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  1. Cesc Fabregas

    When boredom kicks in.. sorry.. I had to... :blush:
  2. Cesc Fabregas

    No strength in depth for them.. once the season starts we'll be hearing the same old injuries excuse haha. Well there's a reason why he hasn't been that great.. Even tho he has the most assist in the last 3 years in La Liga.. 'Fabregas has been involved in 60 goals (28 goals & 32 assists), more than any other La Liga midfielder in the last 3 years via Opta' They never played him in 1 position.. One game he was on the LW.. the next CM.. the next RW... at Arsenal he was always playing as a deep lying midfielder. I think he will be quality for us.. he isn't too bad at defeinding either.
  3. Cesc Fabregas

    I hope we sign him up before the World Cup starts..
  4. Fernando Torres

    When it comes to Nando I am very biased but the reason we paid 50 million pounds for Fernando wasn't just for the goals.. heck then we would have just signed a poacher. Nando isn't a poacher.. when he was in form don't think there was a striker better than him at that time. He just flew past players like they weren't even there.. VERY similar to his game against Spurs. All bias aside.. this was his best performance in a blue shirt definitely.. but Cavani and Zlatan wish getting past defenders like that.. sure they will get wonder goals but the way he just was running at defenders yesterday was absurd. So quick, direct, that's the Torres of old.. I'm not going to say "OH HE'S BACK" etc.. because I personally thought he lost a lot of pace but out of nowhere he caused so much havoc for the Spurs defence throughout the second half. As Mourinho said, "That's the Torres I want to see for the rest of the season" : http://www.marca.com/2013/09/28/en/football/international_football/1380385819.html
  5. Fernando Torres

    He answered mine! And Gigi even said my name.. but didn't say my name properly
  6. Fabio Borini

    Haha good question! Well I made this video for him to convince him to stay at Chelsea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3MzGbsHs7Q I made him like the video in this video, I pulled an inception effect and he actually ended up liking this actual video on his wall haha and after that his sister, family, etc added me on facebook and we talk from time to time! And he really likes my compilations!
  7. Fabio Borini

    You guys want to see something really awesome? Check out his likes on his facebook profile.. Borini's official profile
  8. Islam Feruz

    Err.. you didn't get what I meant...
  9. Islam Feruz

    How can anyone not like his name?
  10. Islam Feruz

    Love his name!
  11. Fernando Torres has now won more trophies with Chelsea than he did in his whole career at Liverpool.

  12. Neymar

    You mean he did say that it's a dream to play for a big club LIKE Chelsea.. cause he did say that..
  13. Neymar

    On Sky now as well... lol.. Neymar intends to honour deal http://www.skysports...7015118,00.html
  14. Neymar

    Hmm I know it's Goal.com but still thought I'd share it.. at least he isn't going to Real for now! Chelsea & Real Madrid target Neymar: I intend to honour my Santos contract The 19-year-old forward echoes statements made by his agent by declaring that he will remain with the Brazilian side despite reported interest from a number of European suitors Santos striker Neymar has stated that he will honour his current club contract, which runs until 2015, amid transfer interest from a number of European sides. In an up and down transfer saga, the Brazilian club initially stated that five clubs have met the €45 (£40.7m) million release fee in his contract, only to then claim that his transfer is non-negotiable and that they will do all in their power to keep the 19-year-old at the Vila Belmiro. Yesterday agent Wagner Ribiero stated that the Selecao attacker wanted to feature in the Club World Cup for his current employers, and the player has made similar claims today despite reported interest from giants such as Real Madrid and Chelsea. "I have a contract that I intend to honour," he said in an interview on "Corujao do esporte", a television programme set to be aired on Globo TV. When asked about the tournament, which takes place in Japan in December, the Brazil international with five caps to his name looked forward to taking on Pep Guardiola's European champions Barcelona with Santos. "We will have the semi-finals before a likely match against Barcelona. It will be a dangerous game and we must focus our efforts on that game. "They are very good, with [Lionel] Messi, Dani Alves. The guys are aliens, the best in the world and it will be an honour to meet them," he stated. Neymar also expressed his admiration for Argentina's key attacker, and called him the best player in the world. "Messi is the best and there is no way to dispute that. He is at the top. The second and third best [in the world] are far behind him. I will work hard to be like him, " he concluded. Neymar is currently on international duty at the Copa America, and is set to make his competition debut when Brazil take on Venezuela on Sunday.
  15. Neymar

    Lol.. they don't want to sell.. thus whoever wants him has to pay the buy out clause and it will be up to him.. simple.. Also on Dani Alves' official Twitter account! Translated- Daniel Alves DaniAlvesD2 Daniel Alves I tell my friends that the newspaper published a brand lie. Neymar not talked about his future. Favorite 10 hours ago Reply Retweet DaniAlvesD2 Daniel Alves I always want my friends and the best insurance that you had spoken to him about his future would not be what they put! Favorite 10 hours ago Reply Retweet