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  1. Chelsea - Leicester

    Really can't wait for CHO to be back fit. Pedro and Willian already look to be carrying on where they've let off. Willian hasn't had a preseason and it showed today. He was dreadful. Pedro did what Pedro always does. Sensational one match and really poor the next. He gives the ball away so cheaply and fouls players in dangerous areas so often. We need a wide player who has huge pace and scares defenders to pin them back.
  2. Chelsea - Leicester

    One moment I'm just remembering that would have totally changed the game. If that Mount header goes in I feel we would've gone on to batter them. It would've demoralized them completely. Fine margins.
  3. Chelsea - Leicester

    Also, you could really easily pick out the players who were struggling after the Liverpool match. Emerson especially wasn't nearly as good today going forward. One posiitive I'll single out is Zouma. As poor as he is on the ball most of the time, his pure defending has been very good since the United match. Getting more and more confident.
  4. Chelsea - Leicester

    When we play really well our lack of any quality up top is somewhat masked. But when we play poorly it really, REALLY shows just how terrible our options at striker are. We have a black hole in that area. That was a really poor showing with a bit of an excuse due to the midweek match. Leicester are a really good side, but there's no excuse to be battered and carved open like we did. Especially at home.
  5. Chelsea - Leicester

    They pinch the ball and counter us over and over and over again. This is shocking.
  6. Chelsea - Leicester

    Free header standing a meter from our net. Just wow.
  7. Chelsea - Leicester

    We're being dominated on our home pitch by Liecester. The fact that neither one of our CB's can play with the ball is massively hurting us. Kepa is forced to kick it long over and over which just gifts them the bal back. We can't control the ball AT ALL here, wtf!?
  8. Chelsea - Leicester

    Half time was badly needed. We couldn't keep the bal to save r lives as the half went on. We need to calm things down, get Jorginho on the ball, and get the wide players running in behind. Leicester are a very good side as they've shown there. We keep giving them the ball in our half and they'll eventually find an opening. Playing it long and hoping Giroud can win it clearly isn't working.
  9. Chelsea - Leicester

    After a great initial blitz, we can't even get the ball in their half, ffs. Misplacing every ball. Need to get Mount and Pulisic on the ball more.
  10. Chelsea - Leicester

    Praying for no idiotic errors that allow Vardy a free run at Kepa. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  11. Chelsea - Leicester

    As good as the side looked in that 4-3-3 against Liverpool, I'm gonna predict that Frank will rotate quite a bit here. Think one or both of Barkley and Mount start and that Tammy starts in place of Giroud as a vote of confidence. The key to this match for me will be how well we defend the wide areas. That goes for our wingers helping out, too. That's where Leicester will try to do their damage. Chilwell and their RB are both really good going forward.
  12. The English Football Thread

    Can't be bothered to watch Liverpool inevitably win so I've been watching Villa-Bournemouth. Villa are fucking shocking all around with the exception of this McGinn dude. He looks a player. Scored well against Spuds last week and has been their only dangerous player again here.
  13. The English Football Thread

    The better tests for Arse's improvement is how they deal with teams that have equal quality. Teams that won't stand off them and allow them to play their game. They've always bullied the minnows and been battered by the big boys. Thing is, Emery has shown the flexibility to play different ways so they can play without the ball and use the crazy pace of Auba and Pepe on the break with Ceballos and Luiz pinging it around. Hard to see a big weakness in their side when everyone is fit. Their defense isn't fantastic or anything but should be far better with Luiz and Tierny. And without Mustafi.
  14. The English Football Thread

    If Eriksen leaves Spuds in this European window I think Arse are strong favorites for 3rd spot. They're still not near City or Liverpool's level but have so many weapons that they'll be up there. Just puts even more pressure on our board next summer to invest heavily. Two clubs have already blown past us. We can't allow fucking Arsenal of all clubs shoot past us out of sight as well.
  15. The English Football Thread

    Ceballos looks almost exactly like Kovacic on the ball but with a better eye for the final pass. Makes a big difference for Arse compared to the midfielders they've been trotting out for the last few years like Elneny, Xhaka, etc.