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  1. 19. Diego Costa

    Hopefully if we do target Lukaku we get that wrapped up and agreed before we sell Diego. They see us sell Costa to China for €100m and they'll jack the price up even more.
  2. Romelu Lukaku

    I just have the feeling with Diego that he'll never truly be settled and happy here. Wherever Lukaku moves I think he'll be for 10 years or something. I'd rather that be here than anywhere else. I think Costa is definitely off this summer and I'd hate it if we straight up replace him with Morata for silly money instead.
  3. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Is it pronounced Tee-a-moo-way?
  4. Romelu Lukaku

    Think a lot of posters here will be feeling mighty salty seeing him bang them in for United if he doesn't come here. Been scoring loads and loads of goals at shit clubs like Everton and West Brom with limited service and average players around him. No reason he would score 20+ per PL season here if he's the undisputed main man. It would be the KDB or Mata threads x1000 every time he scored or played well if he ends up in Manchester.
  5. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Shite sources, yes, but he'd be an absolutely fantastic start to the summer business.
  6. The English Football Thread

    He's so engrained in everything at that club that when he does finally leave I hope it's worse than when Fergie left United. Hopefully all Wenger has worked for for 20+ years is left in a shambles when he goes. Lets hope a Liverpool-esque period in the wilderness ensues!
  7. The English Football Thread

    The atmosphere here around their club is bad now. Imagine if its announced soon that he'll be staying on next season and they finish the rest of this season poorly. It'll be absolutely toxic. PLEASE DO IT, ARSENAL!!! Seriously, how can Wenger do this? Does he not feel a bit guilty? If he truly loves that club he should step down. He's embarrassing himself.
  8. Kylian Mbappe

    Can't escape the feeling that he'll end up at Arsenal in the summer. Wenger will sign a 1 year extension and make this his now annual marquee signing that'll get the fans calling for his head back on side. Young, French, a player he surely knows very well, and in a position they're in need of. Each of the past few summers they've splashed out on one expensive player and I think it could happen. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. The English Football Thread

    Spurs' next 4 fixtures are a joke! LOL! It's as if they hand picked those exact fixtures to coincide with Kane's injury. Tbh, they can make up a whole lot of ground on us in the next 4 fixtures with us having both Manchester clubs to play. Palace are always annoying to play against and are in good form as well.
  10. The English Football Thread

    Thought he had a mediocre game, tbh. Some good deliveries but also gave the ball away loads of times. Anyways, I think we can just about rule City out from catching us. They have a woeful defense and some tough, tough matches still to play. Spuds are annoying as fuck, though. Like us, they actually know how to defend and have a style of play that small clubs just can't deal with, even without Kane. We really need them to drop points or we can't relax.
  11. The English Football Thread

    Never thought I'd find myself saying this but I think Spuds have overtaken Arsenal as the club I despise most. I cannot fucking stand them. So many unlikable players and they play like dirty cunts. Like a pebble in our shoe we can't get rid of now, too. Really thought Southampton could get something here but they rolled right over. Embarrassing from them.
  12. Romelu Lukaku

    If he moves we surely can't allow one of our rivals a free run at him. Dont think he fits the styles of Pep or Wenger/Arsenal at all so doubt they'd be after him. Liverpool is a no-go for obvious reasons. Spuds have Kane and wouldn't be able to spend the money on Lukaku anyways. That leaves ourselves and United. Think he'd be absolutely devastating for either of us.
  13. Stoke 1-2 Chelsea

    Like the rest of us he's probably banking on one or both of City/Spuds dropping points tomorrow so it added an extra layer of icing on today's 3 points. Under Mourinho we would've gone into a shell, brought Zouma & Mikel on and taken a point all day.
  14. Stoke 1-2 Chelsea

    Both good enough to be squad players which is what they will be. Luiz obviously won't be dropped next season and Azpi either. That leaves only one spot.
  15. Stoke 1-2 Chelsea

    Yep, think we're all set for CB's with Andreas coming back and Zouma finally reaching full fitness. Wingbacks and midfield our most important areas of improvement assuming we keep hold of all our attacking players.