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  1. does that mean we will have more money to spend in Jan window?
  2. The Conte Thread

    or train harder.
  3. The Conte Thread

    seriously that is what is even more scary at this point than our bad performances. I have been a Chelsea fan for almost a decade and from the time that I have been a fan/supporter the one thing that we keep wanting is a manager that build a project at chelsea and that doesn't seem to happen at all. It is the same old story again and again.
  4. Chelsea - Roma

    maybe he wants the club to see that his bench is sucky and that they need to get him players in Jan window? either way it is hurting us badly.
  5. Chelsea - Roma

    from winning to losing to actually being happy with one point *sigh* it seems like a trend with us. We really can't keep up consistent performances from season to season. one season we have to be rock bottom and next season we will win something get complacent and then circle of manager firing will continue. But no one realizes that we need more bench strength.
  6. Chelsea - Roma

    still can't understand why Conte would do that. Does he not want us to win or is planning to get himself booted from the club?
  7. Chelsea - Roma

    from which direction are we going to get inspiration? One more goal please don't spoil my day please Chelsea pretty darn please
  8. Chelsea - Roma

    Willian for Hazard, come on Conte don't do this when I just showed some faith in you. Removing the best chance on the field from the pitch bad bad move. sigh
  9. Chelsea - Roma

    Lets go get that winner go go go! KTBFFH
  10. Chelsea - Roma

    we squander a lead then we give them the lead and now we are back at level pegging.
  11. Chelsea - Roma

    phew parity returned time to get in the front now. KTBFFH. this is turning into a rollercoaster ride.
  12. Chelsea - Roma

    dont think that would help our cause. I mean even if we did get past the group, the way we are playing that is all we would have going for us. Doubt we will be able to survive past that. Conte needs reorganizing to do and he needs to do it real fast.
  13. Chelsea - Roma

    WTF 2-3 holly this is embarrassing
  14. Chelsea - Roma

    I was thinking to myself after the first two goals that we might be able to top this group,bang this happens and I now I am not so sure we will. Few bad performances and Conte went from Genius of last season to not good anymore. What is he to do, the club didn't give him the right kind of reinforcements. With the kind of board and fans we have I doubt even Pep would be successful here, I mean there is a reason why he went to city instead of us? I still believe in Conte and the team KTBFFH.
  15. Chelsea - Roma

    WTF? we squandered a 2 goal lead? How did that happen?