Much better close control and in tight spaces.
  16. Chelsea 3-1 Crystal Palace

    Must not be updated for daylight savings.
  17. Chelsea 3-1 Crystal Palace

    Waiting all damn weekend and playing after all our rivals will have played is excruciating. I hate being the late kickoff. And now to top it off our match isn't even televised here in the States so I have to watch a shitty stream and hope it doesn't cut out 10 times during the game.
  18. Chelsea 3-1 Crystal Palace

    As mentioned already, these cunts always seem to raise their game for Chelsea and then proceed to revert to their normal shite selves immediately afterwards. So I expect this to be annoying as fuck. It being at home and us being in good form I think we'll win it comfortably in the end but after struggling and getting aggravated early on.
  19. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    Cahil needs to be sold the moment the clock hits midnight on Jan 1. He's completely past it and panics like a 17 year old CB in the face of danger. Give Ampadu those minutes.
  20. Chelsea 3-2 Derby County

    Cahill, Christensen, and Emerson. Fucking hell are they shit defensively. It's expected with Cahill and excusable with Emerson since he barely gets a sniff, but wtf has happened to AC? Since the latter part of last season he's been woeful. And he and Cahill had the audacity to moan about playing time! Here's why you aren't playing, lads! Anyways, we look great going forward even with players rotated. Kova, RLC, and Cesc all looked sexy on the ball. Willian good, and even Morata looks to be in good form lately. The attacking training under Sarri is really apparent through the whole squad which is awesome. Zappacosta keeps this up and he may start pushing Azpi for certain games. When we have a shit load of the ball against weak opponents we can use his delivery and forward runs.
  21. 8. Ross Barkley

    You'd imagine that if he continues this form until January and was still playing for a smaller team there would be a line of big clubs offering huge sums for him.mus getting a full Enhland international for £15m is genius so long as he keeps improving under Sarri.
  22. Burnley 0-4 Chelsea

    Awesome performance. Perfect Sarriball. Pressing, passing, movement were all superb. All of the midfield 3 were excellent.
  23. Burnley 0-4 Chelsea

    Dominant after the first 10 minutes and played some very nice football. If we had a couple of killers in the final third we'd be far out of sight by now. Don't think anyone played poorly that half.
  24. Burnley 0-4 Chelsea

    Hopefully Kepa and our defenders are well prepared for the aerial assault from Burnley. That's likely to be their game plan. Long balls and set pieces that try to expose what is our biggest weakness.
  25. Burnley 0-4 Chelsea

    Shit. Not confident at all with this XI. Our attack looks so blunt. And in a match where we were likely to completely boss possession I would've thought Kovacic made more sense than Ross because he's much better at keeping it and controlling it. Hoping for the best but ready to watch yet another physical side bully Morata for 70 minutes until he's taken off to his usual sulky reaction.