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  1. Kai Havertz

    I'm very impatient! 😆 Dont want to wait another 3 weeks or more.
  2. Kai Havertz

    As long as they're still in the EL he'll start and play. Think it's clear he's given them his word that he'll play out their season. Hopefully Conte does us a favor and eliminates them next week.
  3. 10. Willian

    I really don't care what Arse do or who they sign. They won't get anywhere near challenging for the title and in my opinion they won't be near the top 4 either. They're soft and will be typical Arse next season. Brilliant one match, shocking the next. A couple of good months followed by an inevitable collapse. Theyll be one long term injury to Auba away from being a midtable side. As for Willian, it'll be sad to see him going there at first but I'll get over it quickly. Can't blame the club for not offering him 4 years (holy shit!) and can't blame Willian from taking it. He seemed like one of the Chelsea players who loved talking shit to Spuds & Arse fans most so it sucks that he's joining one of them.
  4. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Pep is clearly a brilliant football mind but he always needs the absolute exact type of (often hugely expensive) players.
  5. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    City certainly wasting no time. Wonder who else they're after.
  6. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    The more footage I study of Reguilon the more I'm convinced of him. In fact, I'm shocked that there isn't a queue of big clubs after him if the price is as low as it reportedly is. This is arguably the best LB in Spain apparently. I'm someone who really likes Chilwell but if this guy can be had for 1/3rd of the price and is probably slightly better than Chilwell is currently it's a no brainer. Sign this dude and go big on Rice with the money saved.
  7. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    The only place I could really see Liverpool taking a step back (if they don't invest) is against the other big boys. They still have such ridiculous quality that they'll easily steamroll the little guys. But if City/United/Chelsea/Arse/Spuds all improve considerably then they'll find it much harder.
  8. The English Football Thread

    I mean more how they will approach us than how we look at them. I'm not worried about them or anything but they'll certainly want to do us and raise their game for Chelsea.
  9. The English Football Thread

    Right then. Fulham and Leeds, two historic, heated rivals of ours, return to the PL where they'll both treat their games against us like the CL final while conceding cricket scores against our top 4 rivals. Great! 😂😂😂
  10. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    This is how you know this big briefing came directly from United. They're desperate to prevent another Alexis situation where the whole club is destabilized by them giving him galactic wages. They want to soften the headlines and keep Sancho's wages on the downlow.
  11. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I don't think he was initially. But if reports are to be believed United are offering him an absolutely absurd salary (something like €18m per year) so he probably really wants to go now. Like Havertz, though, if he stays at his club for 1 more season he'll probably have several other great options. This is why it's absolutely imperative that ourselves and United get these deals done this summer because our chances fall wayyyy down if we wait.
  12. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Ah, I see Man United have done the old "let's brief a bunch of journo's to pressure the selling club" trick. They're trying to scare Dortmund into lowering their demands or else they'll miss out on a huge fee. This'll be done within a couple of days. United will pay up.
  13. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    True. But only if we sell someone in there, I think. Because I can't see Kante riding the bench. He's a certain starter I think. If we buy Havertz for 80m he's starting every game. So that leaves 1 spot for Jorginho/Kova/RLC/Barkley/Mount. And Kova has been one of our best players this season playing deeper in midfield. At least 1 needs to be sold.
  14. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    If CP is injured at the start of the season then I can see Mount playing in the left. If he's fit I don't think Mason is in our strongest XI assuming Havertz signs. He'll still start plenty of game obviously.
  15. Kai Havertz

    I was 100% convinced we'd get him but have really wavered. It could well be that everything is sorted and we've agreed to let him play the EL. That would explain why things got to a boiling point last week where it seemed as though all that was missing was an announcement and then silence ever since. But seeing United on the brink of signing Sancho while we've heard fuck all for a while now makes me nervous. For me, Havertz signing or not signing is the difference between us having a solid transfer window and us having a spectacular, best we've ever had window. Also the difference between us being a title challenger and top 4 lock or being just like we were this season which is in a knife fight for 4th with a handful of other teams. I'm desperate for this signing now! 😬