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  1. Edin Dzeko

    Can you stop making so many double or even triple posts, please. This is a forum, not a text message chain.
  2. Brighton v Chelsea

    So no Morata, Pedro, Cesc, Cahill, and probably no Drinkwater or Tibo. Tomorrow should be fun...
  3. Gabby Agbonlahor

    I seriously considered deleting my account upon seeing this thread on the recent posts section. FFS...
  4. Edin Dzeko

    Yep. We can scratch that one off, I guess. Back to Peter Crouch.
  5. Edin Dzeko

    I just think he's the sort of striker that we wouldn't need to worry about our overall level and goal threat dropping off a cliff with him starting games. That's what we need. We looked like a blunt butter knife when Batshuayi played. Dzeko is a huge threat in the air and with his feet and is a physical handful as well. Basically what i'm saying is I wouldn't be shitting myself or nervous about Morata being injured/suspended if Dzeko is the one filling in. Only downside to bringing him in is the fact he's cup tied in the CL. He'd cause Barca trouble coming on late in the games.
  6. Edin Dzeko

    Now this is more like it. Dzeko on a short term deal as a rotational option would be fantastic if he'd actually agree to it.
  7. Connor Wickham

    Almost had a stroke when I saw this thread.
  8. Peter Crouch

    Thank fuck. Time to move on to Rondon now. Maybe we'll revive our interest in Wayne Rooney!
  9. Peter Crouch

    Why not Yao Ming?
  10. Peter Crouch

    "Peter Crouch" is trending worldwide on Twitter currently with the entire football world laughing at us. This has to be a fucking troll. I refuse to believe that this would even be a possibility. I don't even think bottom of the table Swansea would take Crouch yet the reigning champions apparently would. Madness.
  11. Peter Crouch

    Honestly, I'd rather stick David Luiz up front than sign Crouch.
  12. Peter Crouch

    Just when I thought it couldn't get worse. I'm convinced now that someone is actively sabotaging this club. PETER FUCKING CROUCH!? Isn't he like 40 years old? What is happening!?
  13. Andy Carroll

    Maybe we'll launch an ambitious move for Solomon Rondon.
  14. Andy Carroll

    Wonder what the geniuses at the club are thinking now. What other subpar, low-midtable level strikers will we target next? Meanwhile, Arse are about to sign Aubameyang. We'll then have easily the weakest attacking options in the top 6.
  15. Emerson Palmieri

    I know, right!? Watching Zappa and Alonso trying to do so is painful. Alonso is too slow to run by anyone and Zappacosta tries the same move that hardly ever comes off. Moses is much better but still not great.