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  1. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Our youth team is good but they boarded the media hype train early on inflated themselves with too much ego! They still miles to go
  2. Arsenal - Chelsea

    when has that ever happened? So VAR is still a fucking joke. They can punish opposition if the referee is wrong but they can't undo a wrong decision like this?
  3. Arsenal - Chelsea

    That always seems to be the case and has been disaster (with small amounts of ssilverware here and there at the cost of 0 consistency) We need to think about having managerial stability so that we get players that would help the manager and club be successful. Look at Liverpool they knew Klopp was right for the job and got players that he wanted gave him time to infuse his style and they have an amazing team. No marquee signings but look at them play!
  4. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Jorginho is not a player to play in the midfield when we are draw or losing. He can't take the attack forward. Every match Jorginho is there we don't have the fast paced attacking mentality. Hopefully Lampard can sort out things for next season because without this silverware, I am having my doubts if the board will go manager shopping now(we are into CL and have some signed good players)
  5. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Thats what the subs are for! but then our subs list is also laughable. CHO, Barkley, Tammy(hasn't been the guy he was at the start of season) they showed so much promise at the start once they realized they are on the media hype train switched off *facepalm*
  6. Arsenal - Chelsea

    seriously I don't see any kind of commitment from him at all? He is playing as though he has nothing to do with the club WTF?
  7. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Fucking disgrace with or without the joke of a refereeing. The changes did absolutely 0 in terms of our play
  8. Arsenal - Chelsea

    WTF Azpi out, Pulisic out we are struggling. Some how Jorginho + Kovacic don't do well with pushing the game forward. I feel they are very defensive minded. Mount has to take the onus upon him to try and get a good attack going!
  9. Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

    The PL has been so kind to us this season so far. But we might surely be running out of luck pretty soon. We are half season in and we still can't get a hold of things. We are still doing the same mistakes, still struggling to finish off games. Tammy can't sustain 90 minutes on pitch? (I haven't seen him atleast without an issue atleast) I can't believe Lampard still brings Bats into the pitch FFS. You don't need to be great manager to see that!
  10. Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

  11. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Either that or Giroud just didn't want to play under Lamps(tactics)? If my memory serves me right he didn't show much in the chance that he got starting one match(as useless as Bats)
  12. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    BREAKING NEWS Chelsea have made an offer for Benfica midfielder Gedson Fernandes. The offer is thought to be for an 18 month loan with an obligation to buy for £55m, provided he plays in at least 50 per cent of the games during the loan spell. West Ham United’s latest offer is for an 18 month loan with an obligation to buy for £33m – the percentage of games to trigger the obligation is less than Chelsea’s. The decision will rest with Benfica and the player. Source: Skysports
  13. Chelsea 0-2 Southampton

    WTF I wake up to this horror! our form is completely inconsistent and Lamps needs to fix it real fast. Is it complacency?
  14. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11675/11894508/jose-mourinho-focus-on-antonio-rudiger-not-heung-min-son-after-red-card Sore Jose Mourinho!
  15. Spurs 0-2 Chelsea

    Seriously![emoji33]That's just absurd Mourinho Son leaves Spurs after falling out of favor under Mourinho - fakenews [emoji51] Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk