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  1. John Terry

    I am sorry, but that's just not true. zouma was literally covering for JT and iva's ass through out the first half and setting off fires everywhere. the one time that zouma was caught out of position, mirallas easily went through on goal, JT's positioning was awful in that. he let lukaku run at him a number of times. had lukaku's final balls been decisive, we would have been dead and buried. remember how much space and time lukaku had when he ran at JT and then took that shot early on in the game. after going 2-0 down, he played the way he should have played the whole match. went into tackles and never gave lukaku any space to turn or maneuver. that was one of the reasons their was a long spell where everton simply could not get out of their half because JT kept winning the ball back from him. but I think everyone played like the way Chelsea is supposed to play after we went 2-0 down. before that he was horrendous. I went back to the match thread to check what people thought and here are some opinions: http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/20862-chelsea-v-everton/?do=findComment&comment=1197820 http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/20862-chelsea-v-everton/?do=findComment&comment=1197823 http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/20862-chelsea-v-everton/?do=findComment&comment=1197830 http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/20862-chelsea-v-everton/?do=findComment&comment=1197837 http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/20862-chelsea-v-everton/?do=findComment&comment=1197851 http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/20862-chelsea-v-everton/?do=findComment&comment=1197867 ps - I see gilvorak thinks that JT was good. then I must be correct cause the guy is a troll
  2. John Terry

    agreed that he was poor, and yet I think he troubled JT no ends. just shows how poor JT has turned.
  3. Abdul Rahman Baba

    out of the whole paragraph I wrote, all u coul find was "sometimes". great,
  4. Abdul Rahman Baba

    remy played and did give not just the slightest but a whole lot more encouragement than costa during the first 4 months. same goes for RLC in place of either of Oscar or cesc. and yet these players played 95% of the game time. we as fans don't get any pleasures saying these things. but sometimes u have to say it as it is. there was no other logical explanation of the continued inclusion of all the underperformers (iva, costa, cesc, Oscar) than jose's "favouritism" towards his "undroppables". and that has cost us massively. also, comparing baba's performances vs iva's performances this season, its literally a no brainer that baba would have been a better option. the fact that he would have got the required experience instead of wasting all that game time on a 31 year old past it player is just an added bonus.
  5. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    what a troll.
  6. Abdul Rahman Baba

    probably the reason we cant string 2 PL wins together and that we have conceded 5 goals at home against teams that are in the bottom half of the table. while we are in a relegation battle.
  7. General Transfer Talk

    http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/20561-17-pedro-rodríguez/?do=findComment&comment=1197847 i can admit when i am wrong. he has looked completely out of his depth. has not adapted the way one would expect an experienced world beater player to adapt. but i am still waiting on your oscar assessment.
  8. Abdul Rahman Baba

    not a surprise that he got fired considering he thought iva is the best able to contribute good performances for the team.
  9. John Terry

    GC is a way better option than JT these days. GC does have a problem of backing off but atleast his other aspects of defending are better than JT's has been this season. look at the WBA goals and tell me that our defence line is not simply rooted to their spot and that JT is any different than GC in that aspect. we should be grateful to JT after his pathetic performance and that is discounting the own goal? nah.. thats just the basic minimum that should be expected.
  10. Abdul Rahman Baba

    he never dropped iva. iva was injured and even then baba did not get a long term opportunity. we played zouma as a right back. after his injury, iva slotted right in. how is a player supposed to put in a brilliant performance when he plays once every 2 months. baba had this done to him, remy had this done to him. these are humans, not bots. these players deserved extended run. also, when did jose play RLC? under jose RLC's last game was 45 minutes against villa after a whole international break (2 weeks) of running his mouth about RLC being "ready". jose was nothing but a fraud when it came to youth. just like his "academy day".
  11. Abdul Rahman Baba

    while baba has not set the world alight, he has performed okay. none of the goals we have conceded have been direct 100% mistakes of his ability (or rather lack of in iva's case). again, with the same argument? jose used something as silly as "height" to justify his selection. that should be an indicator of the level of his biasness.
  12. John Terry

    so exactly what do u want people to be happy about? we all know JT has got the heart. thats no news. but if his "legs are gone" then he does not belong on the pitch. he has looked a fish out of water since day1 of this season. we need wins. and his performances are not helping.
  13. John Terry

    what do u want people to say? that he got owned by lukaku multiple times. that he was so scared of lukaku's physicality and speed that he let him win balls unchallenged and kept backing off? sorry, but a goal does not make everything alright.
  14. General Transfer Talk

    remy - what good is a back up striker that is ALWAYS injured when u need him to step up? i dont know if its a co-incidence or some other thing but how many times has it happened that remy has been unavailable when costa is injured. moreover, we need competition for costa. if he wants to half-arse his way thru half the season, let him do that on the bench. pedro - why is that even a question. not good enough. can easily be replaced by kenedy. hell even moses is better. oscar - simple answer. not good enough. not good enough to even be a squad player. RLC can take his spot. JT - has been horrendous all season long, maybe a good perfomance here or there. but time to call it quits unless he is happy being the 4th choice CB. cesc - not a no.10, a MASSIVE liability as a DLP. can only work if the team plays around him but not good enough to carry the team. a dodgy season would have been mid table, or rather an EL qualification, not a relegation fight. consistently performing shit for almost 13 months now is not "underperforming". it just defines that we are not good enough. we were able to grind out 1-0 results because of jose's ultra negative tactics and the fact that we had one of the best players in the world playing at the best level. a poor season from hazard has shown EXACTLY how fucking shit the rest of the squad and the team is. we NEED a MASSIVE OVERHAUL. going into the next season without one would be suicidal.
  15. Abdul Rahman Baba

    the jose before RM and the jose after RM are 2 different personalities, so i see no point in the comparision. the jose at the 2nd spell, had NO balls. sergio was just one example. look at kane. the guy was a NOBODY. he got the nod over soldado. would this example make more sense? the point simply was that, jose did not try anything. it was not like RDM where after one bad month he got the axe. we were 2nd/3rd when RDM got fired. we were 15th when jose got fired and that too after 4 months. he had enough time to change and adapt. he had enough time to drop the under performers. he did not, and he rightfully got booted off.
  16. General Transfer Talk

    we are getting 40mill euros out of salah and cuadrado only (IIRC). then theres remy, mikel, Rambo, the wages of iva and JT. Oscar, pedro and cesc should fetch a tidy sum too. honestly money should not even be an object.
  17. Branislav Ivanovic

    what? jose played him, gus is playing him and the board is giving him a new contract. who are you to judge him. we know nothing. nothing. (thats what i have been told)
  18. Abdul Rahman Baba

    ivanovic ball watching. and costs us another goal. my best moment was when he fucks up and then shouts at zouma for not covering well. BUT... what do i know.
  19. General Transfer Talk

    i am so bored from the match, that i thought of making a list of players who need to get lost from the club next year. remy, hazard, oscar, pedro, mikel, rambo, cesc, iva, JT. dont tell me that we need JT's leadership. what we need is a fucking defender. he has been atrocious all season.
  20. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    hahahhahaha.. what a fraud.. had me fooled too. worst transfer in a long time. how kenedy is not starting ahead of him is beyond me,but well, some great "fans" here think that the managers know best!!!
  21. Abdul Rahman Baba

    so? let him be. this will be enough to decide if he has a future here or not. take the pressure off the kid, tell him that he will get ivanoviced no matter how he performs. access him till the end of the season. this is a professional footballer who has played for a good team in one of the top most leagues of the world. lets not treat him like a kid. an odd game here and there is not a fair way to judge anyone. players are not robots that playing one game every 2 months, they will be perfectly match fit. this is what jose did with kdb, mata, salah, cuadrado, luis and every squad player. time to change SOMETHING. i would rather use kenedy where he belongs. its not like hazard and pedro are setting the world alight as LW. pedro has been useless, oscar has always been useless. when hazard comes back, i would rather see hazard-willian-kenedy than pedro and oscar TRYING to play football
  22. General Transfer Talk

    add salah and cuadrado to that kitty too.
  23. Abdul Rahman Baba

    fair enough. kenedy or baba. even though, I don't want to see any more players out of position. as for easing baba in. I have to disagree. now or rather, 2 months ago was not the time to think about the long term effect of the bad game on baba. we needed wins. we needed points and most importantly we needed CHANGE. I have been crying for it since the city game. its not just hindsight that talking. we should have played/trusted baba more. look at zouma. he was average at best last season. he has been quite good this season. he is still making mistakes and will continue for a year or so until he gets the required experience, but atleast we are progressing in the right direction with him as one half of our CB. jose "easing" zouma in, dint mean that he absolutely stopped making mistakes.
  24. Abdul Rahman Baba

    l know, but like @11Drogba said, iva is no yaya. pep replaced yaya at his peak, this was iva at his worst. also, it was an example to show that sometimes risks have to be taken, that tried and tested is not the only right way.
  25. Abdul Rahman Baba

    perhaps. or maybe those managers have the balls to drop underperforming players and actually put faith in others. be it lukaku, kdb, bertrand, baba, luis. the list goes on and on. pep dropped yaya toure for sergio busquets the KID. people laughed at him at that point, look at things now. also, iva is 31 already. baba is 21 and has a good future ahead of him. instead of investing our time in giving baba the required experience, we wasted it on playing iva match after match. now, dont get me wrong. i have nothing against iva i love the guy just like jose, but not when it harms the club. but then again, not every one can be as good a fan as you. or maybe you just love the moral high ground. oh well.