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  1. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I'd be extremely surprised if we are even looking for anything in January unless there's serious injury issues. We've got perhaps the best squad in the league in terms of quality depth. Unless Giroud wants to leave badly and we need a replacement I struggle to see what we would need to splash out on.
  2. Chelsea - Spurs

    It's funny reading all the quotes from Mou and the Spuds players. Shows what a small club mentality they have when they are essentially treating a 0-0 park the bus special as some sort of massive step for them. 😂 Two big games in a row for them where Mou set them up like a double decker, played in hopes for a mistake from the opponent, and then when City obliged let Kane or Son take advantage. It worked to perfection against City because they had no central midfield and were tactically stupid just allowing Kane the freedom of the park. We on the other hand have Kante, Kova, and were set up brilliantly. Kane and Son were just about invisible and didn't even get a sniff of a chance. Lets see if those tactics can carry them for a whole season. I have my doubts. They're still totally dependent on Kane and Son remaining fit. And Kane gets injured every season.
  3. Chelsea - Spurs

    A 6'4" striker who struggles to head a football.
  4. Chelsea - Spurs

    Mount was fine. Kova was a bit redundant since we knew Spuds would let us have the ball. He's effective when we play a pressing team where he can use his ball carrying in tight spaces. He's a bit useless when we dominate the ball.
  5. Chelsea - Spurs

    This is what happens when you play 2 midfielders who are basically useless as goal threats in Kante & Kova. They get the ball in space over and over and can't really do anything dangerous with it. Tammy hasn't been poor by any means but that half was a perfect demonstration of why I wanted Giroud to start. We're pumping cross after cross in there against a packed defense. Giroud would be getting on the end of some of these since he's stronger than Tammy.
  6. Chelsea - Spurs

    It's a huge game, yes, but I'm not putting such mega importance on it as some of you seem to be. Only reason I'm "worried" is because we have an extremely tough set of fixtures and fixture congestion coming up and a loss here would get it off to a terrible start. It's not as though this is a make or break match. A loss isn't devastating (league position wise, that is) and a win, while amazing, won't take us well clear of the chasing pack or anything. This is a normal big match not a "shit yourself with nerves" big match.
  7. Chelsea - Spurs

    Don't think Pulisic will be thrown back in here. Only real question for me is whether it's Tammy or Oli up top. I'd give it to Giroud, tbh. Spuds will likely play pretty deep waiting to spring the counter meaning their box will be packed with defenders. We need Oli's muscle and aerial prowess. Tammy will get bullied by Toby A & Dier. Midfield 3 of Kante, MM, and Havertz. Ziyech, Chilly, and Reece with a steady supply of crosses into Giroud and Timo getting after Auerier and trying to force him into one of his characteristic mistakes. Then we can bring on Pulisic or CHO to run at their tired legs since they just played Thursday. Hopefully it has been hammered into Reece in training this week to be very physical and constantly switched on against Son. For me it's more important to stop him than Kane because I trust Kante and Mount to make HK's life difficult in that #10 area. I'm confident but expecting a Mourinho special where he sucks the joy out of this one and makes it a dour spectacle. Let's see if our boys are ready for a physical slugfest.
  8. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    From Alaba's perspective it would be a strange move for him since Chilwell is our undisputed starting LB. But from Frank's perspective it would be a briliant signing. He could rotate both Chilwell or Silva easily without any big drop in quality. For the right price I'd take him in an instant. Dramatically improves our depth in defense with his versatility and pedigree.
  9. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Our energy levels dropped pretty dramatically during that last 10-15 minutes of the half. Jorginho, Kova, and Mount were bossing it until then but then Rennes raised their intensity and none of them could really get a touch. I would make a couple of changes and bring on fresh legs. Bring Havertz and Ziyech on soon.
  10. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    This should be 3-0.
  11. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Yeah, I definitely think Timo should've been rested and only brought on if we are chasing the game.
  12. The English Football Thread

    Leeds were awesome when it was 11 v 11 and playing great, free flowing attacking football whilst Arse were horrendous and looked like Tony Pulis's Stoke. Now since it has been 11 v 10 Arse have somehow looked significantly better going forward and have been more dangerous. Will be a terrible result if Leeds don't get 3 points here. Chance after chance wasted.
  13. The English Football Thread

    Most promoted sides at least have something about them that you can point to as a positive. Fulham look like a bottom of the Championship side. Embarrassing. As for Everton, I still think they're pretenders. They play good football and will do well against the shite of the league but they don't have the quality to challenge for the top 4. And despite him scoring loads of goals I don't particularly rate Calvert Lewin. He's a tap-in merchant in the same mould as Gabriel Jesus or Chicharito. He has nothing else about him, really. Just a hard working penalty box predator.
  14. The English Football Thread

    Pep already has that resigned look on his face like he wants the season to hurry up and be over so he can bring Messi in next summer. This era of players looks like it has gone totally stale. They can still dominate the ball and will always be dangerous in flashes but they simply aren't the same lethal assassins that they were. As for Spuds, I hate to say it but they appear to be legit. They look a lot like the good José sides of the past where they're rock solid at the back and ultra clinical up top. Hope Kai & CP10 are back for next weekend. Don't think we'll make it nearly as easy on Spuds as City did today. And Kante + Mount won't simply allow Harry Kane the freedom of the entire center circle to orchestrate everything from deep like Rodri did.
  15. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    This would've been the absolute perfect match for the aggressive runs of Pulisic. Newcastle are parking the bus but we're still finding joy down the flanks. He would've been highly effective here. We need our wide players to be more forceful in the second half. The pace of our attacks was a bit too slow most of the time.