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  1. Below is the U21's fixtures, results and highlights for the season 2013/2014. Also below is the goalscorers for the season: July 2012: Sunday 14th July 2013: v Philadelphia Union U23's (A)(F) Draw 1 - 1 Monday 15th July 2013: v New York Red Bulls (A)(F) Won 2 - 0 Tuesday 23rd July 2013: v Sutton United (A)(F) Won 4 - 0 Highlights: http://t.co/emfHxlYUE2 Saturday 27th July 2013: v Colwyn Bay (A)(F) Won 5 - 1 Tuesday 30th July 2013: v Ilkeston (A)(F) Won 5 - 1 August 2013: Saturday 3rd August 2013: v Wealdstone (A)(F) Won 4 - 1 Tuesday 6th August 2013: v Hendon (A)(F) Won 2 - 0 Highlights: http://bit.ly/1cT8MWX Friday 9th August 2013: v Tottenham (H) Lost 4 - 2 Highlights: http://bit.ly/16Zv6K0 Friday 16th August 2013: v Southampton (A) Won 4 - 1 Highlights: http://bit.ly/165ZmAg Saturday 24th August 2013: v Leicester City (H) 2:00pm September 2013: Monday 2nd September 2013: v Aston Villa (A) 7:00pm Friday 13th September 2013: v Norwich City (H) 7:00pm Monday 23rd September 2013: v Everton (A) 7:00pm October 2013: Sunday 6th October 2013: v Manchester City (H) 11:00am Monday 21st October 2013: v Sunderland (A) 7:00pm November 2013: Friday 1st November 2013: v West Ham (H) 7:00pm December 2013: Monday 2nd December 2013: v Newcastle United (A) 1:00pm Monday 16th December 2013: v Bolton Wanderers (A) 7:00pm January 2014: Friday 10th January 2014: v Reading (H) 7:00pm Monday 20th January 2014: v Wolves (H) 7:00pm Friday 31st January 2014: v West Brom (H) TBC February 2014: Friday 7th February 2014: v Fulham (A) 7:00pm Friday 14th February 2014: v Liverpool (H) 7:00pm March 2014: Monday 3rd March 2014: v Arsenal (A) 7:00pm Friday 7th March 2014: v Middlesbrough (H) TBC Monday 24th March 2014: v Manchester United (A) TBC Friday 28th March 2014: v Blackburn Rovers (H) 7:00pm April 2014: Friday 4th April 2014: v Stoke City (A) 7:00pm May 2014: Top Scorers: Isaiah Brown = 2(5) Lewis Baker = 1(1) Josh McEachran = 1(1) Alex Davey = 1 Islam Feruz = 1 Alex Kiwomya = 0(6) John Swift = 0(6) Ulises Davilla = 0(2) Reuben Loftus-Cheek = 0(1) Ben Pattie = 0(1) *Goals in brackets indicates goals scored in friendly games Key: A = Game Played away from Home H = Game Played at Home F = Friendly Game Games Played = 2 Appearances: Andreas Christensen = 2, Nathan Ake = 2, Reuben Loftus-Cheek = 2, Jeremie Boga = 2, Alex Kiwomya = 2, Isiah Brown = 2, Lewis Baker = 1(1), Isak Ssewankambo = 1(1), Mitchell Beeney = 1, Nathaniel Chalobah = 1, Kevin Wright = 1, John Swift = 1(1), Josh McEachran = 1, Jamal Blackman = 1, Alex Davey = 1, Lamisha Musonda = 1, Islam Feruz = 0(2), *Figures in brackets indicates substitute appearances
  2. What are you reading?

    I like varying my reading with Fiction and non-fiction - currently going a bit deeper with my current book "The Battle For God" by Karen Armstrong - a book on the history of Fundamentalism in religion, had the book the over a year but seems a good time to sit down and read it now.....
  3. Never read up on the theories usually, but might have to take a look..... That theory has become more and more likely as the books have gone along. So many hints at it. Seriously going to have to re-read the series very soon
  4. Damn, and there was me thinking that i was the only one thinking along those lines....
  5. Absolutely, has far too high an opinion of herself and what she is able to do. Just seeing the person she has raised Joffrey to be shows that she looks at the "game" all wrong.
  6. Agree with that, the Starks in general have lost a lot their essence in the TV show..... One of my favorite characters in the book is Varys, such an intriguing character and always full of surpises. In the TV show Tyrion pretty much steals the show everytime...
  7. What are you reading?

    Oh yes indeed i did been keeping up on the news for months. Initial trailer looks very impressive but it is going to be hard to get across a truly faithful adaptation and they have admitted as much. Love seeing my favorite books and book series turned into film and TV. Just waiting now for the adaptation of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series which has been talked about for ages now.....
  8. What are you reading?

    Got the first book of that on my shelf to read at some point..... Currently reading "Earth Unaware" the first book in the first formic war trilogy from the "Enders Game" series of books...
  9. Not at all, and you definitely should read the books.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    You have to think that United were either turned down by Jose or they have really taken this high minded attitude to the appointment of "our managers have to be blah blah blah blah....." Just like the guff that comes out of Arsenal (we don't win trophies but what a well run club we are) or Liverpool (look at our history, ignore all the negative stuff we are still the best team in the world)... At the end of the day its all about winning. I will be doing cartwheels if Jose is confirmed at Chelsea manager and i am pleased that Man United have taken Moyes on because it puts them in a vastly weaker position next season.
  11. Wayne Rooney

    I guess with regards to Rooney the question has to be, would you be happy with him being our big name striker signing this summer? Would he be the type of striker we need to take us up a level? Pointless talking about him in any other position, the number 10 role Mata and Oscar are better and he is not going to play any deeper.
  12. Going to be very interesting to see where they go with the wight's, obviously going to be involved in some sort of grand scale "end game" to the series. Really need to re-read the series soon, been too long and i would love to immerse myself back in Westeros....
  13. Wayne Rooney

    You would think we would have learned our lesson of buying forwards who have seemingly passed the peak of their powers!! Rooney COULD be very good for us, but i do not think it is worth the risk at all and we would be better off looking elsewhere...
  14. The Mourinho Thread

    It's very interesting that there have been a number of players now coming out and openly discussing the return of Jose. Taking everything into account it seems very certain that Jose is to return, i never honestly thought i would see the day but i think it is going to be great for us again. My only hope is that between them Jose and Roman can sit down and plan out a way to take us forward for the long term, i don't buy it that Jose is ONLY a 3 season top man, i think he would feel it is time to him to create something long term somewhere and that given the right circumstances could be us.
  15. What was the objective? I still can't get my head around it!!The TV show kind of messed that scene up really and didn't get across the point.