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  1. Roman Abramovich

    I go to uni with his daughter's ex. #justsayin
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    He's just trying desperately hard to stay relevant as one of football's top managers bless him.
  3. David Luiz

    We should get Malouda back as well
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    Hope we hang the 'One of Us' banner upside down or change it to 'One of them' when we play Yernited at home
  5. Stamford Bridge

    It was a requirement from Sport England that it can easily be converted back into athletics mode as and when they need it. The architects were not left with much choice due to the angle of seating needing to be different between football and athletics. The cheapest way of doing it was the shitty retractable seating in the photo
  6. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Deleted his twitter account after abuse from him missing chances today apparently. I really do despair of this club's supporters sometimes
  7. Papy Djilobodji

    Black armbands and a minute's silence vs West Ham in memory of Papy
  8. Politics & Stuff

    yep. Still hoping I'm going to wake up soon and the last 3 weeks have all been a terrible dream. We've become an absolute worldwide joke.
  9. Stamford Bridge

    I can't even say that If I could tell everyone I would. I work for an architecture practice who is involved in the project and the person on the desk next to me is working on Stamford Bridge but if I reveal stuff about it I could lose my job
  10. Stamford Bridge

    I know stuff about what is going on but I'm not allowed to tell anyone
  11. Politics & Stuff

    And how do you know it was sensible? In my opinion it's a fucking awful decision. 75% of 18-24 year olds wanted to remain and we're going to have to live with the bollocks baby boomers thinking only about themselves again. The muppets are probably at the bowls club right now celebrating and waiting for some spitfires to fly over while playing 'rule britannia' on a record player.
  12. The Conte Thread

    Scenes when he sings the Willian song or John Terry has won the double at his first press conference
  13. Premier League thread

    Pep is in for the shock of his life when Big Sam and his hoofball rock up to the Etihad on the first day of the season
  14. England v Russia

    If anything the English media have done quite the opposite to making it seem like all English fans were victims. You only have to look at Channel 4 and the Guardian to see their cringeworthy ignorance of any violence against the English fans taking place. They were quite happy to have a pop at the English attacking French police (which of course is completely abhorrent and expected on a small scale given the number of England fans out there and thus the probability that at least a few will act like muppets) but weren't quite so happy to report English fans being charged at by Russian fans at full time. It doesn't fit their agenda that football fans are all hooligans looking for a fight. It also wouldn't sit well with their readership who are mostly rugby toffs. In fact it was painful to see how many eyewitness videos and reports on social media it took before ITV, the Mirror and the Mail changed their tune from 'hooligans attacking police' to a lot of innocent English fans being attacked by organised Russian ultras. That being said, it is clearly wrong to tar every Russian with the same brush and ludicrous to suggest that this event alone should give reason to strip them of the 2018 WC. On the converse, why is a country which is renowned for extreme football hooliganism, racist chanting at games and downright dangerous behaviour such as setting off a flare gun inside a packed stadium being considered in the first place? I'll correct you on England fans being among the most violent in Europe. Holland/Belgium 2000: 945 arrests South Korea/Japan 2002: 15 arrests Portugal 2004: 93 Germany 2006: 91 South Africa 2010: 5 Poland/Ukraine: 0 Brazil 2014: 22 That is a remarkable decline. Given the proximity of Germany to the UK, the number of English fans travelling there and the history between the nations that is a small number, especially compared to Holland/Belgium only 6 years earlier. Obviously we used to have far greater problems with hooliganism but today's levels are nothing compared to what they were. Unfortunately our history has stayed with us and will take a while to wear off. Using the EU referendum seems like a very convenient point to use but polls show a very even divide. We'd still compete in the Euros, be part of Europe etc. regardless of whether or not we are in the EU and have always had a rivalry with France and Germany. Like I have said before, we do have our fair share of muppets following the national team. The ISIS chants, anti-IRA and German bomber songs are just downright pathetic. One has to look at how the French police deal with these muppets though and to be honest their behaviour is equally pathetic. This has been pretty well summed up by Dan Levene on twitter. The difference between the French/Spanish police and the German/British police is that one works on marginalising and controlling (often detrimental to the vast majority of law-abiding fans) while the other identify and segregate troublemakers. Any Chelsea fan who has been to PSG in any of the last 3 years or Marseille (or even Valencia with the Spanish police) in the last few years know that French police couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. They are so poor at crowd control that they resort to caging and tear gassing large quantities of fans when one or two show even the slightest sign of causing trouble. They use their batons for seemingly no reason and the vast majority of innocent England fans suffer from their piss poor behaviour. As sad as it is, violence was inevitable in Marseille last night. You'd think the police would have considered this and have taken humane measures to deal with the small majority of troublemakers but they were clearly not capable. In the same way they were incapable of enforcing even the most basic security measures. In a country which suffered such a horrific terrorist attack so recently and in a fixture which could easily have been one of the biggest terrorist targets of the tournament, a friend at the game said that security was remarkably relaxed. All he was told to do was empty his pockets. Clearly security on the Russian side of the ground was even worse as they were able to smuggle flares and fireworks into the stadium. ISIS must be rubbing their hands with glee if it is that easy to get a flare gun into the stadium. The police clearly weren't too fussed by it and allowed the Russians to fire a flare gun across the stadium (which made a very similar noise to the bomb outside the Stade De France - reassuring) which could easily have killed someone. At full time they didn't even bother with segregation or any sort of basic security measures you see German and English clubs enforce for a UEFA Champions League game. If our police forces had gone about crowd control in these ways for a Premier League, Champions League or National team game with fighting on this scale they'd be branded a national and probably international disgrace. If we had French security for the game against Spurs last month then it could have got very, very messy. Marseille and Nice ultras have also been provoking fans and looking for fights. I could write all day about all the slaphead muppets singing 'Fuck the IRA' with their beer bellies and shitty tattoos and how they are an embarrassment to the country but the fact of the matter is that so much international reaction to these events blames the English. Piss poor policing and the minority of Russian ultras are equally to blame. I haven't witnessed anyone using this to take cheap political swipes at Russia either.
  15. England v Russia

    I'm guessing you haven't seen the videos at full time which show Russia fans clearly steaming into the England fans...