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  1. 33. Emerson Palmieri

    Wasn't really tested at all defensively because both he and Moses had Burnley's wide players pinned back almost the whole match. In addition, us having both Giroud and Morata up top meant that a lot of the play was condensed in the middle of the pitch. Speaking for myself here, but I'm just glad to see a wingback who I'm not terrified about getting totally spanked for pace. Alonso is a fantastic option to have in the squad but for games against good sides he's too easily exposed. Emerson (if he continues to play well) needs to play in the bigger games.
  2. The English Football Thread

    Only reason Conte has kept his job is because there were likely no alternatives midseason. I doubt even Guus would've come back had he been asked.
  3. The English Football Thread

    I agree that it's bad news for us that Wenger is leaving when it comes to finding a new manager. As mad as it is to say, Arsenal is likely a much more attractive job than Chelsea simply because they'll surely give the new guy plenty of time. The next manager knows that he can go through an early rough patch and be given every opportunity to turn things around. Theyll also likely be sniffing around the same names as we will be. Let us hope they do the foolish thing and get Brendan Rodgers! 😂 Who knows. Maybe if Conte finishes this season strongly and with a feel good factor he'll stay after all and we don't need a new manager.
  4. Burnley - Chelsea

    Giroud, Moses, Kante, and Emerson were excellent throughout. Hazard coming on was pretty much the end of Burnley's chance to equalize. They couldn't touch him. Morata was very good until the horrendous miss. Even Bakayoko was solid because he kept him play so composed and simple. Biggest refreshing thing to see was a left wingback in Emerson who has some good pace and can swing a cross in while running. Even the one time his man nearly got past him he was able to use his athleticism to recover and tackle the ball out of play. Something Alonso struggles with.
  5. Burnley - Chelsea

    This strike partnership has been ace! They link very well together. Emerson looks great as well. Great cross after great cross.
  6. Burnley - Chelsea

    Feels like it's been 6 months since Bakayoko started or played significant minutes. Almost forgot he exsisted, tbh!
  7. Burnley - Chelsea

    Wow. Very interesting and experimental front 3. Pedro and presumably Morata running the channels with Giroud as the target man. Be nice to see Emerson get a full 90.
  8. Southampton 2-3 Chelsea

    We are as dreadful to watch as any of the relegation candidates. Cesc is completely past it. We get zero contribution from either wingback position. Willian and Hazard are mentally checked out. Morata didn't get a touch after they scored. It will be so damn important to address the fullback position this summer. Take away Alonso's odd spectacular free kick and he offers nothing. Slow as fuck and thus a liability defensively while also being a hindrance going forward because he can't beat anyone 1v1. Squad player only next season. Zappacosta is just bang average and should honestly be sold. Like Drinkwater, like Baka, like Cahill. Just move on, start fresh, admit mistakes, and let the next manager bring his own players in. Persisting next season with these same bums and we'll be miles off the top again.
  9. Southampton 2-3 Chelsea

    Once again completely comfortable and untroubled by them at all and then Cahill leaves his man in 10 yards of space on the penalty spot. Just end this fucking season already.
  10. True that Liverpool don't have any terrible cunts playing for them, but the media frenzy them winning it would bring would be unbearable. They also have the worst fanbase of any PL club. Liverpool winning the CL again after being in the wilderness for so many years would be a story for ages. Especially with the massive hard on the media already have with Klopp. Just disgusting seeing a side we finished miles in front of last season completely shoot by us like this and leave us in the dust. I hope they get battered and embarrassed but have a feeling they'll Salah themselves all the way and win.
  11. FFS, Real Madrid! They're our best hope of stopping Liverpool in my mind and they're choking.
  12. Anyone but Liverpool now. We won't hear the end of it for 20 years if they win this shit. Anyways, so much for this historic, "best PL side in history" Man City side. Their season will end no better than our did last season, really. Their season will be remembered just like any random title winning season. Nothing extraordinary.
  13. Hopefully Real Madrid or Bayern are in great form when one of them draw Liverpool. With Salah and their playing style they can rip through anyone but those super experienced winners should be able to handle Liverpool. I don't trust Barca. Would be utterly disgusting to see Liverpool win the whole thing. Still don't think they have a better squad than we do.
  14. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    We simply have too many players who are bang average. Some due to age and some just due to ability. Alonso, Moses, Cahill, Pedro, and sadly Cesc. None of these players should be starting every week. If Alonso and Moses are starting for us next season expect more of the same. They both have too many limitations for a side with our ambitions. Cesc is the perfect super sub but is like carrying a passenger in any big game or when he's out of form like he is now. A few key signings in important areas (or maybe just replacing current starters with some already at the club) and the right manager and we can bounce back next season. A steady, class partner for Kante and our fullbacks sorted and we are a totally different side.
  15. Chelsea 1-1 West Ham

    Story of our season. Time after time again we're undone by a piece of shocking defending. Pathetic.