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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    I have one non-related question. I'm going to London in few weeks and I'd like to purchase last years 3rd kit with custom printing. But does chelsea megastore print swear words( I want FU*K BARCA and number 12 on my back). Anyone knows?
  2. Fernando Torres

    starting to think if this is somehow connected with him being shit for the exact time..
  3. Fernando Torres

    can anyone translate this ?
  4. Chelsea Kits thread

    but why the f**k is kit without gold star 50 pounds and kit with gold star 65 pounds. their kit pricing policy is just ridiculous ?!
  5. Facebook & Twitter

    https://twitter.com/#!/loonymcgreat I'll follow back I tweet chelsea only
  6. Stamford Bridge thread

    oh my god
  7. Stamford Bridge thread

    but what about fans transport? there's NO underground stations around BPW. Will they somehow expand the northern line?
  8. Chelsea Kits thread

    wow I'm dissapointed with this too. So the badge is just printed on the kit like numbers and letters on the back ? :/
  9. Chelsea Kits thread

    People is it safe to buy new kit from sportsdirect or jjbsports? are kits the same in all stores or are they somehow different and kits from this unofficial stores are not so good? I'm asking cos this chelsea megastore is absolutely crazy. I live in slovenia( europe if you don't know and we have euros) and they convert 62.5 pound( kit+printing) in f****** 95 euros even though 62.5 pounds is 75 euros in bank. And they charge 30( yes THIRTY) euros for delivery, like Slovenia is on the other side of the world.. So it would cost me around 130 euros for this shirt.. This will be the first time I'm not buying new kit in megastore but in one other unofficial shop, this prices are really crazy and I really want to know if I will get the same quality in sportsdirect instead of megastore?
  10. Chelsea Kits thread

    this picture makes him so FAT look at that belly
  11. Chelsea Kits thread

    does anybody know why there is no lukaku,bertrand, josh and few other players on the squad list? http://www.chelseame...?selectorid=451
  12. 30. David Luiz

  13. Chelsea Kits thread

    one question. If you choose david luiz's shirt it shows you this picture But if you choose anybody's else name it shows you a shirt with different font and number style. Why ? Will luiz have different shirt or what haha?