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  1. West Ham - Chelsea

    I echo the same sentiment. Although it was nice to see Conte experimenting with young players. It is sad that we lost.
  2. The Conte Thread

    He probably wanted to give youngsters a chance. Terry isn't suited for Conte's system judging by the way he played today.
  3. West Ham - Chelsea

    Terry isn't suited for Conte's system. I am afraid this is his good bye season.
  4. West Ham v Chelsea

    can't believe we are losing. I know its not the best team out there but still. A defeat is a defeat, it stings.
  5. West Ham v Chelsea

    I can't believe that our second team can't hold up. Scary! We need a good second team if we want to compete in all competitions. Even though no one seems to be taking this competition seriously, it would have been nice to see Conte lift some kind of a trophy. Do we get eliminated if we lose this match?
  6. West Ham v Chelsea

    From Win -> Draw -> score a goal
  7. West Ham v Chelsea

    How I wish we would atleast draw the match.
  8. West Ham v Chelsea

    It would be epic to see a comeback from us. Come on Chelsea KTBFFH
  9. Chelsea 4-0 Man United

  10. Chelsea 3-0 Leicester

    I forget about this match and we give the best performance so far *sighs*
  11. Chelsea v Leicester

    what is DMC?
  12. Hull 0-2 Chelsea

    I decide to skip this match and we win. *sighs* Well as long as we win I am happy watching rerurns
  13. Hull v Chelsea

    The problem is we don't have the patience. We expect somebody from the Youth or someone who hasn't started for us to suddenly produce a performance of his life. Even if he did, like all of us they are human. Not everyone can perform at peek match after match ( although that is what separates normal from exceptional) and the remedy is "rotation". Something we have been screaming for ages and none of the managers seem to have the gut to pull that one off.
  14. Thorgan Hazard

    If we he is really good and has the never give up attitude I wouldn't mind paying 20+mi( I know I am quoting a random figure here, just because we paid 20+mil for Luiz who is entering his30s) l to get him back. He has the age advantage.
  15. Thorgan Hazard

    I saw he scored but how good is he? was it a wise decision for the Board to have packed him off?