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  1. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    This is an EPIC Lukaku chant. Made it myself, he he. The Lukaku Chant: Release the Kraken ! Lu-Ka-Ku, Lu-Ka-Ku, Lu-Ka-Ku Who ? Who ? Lu-Ka-Ku, Lu-Ka-Ku, Lu-Ka-Ku Who ? Who ? Lu-Ka-Ku, Lu-Ka-Ku, Lu-Ka-Ku OYY! OYYYYYY !!!!!
  2. Fernando Torres

    They are all black. I remember this club in the 90s, not the nicest of places. Even during our CL win i heard a lot of racism, not against black but against Jews. When we won someone turned around and said "That shows them fucking jews doesn't it?" The guy didn't even know me, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. There were a LOT of chants like that.
  3. Eden Hazard

    Al hail, Lord Hazard has landed! Beginning of an era! Future Chelsea legend. Btw, can anyone clarify what he was saying about madrid and barca?
  4. Stamford Bridge thread

    We could fill a 200 thousand seater. I believe in Chelsea.
  5. Stamford Bridge thread

    ^^ OMG, i am jizzing at the Nelson column idea thing. It would be so epic having that lighting light up the statues of Osgood Zola Terry and Lampard on top of the columns. DAMN that will be so intimidating with them all looking smack in the middle of the pitch. This is our house. lol. Best stadium ever. As nice as Allianz looks, every new stadium under the sun looks like that or simillar this will distinguish us and be the most epic stadium ever.
  6. Stamford Bridge thread

    TBH, I think drogs deserves a place up there, but Osgood, Zola, Terry, Lampard is probs most logical. I know Terry has been amazing, but he also has a lot of baggage. Yeah, i agree we shouldn't put mourinho up there now that i think of it, probs on the ground. Just cause he isnt here anymore, doesnt mean we should deny the fact that he created modern Chelsea and made us feared.
  7. Stamford Bridge thread

    Imagine having four statues on top of each chimney looking down on the pitch from all sides. That would be fucking awesome / intimidating (bit like Lord Nelson's column, but bigger and with our legends): Osgood, Zola, Terry and Lampard (best representation of History) or Osgood, Zola, Mourinho and Terry or Drogs, Lamps, Terry and Mourinho (or Chech) (most succesful / new era) or Drogs, Lamps, Terry, and RDM (as both legend player and manager man to lead us into new glory in our new stadium and who set the stage for modern Chelsea in 97) Personally i want mourinho up there so he can look down at the fortress he created. Initially I was opposed to this idea, but now i fucking love it. Most iconic stadium ever.
  8. Stamford Bridge thread

    On the other hand, this is just more proof that the Gods are on our side. 1. We are wining the double, tasting european glory for the first time. 2. This marks a new era as european champions with a new stadium plan firmly in place to mark our next few decades of domination 1905-2012 (final being played on 19.05.2012) 3. We will have the most iconic stadium in world football (though I hope they make it so that in future when we are a truly massive club we can expand to 80 k or 100k with ease) Thinking ahead to 2030 here. 4. Hopefully the mayor of london will anex the territory under the stadium and declare it part of Kensington & Chelsea. (okay, that's not happening)
  9. Stamford Bridge thread

    Not too keen on moving to a poorer part of London. Just feel like part of the charm of Chelsea was the connection with Chelsea and West London (even though we're actually in Fulham, close enough) but with this its like a definite let down in terms of snobbery. We can't turn our noses up at liverpool fans anymore ! I can just imagine them shouting "Go back to your housing estates" when we sing about their liverpool slums etc. On the other hand, kids from the estates will probably make a hell of a lot better atmosphere than the posh knob ends. And the stadium looks fucking cool with the towers and all. PLus battersea is slowly becoming higher class, so hopefully that trend continues. Ha, this post is only half joking. Seriously though, would have preferred Earls Court but this will do.
  10. Branislav Ivanovic

  11. Frank Lampard

    One year from now, we're going to hear "FUCK OFF TERRY !! ASSHOLE TERRY ! DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE ONLY LOOKING OFR MONEY!" mark my words. So, so, so plastic.
  12. Frank Lampard

    A legend, top scorer for us even in this shitty season as a AM and you still have the balls to slag him off based off of the sun ? Fuck off.
  13. Stamford Bridge thread

    Ha, so when Chelsea fans say they are blue through and through, they're probably talking about the color of their blood. Got to admit, every single one of my toff friends from Eton and the like are all Chelsea fans. Ditto at American prep schools and the Ivy league universities. In all seriousness though, I totally agree with you.
  14. Stamford Bridge thread

    Fuck, i really wanted us to move to Earl's court. sounds sooo much more prestigious than Battersea. Ha, i actually ended up going to the battersea site by accident, not the best part of London I have to say, not terrible either though. At least its reasonably close to the bridge / is in the heart of chelsea country. Still would prefer earl's court by miles though.