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  1. Chelsea - Barcelona

    Conte sure has a way to kill off our buzz, at least Cahill is not starting so that is something positive.
  2. Christian Pulisic

    That was the point i tried to make in my previous posts, so thanks for that. "Ich" might be how it is supposed to be pronounced due to his origin, but i have several buddies in the US that all call him Pulisik, not to mention that i have watched a dozen interviews in which his name was being pronounced that way.
  3. Christian Pulisic

    To be honest, Pulisitsch is how i used to pronounce his name in the past, but Americans pronounce it Pulisik.
  4. Christian Pulisic

    From the pundits that i have heard saying his name, it is pronounced Pulisik.
  5. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Here we go again with this fucking bullshit. Just give the manager job to Marina, with her unparalleled negotiating skills she can talk any ref into giving us the win. And even if we need to bribe, i bet she can low-ball them to get the best price around. Fucking stupid board.
  6. Edin Dzeko

    At this point useless is a word to lenient to describe our board, they have reached a legendary status of stupidity. Forget Dzeko, i have found the perfect target man for our board. He is cheap as hell, will sit on the bench without complaining, will never ask for a raise and he will still score more goals than Carrol
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    He is just saying what Chelsea fans have been saying for years. The board won't give a fuck though, no matter who says it.
  8. Motherfucker, not this crap again, We just can't catch a fucking break.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    At this point i don't even give a fuck if we don't sign anyone. This season was lost even before it started, when we failed to address any of our problems during the summer (once again). Even with this team, i believe that we can manage to secure a CL spot for next season. As painful as it will be to watch the rest of our games, that is all the matters for this season. For me, the biggest transfer would be to acquire a technical director who actually knows a thing or two about modern football and to replace that fucking useless Marina. This was we can finally rebuild during the summer.
  10. 8. Ross Barkley

    The logic is quite simple actually but people refuse to see it for whatever reason. This has been the club's standard for quite some time now, so deal with it and stop beating yourself up. And i can't really understand why people are upset specifically about this transfer. Compared to the ridiculous amount of money we spent on mediocre players in the past few years. Barkley's price (and homegrown status) makes him a decent addition to the team, even if he remains a squad player for the rest of his career.
  11. The Conte Thread

    Oh you are definitely right, i also have lost the respect i had for him, but that doesn't mean i am not grateful for what he has won for our club. See it this way, at least the guy has given you a lot of reasons to throw parties during his time with us
  12. The Conte Thread

    Spot on but i'd like to add another perspective to what you wrote. I feel that Mourinho is even more cocky and arrogant than usual when he is referring to Chelsea matters because he knows that he is our most successful manager. Despite all his wrongdoings, i am still grateful to him for what he has achieved here BUT at the same time this is another big reason why i really want Conte to stay with us for many years. If the board finally decides to back Conte up with some top signings, i am confident that he will eventually take that mantle for himself, and that will definitely shut Mourinho's mouth for good.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    There is better chance of us buying Griezmann for a year and then loaning him out to Vitesse than selling him to barcelona
  14. Antoine Griezmann

    I got your point right away mate, he seemed to have misunderstood you that's why i said that i don't have anything else to add and deleted my initial post.
  15. Antoine Griezmann

    Never mind this post, Chelsea Legend 11 just explained his post so there is nothing for me to say on that matter.