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  1. Fernando Torres

    I'm done. This has gone on too long. Just release the guy, I don't care if he cost £50m he's not worth a shade of that. It's a disgrace that he's even wearing the Chelsea shirt and he looks like at best a Championship player. I can see literally no positives in his play and has probably got worse since last season... His link up play is terrible and can't pass a ball, his pace is never used because he's always confused on the best option, he hardly gets chances because he floats around the box and out wide rather than in a box like a striker should and when he does he messes them all up. And then he likes to complain, strop and laugh things off. No heart or desire. He's past it. Pretty much any other striker in the PL I'd happily swap for Torres. Get him out.
  2. Daniel Sturridge

    I agree with you completely and no way am saying he shouldn't be dropped. I was simply expressing my disgust at the "fans" that boo him when overall he's been one of the stand outs this season. A few games shouldn't change that, and certainly shouldn't get you booed off by your own fans.
  3. Daniel Sturridge

    It's not that, why to try make things so simplistic? It's about what's expected from you as a striker and what's expected as a winger, changing to adapt to different expectations whilst still playing the gameplay you know best takes a lot of time and experience.
  4. Daniel Sturridge

    Torres is 27, Drogba is 34, Anelka was in his 30's. They have experience of playing along the front in a lone role in all positions. Sturridge is 22, all he knows is playing as a striker, off the shoulder and shooting. You just can't compare experience.
  5. Daniel Sturridge

    But this is the point I'm making, what do you expect from a CF playing as a winger? He's gonna be selfish, deal with it, he's a striker. Malouda is a winger, he shouldn't be selfish, it makes sense. Torres chants were far before he hit the post.
  6. Daniel Sturridge

    No it doesn't. But the fact that Torres played today, and played poor and still got chants whilst Sturridge got boo's puts it in a good place to show the difference. You say any player that isn't playing well gets stick but I'm sorry you can't say that, Lampard and Torres are still chanted round the Bridge every game no matter what their performances. All I'm saying is .... Sturridge scores last week + poor game this week = booed of the field Torres scores last week + poor game this week = chants around the bridge. Don't use the "always compared to Torres" thing as a scapegoat if it's true and you can't back your argument up another way.
  7. Daniel Sturridge

    My argument wasn't on his preferred/better position, we all know it is Centre forward. It was on the basis of how poor and disgusting some of the "fans" are.
  8. Daniel Sturridge

    No, don't try to twist words at all. Comparing a players performance from 2-3 seasons ago and saying they shouldn't be criticised is pathetic, your argument is pathetic. Sturridge has only been poor since around February, NOT for 3 years, thus it is a dip in form not from becoming shit. I didn't call anyone fake fans, just frankly ridiculous. How can you expect a 22 year old striker to play on the wing week in week out and be a world class winger? He done phenomenal in the first half of the season, but has clearly struggled in the last few months. It doesn't give any fan the right to boo a player off who you all were calling our best player just a few months ago. That's a thing with a lot of these "fans" on this page, they want instant success and are attracted to names rather than performances. Torres gets his dick sucked for hitting the post and having a poor match and poor season, but Sturridge (who also scored last week) gets absolutely slated just for having a bad game, what justice is that? Don't give me this Malouda, Essien BS cos that's completely different to this Sturridge situation. I wouldn't blame Sturridge if he decided to leave, he doesn't get half the respect or support he deserves and if he did go you would all be criticising eachother for slating him.
  9. Daniel Sturridge

    Some of the fans disgust me. He's been overall one of our best players of the season. He's been asked to play LW/RW when he's a CF yet give him stick for shooting at half chances - I'm sorry isn't that what you want your strikers to do? Torres was through twice and slipped over like a bitch, what happened to him? Chants of his name at FT. It's bollocks how we treat our players, so what Torres hit a great shot? Sturridge has been far better than him this season and playing out of position and is still young, give the guy a fucking break.
  10. Fernando Torres

    I think it's because before the pressure was ALWAYS on JUST HIM, but since our recent disappointments and team failures, he's been overlooked and he doesn't feel to much pressure. And with our "stars" like Lampard and Cole playing terribly, he's found the chance to really prove a point.
  11. Juan Mata

    Has anyone got the quote from AVB saying Mata will now be deployed in #10 role?
  12. Daniel Sturridge

    A young, confident striker in our team who now feels important and established enough to try and score more for the team and take responsibility rather than giving someone else the duty. I think quite the opposite
  13. Hip Hop discussion

    Gotta say Section 80 is incredible, and by far one of the best but I don't think it fits well as an album, and you could see his raw potential but for me, except for Hii Power, there wasn't one song which made me like WOW. I'm more of a J. Cole bias anyway, so that's probably why I gotta say him, hope he gets his Grammy although I doubt it. Can't wait till Cole and Kendrick's mixtape to come out this year, Temptation just sounds incredible, and if it's anything to go by the mixtape will be one of the best of the decade imo
  14. Hip Hop discussion

    WHAAAT! There's a HipHop topic, how have I never seen this before!!!!!
  15. Daniel Sturridge

    HAHAHAHAHA zamora starting ahead of sturridge. How is Capello still in a job? He's such a terrible manager, motivationally, tactically, and decision-making!!! Pleasee fuck off!