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  1. Chelsea v Spurs

    normally I would be confident about playing at Bridge but now I am a little nervous Hopefully we beat them.
  2. Kevin de Bruyne

    I don't which one to choose? Be happy that PSG got eliminated and be sad about City making it through or KDB scoring the winner to take City to the next round.
  3. Chelsea 2-2 West Ham

    we were very lucky to have that penalty. Clearly outside the box. though its nice to see a draw on the paper but it was nothing short of loss to me.
  4. Chelsea v West Ham

    OMG!!! Yes yes yes!!!
  5. Chelsea v West Ham

    Oscar being subbed tooo late in the game Actually now I see why Mourinho was so frustrated with the squad(his tactics weren't thats one side of story) but just look at them play? gash
  6. Chelsea v West Ham

    was just thinking about that!
  7. Chelsea v West Ham

    I wake up to watch the match. What a waste Wow we look... I don't what to say.We need a team overhaul!
  8. Leicester title win vote

    I would never like to see us lose but you know what we will anyway lose this
  9. Everton 2-0 Chelsea

    Schurrle I am not sure how he is playing but he was in the UEFA team of the week last week(I know it could be a freak show but still). Mata can't be singled out again. The whole united team is playing crap and the same can be said about Eden but doesn't mean he is crap (or is he ? ) The dip in form is attribute of the way the team plays, the manager and lot of other things. I don't about the rest I always feel bad when the players we sold play well irrespective of whether we play well or not. I was confident Luiz will be a club legend bang he is gone, same for Mata bang gone, Eden also the way he played in the first few seasons thought he will become ... is on his way. Anyways, it was bound to happen every time we get bitten by ex-chelsea player it hurts more. The only player who I didn't care for when he left Chelsea was Daniel Sturridge (when he scored against us didn't feel bad at all).
  10. Everton 2-0 Chelsea

    And whats wrong in that ? We are selling good players why again ? The anger is why couldn't we utilize or bring the best in them. We keep complaining season after season we need youngsters youngsters and when we get good ones we kill them off by not playing them and eventually sell them off. The players in the club no longer feel the passion for the club it feels like they are there only for the money. Who is to be blamed?
  11. Everton 2-0 Chelsea

    Wow I though after the loss against PSG the lads will try and up their game. God save us! The next Liverpool in the making. Jose just fucked it all up for us. Good in a way I guess we will get players who are hungry for success. Also will be able to get good players who will grow with the club. Well there goes the FA cup as well. Only consolation for the season is that we won't get relegated HOOORAAY!!! What a brilliant decision from our club to sell Lukaku once again so pissed the way we do business with some of the players we have
  12. Inspired by thishttp://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/10200499/chelsea-should-sell-eden-hazard-and-keep-diego-costa-says-paul-mersonskysports article. Firstly do you agree with Paul Merson ? I more or less agree with the out list, Hazard getting his wish to move away from the club with such disappointing performances is a disgrace(I would be glad to be wrong on this one as he is one of my favorite signees). If a player thinks the only way to get out a club is to stop performing and giving 100% then that person needs to leave effect immediately. I would also add Fabregas to the list of outs. What are your thoughts ?
  13. Chelsea v PSG

    I so wanted us to beat the shit out of PSG :'( took much to ask but hey one can atleast dreamand hope I really thought that we would pull out a napoli performance but with the attitude some of our players have ...meh
  14. Chelsea v PSG

    How better ? we have the exact same starting line up as last year if anything worse because the players confidence were badly hit starting this season with all the poor results and the way we had been playing
  15. Chelsea v PSG

    With him last year also we got knocked out by PSG.