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  1. Chelsea - Burnley

    All of our remaining PL matches are against sides that know exactly how to exploit our weaknesses, too. Had we won today I'd fancy us to finish in the CL places. The confidence would've been soaring. Now I can't see it. Watford and Leicester always play us well and United will summon a big performance against us. These players need to grow a pair and win the EL.
  2. Chelsea - Burnley

    This is the most frustrating and downright infuriating sort of result. When the opponent is rewarded for not even trying to play football. Just park the bus and play for a couple of setpieces and they run away with a totally undeserved point. Time wasting and faking injuries all over the pitch from as early as the 30th minute. So bloody annoying.
  3. Chelsea - Burnley

    That ball from a corner or set piece to an opposing player on the very end of the line is always causing us issues. So annoying because you can just see it coming before it even occurs. Soon as the Burnley player headed it across I knew we'd concede.
  4. Chelsea - Burnley

    STOP WITH THE FUCKING ZONAL MARKING! Are we fucking clueless at setpieces or what!? Not even near these players!
  5. Chelsea - Burnley

    That is THE signature Higuain finish!
  6. Chelsea - Burnley

    Yet another one in a million, fluke goal we concede. The only real way they can hurt us, too.
  7. Chelsea - Burnley

    I think Giroud has done enough for us in Europe this season to be considered better than that.
  8. Chelsea - Burnley

    Nice team. If ever there was a time for Higuain to come into some good from and sharpness it's now. He can be the man to fire us into the top 4 while Giroud can be the man to fire us to the EL title.
  9. The English Football Thread

    Actively avoided turning on the football today because I just assumed United would smack Everton like they always do and that Arse would squeak their way past Palace since they were home. After Spuds also lost, this weekend has been as good as we could hope for. Aren't Burnely in good form, though? Not going to be a gimme tomorrow. Especially with the way our defense looked the other day...
  10. Barca v Ajax is the dream final. For fucks sake, if Liverpool beat Barca I'm going to be devastated. City may be demoralized by going out and now slip up in the PL as well. Liverpool winning the CL and PL? Oh god....😩
  11. Messi is simply not human. It's ridiculous the ease with which he totally destroys entire defenses repeatedly.
  12. 😂😂😂 DDG doesn't often make mistakes but when he does they're absolute howlers like that!
  13. Força Barca! Don't fuck this up like PSG did!
  14. Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

    Not even angry or annoyed, really. Liverpool are a class above us right now so we were never going to come here and win when they're absolutely desperate to win. For weeks if not months we've known that it's all about the EL. Hope for the best in the PL but hope is all it is. The thing that really pisses me off is how just a couple of years ago we were laughing at and making fun of Liverpool. We were miles ahead of them. In such a short time they've eclipsed us and can laugh at us instead. And the gap will likely get bigger once Eden leaves.
  15. Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

    Yep, that's game over. Switching it off now.