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  1. 26. John Terry

    Here's what Ancelotti had to say about Terry: "John Terry is the captain of all team captains, he was born with the captain's armband on his arm. Even without the band, it's as if he wears it anyway, and that's how it ought to be. He's different from all the others, Chelsea is his home, it always has been, ever since the youth squad. One word from him, and the locker room holds its breath. He's the first one to sit down at meals, the first one to stand up. Being part of this club is his mission, that's how he was made. He pays close attention to the performances of the youth team, he keeps up, he knows all the scores, he misses nothing (although he often loses at ping-pong in the dining room - and when that happens, watch out). He works twice as hard as everyone else, he has the sense of responsibility of someone who runs a company, a people, a philosophy that above all has to win. There is no room for second place; there can only be room for us." 
  2. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    To be honest, I think Emenalo is the true puppet here in the hands of someone else (Granovskaya?). He gets all the blame and all the fingers are pointed at him, while I doubt he's responsible for all the decisions.
  3. 26. John Terry

    I don't know why some of you are bringing the personal issues in here, we're talking about Terry as a football player, not as a person (I doubt any of you know him personally anyway). Yes, he doesn't seem like the most pleasant guy if you take into the count some of his "scandals". But...   For us, he is a football player, a captain - leader of our beloved team. If you show passion, play your heart out every game, leave your blood, sweat and tears on the pitch every single game, then you can even be an average player and most of the fans will love you. But Terry is not average. He's the greatest central back in the history of the PL, best English defender of all times and best Chelsea captain ever. He's 35, but last season was still easily the best defenders. He bleeds blue and loves this club, he is Chelsea. We're not the biggest of clubs in terms of history, but we're creating in it right now and Terry will be regarded as our biggest legend.  So - you can be the biggest cunt ever in real life for all I care. It doesn't matter. It is a disgrace the way the board are treating him in this situation. A fucking disgrace. Even if he was shit this season - the new contract shouldn't even be a question. And the biggest hypocrisy is that they try to make him a villain because he announced this to the fans. Those cunts in our board are afraid of the fan uproar, because fans make football clubs run. They are now scared and are saying that it's up to the new manager, putting unnecessary pressure at the new guy. Why did they then extend Ivanovic's contract then?  You may call me a sentimental idiot. Maybe, I'm delusional, but I still believe in honor and passion in the game. 
  4. 26. John Terry

    The cunt on your avatar is to blame.
  5. 26. John Terry

  6. 11. Alexandre Pato

    Such a good looking guy. #fullhomo
  7. 11. Alexandre Pato

    As far as I know both Musonda & Kenedy are midfielders, not strikers like Pato, so I can't see your logic here. He's just a direct replacement for Remy. Don't see why people are so mad about this signing. It's a low risk high reward business. 30k per week for a club like Chelsea is nothing.
  8. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    He played 3-1-4-2 in Serie A. They played from the back because they had amazing passers in Chiellini, Bonucci, Barzagli and Pirlo. Those four would for a diamond to pass around opponents’ press. If they weren’t pressed Chiellini in particular would carry the ball forward (like a leftback but narrower). His two strikers were very mobile (although he didn't have the same quality in attack that Juve has today), they ran in the channels or dropped deep continually which opened space for the two box-to-box midfielders to get into the box. The wingbacks were heavily involved. Either the striker or midfielder (and even defender at times) on their side moved to support them or Pirlo could find them with on of his trademarked long passes. They frequently got into the final third, providing both crosses and a scoring threat. Though the 3-1-4-2 formation was completely exposed against any team that played with wingers so he decided to buy wingers next season in order for him to make the change in formation to 4-3-3. When the board failed to bring in his targets, he quit. One thing I can guarantee, he isn't going to use 4-2-3-1. 
  9. 11. Alexandre Pato

  10. Alexandre Pato

    He will be good here. Mark my words. 
  11. Ramires

    Amazing servant for the club, never complained, always gave his best. That goal against Barca will forever live in my memory. What you lacked in technical ability you've more than made up with your heart, passion and work-rate. Thank you Rami!
  12. Alexandre Pato

    Are you a past it striker? Feeling confident? Don't like your current situation? Call 1-800-CHELSEA Testimonials: Fernando Torres: "They kept paying me and playing me, eventually I scored against Barcelona" Falcao: "Haven't had much playing time but the salary I get is well worth it. Would definitely recommend this service to any other past it or injured strikers Shevchenko: "Mr. Abramovich was very kind to me and I had a great game against Aston Villa"
  13. 12. John Mikel Obi

  14. Chelsea v Watford

    I think he's too technical to be wasted in defensive roles.
  15. Chelsea v Watford

    Why then Kenedy on LB?