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  1. Chelsea v Arsenal

    No Auba, Lacazette in the worst form of his career, clown defenders, and a bunch of inexperienced kids. So we'll make them look like prime Barca naturally.
  2. The English Football Thread

    Only way I can see Liverpool regressing back to a mere top 4 team and not a strong title candidate is if one of Salah or Mané fancy a new challenge at Real Madrid after winning it all with Liverpool. But why would they leave, really? Only City making a few key additions will bother them for another season or two.
  3. The English Football Thread

    Liverpool need to score again. Living very dangerously with these United counters. All it takes is one lapse and this dreadful side can steal something.
  4. The English Football Thread

    If Liverpool go on to win here as expected it makes yesterday even more maddening when you consider Rashford will be out for a while for United. We could really separated ourselves from the chasing pack. He's their only real source of goals. This dreadful United side can still catch us up over the next couple of weeks now becasue we're so damned inconsistent.
  5. The English Football Thread

    It's truly incredible that one of the richest sports teams in the world are trotting out a midfield like this. Pogba aside its been dreadful for years, too. It's almost criminal from their ownership. Thank fuck they're as incompetent as they are.
  6. The English Football Thread

    He's more useless than Azpi going forward if that's possible. Very solid defending, though.
  7. The English Football Thread

    United's shape and tactics have actually been pretty good. They just have absolutely ZERO quality in midfield and next to zero in attack with their injuries.
  8. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Watch Liverpool have their worst performance of the last 2 years right when we desperately need them to win. Also, what a horrendous period to be missing Pulisic. He would've made a huge difference. Running at teams and terrifying defenses. Calum just isn't quite there yet.
  9. Newcastle - Chelsea

    The curse of having loads of young players across our attack is that they're wildly inconsistent. They have a great match maybe one in every 3. We have no star man NEAR the level of a Salah/Mané/Aguero/KDB or Hazard anymore who can win us a game with magic out of nothing. Finishing 4th is going to be about hoping and praying United/Wolves/Spuds/Sheff remain as terribly inconsistent as we are. It's going to take years off my life worrying.
  10. Newcastle - Chelsea

    This is going to be a pattern all season long. One good performance followed by a shocker. And ironically the good performances all happen against the better opposition and the dreadful ones against the small teams. Our attacking play is totally devoid of quality and imagination. Literally just give it to Willian or CHO and stand around. Awful to watch. Could've put a stranglehold on 4th spot but of course we choke AGAIN against one of the worst sides in the league. And with our luck United will pull out a totally improbable win at Anfield.
  11. Newcastle - Chelsea

    This is also the sort of match where an alternative to Tammy who is lightning quick and great at running channels and is decisive around the box is sorely needed. Tammy always looks at his least effective against sides like this who mark him with 2 CB's at almost all times. He's not quick or good enough technically to get the ball in space and run at players. He's very much a target man only.
  12. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Mount is good when we're playing a team that gives us space. When a team sets up with a massive block of players around their penalty area he's simply not effective. He's suited for a counter attacking game. Nothing against him, but we need a change here.
  13. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Kova for Mount, please. Offering NOTHING.
  14. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Another small team that simply look hungrier than we do. And fuck me, Azpi is (understandably) even more useless on the left than he is on the right in attack.
  15. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Yep, both of their best players are of course fit just in time for us. He and Lacelles.