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  1. Michael Keane

    He scored a goal against Watford yesterday too.
  2. Michael Keane

    It has been reported that Chelsea are targeting Burnley's Michael Keane aswell as Boro's Ben Gibson as a new central back and potential John Terry replacement. Thoughts?
  3. The Conte Thread

    Why is noone covering Walcott, how can he behind our line in front of the goal so easily? Why are both CBs running at the same man, when you can clearly see Ozil is making a run in the box?
  4. 19. Diego Costa

    One of the few players who gave a fuck today
  5. The Conte Thread

    I take back whatever negative I said about him... You can see that this guy honestly cares about Chelsea. I stand by him and hope he can work it out from this mess. In Conte we trust!
  6. Hull v Chelsea

    Conte has NO EXCUSE to not play this lineup against Hull. Begovic (Courtois simply doesn't give a fuck about Chelsea) Azpilicueta-Ivanovic-Luiz-Alonso Kante Moses-Fabregas-Oscar-Hazard Costa
  7. The Conte Thread

    Antonio I have the solution... How about not playing both Ivanovic and Cahill at the same time? How about that? Total mindfuck right?
  8. The Conte Thread

    The sad truth is that this team is just not good enough. Pep was right, when he didn't sign for us because he said we need 10 new players. The only players that are okay are Costa, Hazard, Kante and Azpilicueta. Courtois clearly doesn't want to play for us that's why I'm not counting him. We need complete overhaul at this club, new players, new philosophy. New everything. Shame we didn't get Pep, he would be the great man for this job. I still believe in Conte, but he my patience is wearing off... Abramovic also doesn't seem to bother with spending money anymore... Top 4 this season would feel like a league title with this shit team.
  9. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Cahill, Ivanovic, Matic, Willian should never wear the blue shirt again. AVB was shit but I respect his attitude towards underperforming lazy players. Just send those fuckers to the youth team until their contract ends. Fucking disgrace this group of players is what they are. How I miss the days when our players actually gave a fuck. Our heroes like Cech, Cole, Terry, Lampard, Drogba. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY WE SOLD OUR LEGEND CECH TO ARSENAL FOR THIS BIG NOSED CUNT THAT DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THIS CLUB?! Those days are gone and I'm disgraced to be a Chelsea fan right now. I'm so pissed I'll probably fuck up and kill myself doing the bench press tonight in the gym. I'm off.
  10. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Costa and Kante the only 2 trying
  11. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Willian you piece of shit
  12. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Oh god how much I miss Drogba
  13. Arsenal v Chelsea

    I think we're trying 352
  14. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Who is starting Ivanovic, Cahill, Matic, Willian and other shit week and week out if not the manager then? Rather see we lose 3-0 with Aina, Moses, Chalobah etc...