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  1. Bernardo Silva

    Mendy would be nice, but I think a RB rather than a LB should be a bigger priority. Moses had a great season but I have my doubts that he'll be as good again next season and especially against other top sides in Europe and improved City/United/Liverpool/Spuds. Moses as an option rather than a must-start is what we should have. Kyle Walker would be perfect but City are apparently close to his signing, too.
  2. Bernardo Silva

    All these expensive signings Pep's making are very young, too. This means that (much like this season) we'll see them look brilliant and unstoppable one week and very naive and inexperienced the next. For instance, Sane and Sterling can either be brilliant or laughably bad. They do however have excellent veteran leaders in Aguero, Kompany, and David Silva. Must say, if they sign the players they're favored to sign they'll easily have the best squad in the PL on paper. As we saw this season that isn't the end all, be all fortunately. It does mean that we'll need to also spend huge in order to maintain and compete. -------------Aguero/Jesus------------- Sane--------KDB/DavidSilva----------Bernardo/Sterling ----------------Fernandiho--------Fabinho--------------- Mendy----------Stones-------Kompany---------Walker ------------------------New keeper----------------------- That's insane, tbh.
  3. Bernardo Silva

    If they sign all of Silva, Fabinho, and Walker I'll start to be concerned. Until we see what we do, anyway.
  4. Bernardo Silva

    I don't think we were ever in for him either. Just annoying to see a super talented player go to a direct rival. Always going to happen, of course. The Manchester clubs will make at least a few of these flashy signings each this summer just like last summer. Surely Conte will already have his targets in the hands of the club. After the final I hope we see movement quickly.
  5. Bernardo Silva

    I guess? That in itself is madness. A £50m squad player. City will have about £250m worth of attacking player alone in their team! Crazy! And I'll still back us to finish ahead of them if we have a great summer.
  6. Bernardo Silva

    Just seems mind boggling. Spending 75m on someone who plays in by far the strongest area of your team. Almost like Barca or Real Madrid bringing in Hazard without selling any of their current players.
  7. Bernardo Silva

    He's still arguably their best player!
  8. Bernardo Silva

    Where on Earth does Bernardo fit in their team when they already have Sané, Sterling, David Silva, De Bruyne plus Aguero and Jesus!? What the fuck!?
  9. Antoine Griezmann

    I wonder how effective he'll be in England. He's really the polar opposite of a Mourinho striker. Unless Zlatan is staying and he plays off him. Trying and struggling to think of another tiny main striker that has torn the PL apart. I know the physicality of the PL is overhyped a lot, but Griezmann looks even smaller than guys like Mata and Coutinho. He'll be going directly up against big, physical CB's and the thugs that the likes of West Brom and Stoke employ. Will he be able to handle that? We'll see. I don't think he'll find it as easy to score 25+ goals here like he does in Spain. He'll do well, certainly, but enough to warrant a £90m price tag?
  10. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Think wining the league means there's almost no pressure on us at all. Our players will be playing without fear of failure and only glory on their minds. Arsenal, meanwhile has one game to save their season from becoming an embarrassing, abject failure. For that reason the pressure is totally on them.
  11. Alvaro Morata

    If true, such a waste for any top player to go to either Milan club these days. Basically midtable mediocrity and almost no chance of pipping Juve, Roma, or even Napoli these days.
  12. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Looks as though they'll be down to absolute bare bones along their defense. Their 3 best CB's may all be out and now Gibbs may be out as well. That likely means that they'll start with that young kid Holding and the old statue Mertesacker at the back. We should be dominating their midfield and defense. If we manage to keep Sanchez and Ox quiet I don't see how we lose this.
  13. Is that not a valid concern? If ourselves and United are after the same player and they offer 100k more than we do where is that player going?
  14. £300m Mourinho spending spree inbound. Hopefully we aren't after the same players because I doubt we'll offer players £300k a week like they will.
  15. Guess I'll watch this. Until United score, anyways.