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  1. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Emotions (and alcohol) are running really high at the moment, so at the risk of sounding ungrateful, this leaves a really, REALLY bad taste. I know winning the league was an overachievement and i am ecstatic about that and also about having a guy like Conte leading our beloved club, BUT losing a major trophy to motherfucking arsenal of all teams, well that i something i simply cannot handle. This has really fucked up the good feelings i had for this season. I fucking hate arsenal.
  2. Politics & Stuff

    I am speechless, human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.
  3. Chelsea 4-0 Man United

    Damn, i am still buzzing. I have really missed that feeling.
  4. Chelsea 4-0 Man United

    And for Roman too
  5. Chelsea 4-0 Man United

    I haven't felt that good for a reaaaaly long time. Watched the match at a pub with my mate and we were the only ones supporting Chelsea. We didn't stop making fun of manure not even for a minute. Thanks to all the players and the coaching staff for making us feel proud for our club once again.
  6. Didier Drogba

  7. The Board

    Thanks a lot you motherfucking pieces of shit. Getting paid millions for wanking off all day, best job in the world.
  8. Arsenal v Chelsea

    After tonight's match, it is time for Conte to show if he is a man of his word. Only one acceptable lineup for me
  9. 19. Diego Costa

    Reading some posts in the match thread blaming him for the score tonight just makes me laugh. Yes, he missed some chances and lost the ball countless times, so what? He scored two very nice goals and got half of the Swansea's defence booked. At the same time, Hazard missed one of the easiest chances of his career, Oscar and Wllian did fuck all in attack, our defence was crap as usual and Curtois clearly cares only what to say in the interviews while he makes one mistake after another. Not to mention Conte who has to wait till the 80th minute to make a bloody change. Noone is saying that this guy is the best striker around, and he sure is frustrating as hell, but blaming him for every little thing is just ridiculous. Him and Kante were the best players tonight.
  10. Swansea v Chelsea

    YEESSSSSSSSSSSSS Now fuck off all you Diego haters
  11. The Board

    People should stop giving credit to our board for the Kante signing. Unless he was lying, it was all Conte's work.
  12. David Luiz

    This is so surreal i can't even get mad.
  13. Nathaniel Chalobah

    The way things are going, i can easily see him and Mikel playing as CBs and RLC as a striker. Can't wait to see this team in action, it will dominate the league.
  14. Chelsea is the most hated club in england

    Good, i wouldn't have it any other way.
  15. Wales v Belgium

    That wanker Wilmots is the most clueless manager i have ever seen. I hope we never hear from him again.