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  1. The Board

    How is that number going to help the team in the upcoming seasons? What really matters is the fact that we are just a few millions away from being the top spending club in whole Europe and all we have is a single worldclass player, a few good ones and a shit ton of dead wood. It really is absurd how much the board has fucked up in the last 3 years (provided that list is accurate).
  2. General Chelsea Stuff

    Anyone else watched the match last night? Watching some of our old players brought up some good memories (you know, when we were young and carefree, damn i am getting old) Here is the link for the full match for those who missed it
  3. 8. Ross Barkley

    Eden used to be in there, now it's Barkley. I don't know if i want to laugh or cry
  4. Eden Hazard

    Yes, at least i would. We are not like most other clubs, we always honour those who have been great servants of our club. And Eden is more than just a great servant, he is one of our legends.
  5. Eden Hazard

    I am hoping he will return someday and retire here
  6. Eden Hazard

    Like many of us, i can't find the right words to express how i feel right now. Just wanna say thanks for everything and i just hope that it isn't the last time we see him at the Bridge. It is afterall the
  7. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Imo, not only we can, but it is imperative that we offload him now, since i feel that we won't get many more chances to sell him past this summer. The way things are going with the ban and someone like Lampard as manager, we can forget about top 4 next season, so we might as well recall Baba and have him as a cover for Emmerson. But knowing our stupid board, we are most likely going to keep him, i just hope that they will suprise me by doing the sensible thing just once.
  8. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Ha, awesome photo. That could easily be a poster for the Italian Job or Ocean's 11. And what the hell is Hilario doing there without any pants?
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    After all the shit he has been through this year it is finally time for him to light up a big one and enjoy himself
  10. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal

    This trophy is dedicated to all the haters and doubters. Watched the match with my mate at a pub and everyone else was either supporting or rooting for arsenal. It felt so good. PRIDE OF LONDON BITCHES, WE ARE THE FAMOUS CFC
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Sarri used to smoke during games in Italy, so I guess he's using HT to fill his addiction. It isn't ideal, is it? Did i say in my posts that it is ideal or that he can do whatever he wants without respecting the others? I believe i was pretty clear, i was talking about the personal abuse he gets for being a smoker and the fact that people use his habit as an insult.
  12. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    My post wasn't directed to you, if you make a quick searh in the forum you will find numerous posts that are using the word "smoker" as an insult or implying that smoking is hindering his abilities/judgement or even comparing smoking to drugs, which is just laughable to say the least. I agree with you on some points about smoking in the workplace but i also think that it is not as dire as people make it out to be. You need to respect the others though, no questions about that. And Ashley Cole or Vialli were not playing back in 1976, it is kinda ironic that Sarri is getting bashed for smoking when 2 of our legends had the same habit, don't you think?
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Yeah me too. I have been patient reading all those idiotic posts lately that have been insulting a person for being a smoker, but enough is enough. I cannot believe mods are allowing this crap for so long, it won't suprise me if we start seeing racist comments soon enough in here. I also cannot believe we are living in 2019 and there are so many people stigmatizing others for something as meaningless as smoking or drinking or whatever, the Spanish Inquisition would have been really proud of them. P.S. I am gonna go light one right now, here are some bonus photos for all the haters
  14. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    It makes me sick just by saying it, but the scum are sadly the least of the two evils for all of us. This whole year has been one the worst of my life (football-wise at least), and have in mind that i have seen my local club that i support since i was a little boy get relegated three times in the past. But this year has been a nightmare, the club that i hate the most, PAOK (our arch rivals), won the league after 34 fucking years (i was 2 when they last won it) and to make you understand how much i hate them, imagine how you would feel if liverpool and spurs fused into a single club, that's how vile they are. I had to watch them celebrate the title for almost 2 weeks and i still haven't heard the end of it. So yeah, this fucking CL final feels like the nail in the coffin for me, if i could get a lobtomy to erase this whole year from my memory i would gladly do it.
  15. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    MOTHERFUCKER, i am fucking fuming. This is a fucking nightmare, the yids must NOT under any circumstances win it, but i also can't stomach the idea of the scum lifting the trophy either. My lord, i really feel for all of you who are living in England, this final is pure hell. Fuck all of them, especially Barcelona for making this happen