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  1. Hull v Chelsea

    If our defense isn't sorted no point whether we win or lose(although losing will mean the end of Conte) Somehow the way we are playing I have a feeling we will concede in this match too... nothing is going to change. Brana will be played as RB, Azpi as left back and people will be screaming as to why Ivanovic was in the starting 11. We need to actually send him back to play with the academy. The way that United treated Schweinstiger
  2. The Board

    The board needs to just back out from making any kind of decision with respect to buying/selling players. It is something the manager should be given full control of. If manager doesn't get the player he wants due to fund or any other crazy reason, the manager has to come up with another player who he thinks he can work with/ make the team work with. It is really exhausting to see board make idiotic decisions with the transfer. We sold Mata, KDB, Luiz, Lukaku, ...etc when we didn't have a proper player to replace them.
  3. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Well they got a dream win after God knows how long... I guess they will bask in that victory for quite sometime. We were just pathetic. We really need to get players who know what it means to play in the blue shirt. It really beats me how they allowed them to score another goal after we were one goal down. Guess this is why you need a proper leader on the pitch
  4. Hull v Chelsea

    No energy to think about the next game. We got schooled by Arsenal. There isn't much to be excited about in this team. We didn't put a fight against them... If we don't thrash them I really don't what to say.
  5. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Yeah bad buying and selling and this is where we end up. This is just pissing.
  6. Arsenal v Chelsea

    LOL! Alonso on for Fabregas? *sighs*
  7. Arsenal v Chelsea

    I can't believe that after 2 games we still haven't sorted out a basic thing- DEFENDING! How is it that Conte hasn't done anything to help us not concede early on in the game.
  8. Arsenal v Chelsea

    you are not alone.
  9. Arsenal v Chelsea

    3-0 bye bye Conte.
  10. Arsenal v Chelsea

    when have we pressed? Every time we get the ball, its agonizing to see us go back.
  11. Arsenal v Chelsea

    I can't believe why we always start from the back... it bloody kills our attack. Last 3 games we have let our opposition score 2 goals in the opening half as quickly as possible. FFS Conte fix it!!!! KTBFFH!!!! Come on Chelsea!!!
  12. Arsenal v Chelsea

    days I watch the match we lose and lose horribly! Why??? COME ON CHELSEA PLEASE TURN THIS AROUND.... KTBFFH
  13. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Our board is just horrible... we have been screaming for defenders... come on pleaseeeee turn this around.... please KTBFFH
  14. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Pathetic... come on time to turn it around KTBFFH
  15. Leicester 2-4 Chelsea

    I know there are a lot of talking points but let us give credits to the team and Conte for they were able to turn things around. Showed good grit and character.