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  1. Antoine Griezmann

    @BlancoStats/status/488806416166031360 Don't know if this is how to do it, seen this a few mins. Getting excited.
  2. Antoine Griezmann

    His release is 25 mil. am I not right?
  3. Antoine Griezmann

    De Rossi story 2.0 Hope there is something tho.
  4. Paul Pogba

    I was trying to believe it, then remember I needed to eat. It's not going to happen, even if he takes a pic at SW6.
  5. General Transfer Talk

    It's a good signing. I wonder, him or Theo to go left?
  6. Paul Pogba

    That's so fake. Everybody wishes it's real. Was expecting H.A.M shit, this is beyond lol. We are getting only Costa, FL and Fabregas.
  7. Alexis Sanchez

    And they got Cotinho, who will be good in rotating. I think Rodgers will do well.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    Soooo, media are blowing Manchester expecting them to get Robben, Kroos, Thomas and Vidal. It's beyond me, what they will see in them after this year.
  9. Alexis Sanchez

    We can't get everyone. Tbf, I don't think he will excell to everything in England. He is a diver, and gets past more attacking backs. If there are more defensive ones, he will not be that effective. IMO.
  10. James Rodríguez

    If we are to offload Oscar to France, getting this mate on the plain back will make me shit myself. HONEST.
  11. Karim Benzema

    Ffs, this mate can't score for a year and a half for the national team, can we not wank over him, while slating Costa. It was against a team, who was expected to lose by more.
  12. Cesc Fabregas

    I have worked with ps for a while and to tell ya that is either the next Bill Gates at work or the real deal. The tatoo is on his arm in the darker corner(his left arm, the other is covered). I think it's real.
  13. Cesc Fabregas

    Omg, its 02;34 in Bulgaria and it is still not announced. Sad. Just thought I'd lighten the mood.
  14. Cesc Fabregas

    Fabre can't ya say something like that, christ sake...
  15. Cesc Fabregas

    I think we can get Freddy from Inter and Gary Hooper. Cheaper and better.