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Everything posted by nono

  1. Everton 0-3 Chelsea

    Matic didn't even try to win that header.
  2. Everton 0-3 Chelsea

    Alonso can't cross to save his life.
  3. Everton 0-3 Chelsea

    Really sick of seeing him in the starting lineup.
  4. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Such an uninspiring signing tbh. Seems like another athletic runner whose barely an upgrade on Matic.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    Losing Hazard would be such a terrible blow. I don't really trust the board/Emenalo to replace him with a quality forward. Since he's arrived we've never even made a quality forward purchase anyways. We'd probably take one of Madrid's benchmen in the deal as well which would make it even worse. Considering the players United is reported to be signing in the summer our team would be much worse than theirs. Conte might go too then. Remember what he said about not being able to eat in a 100$ restaurant with 10$.
  6. Chelsea 4-2 Southampton

    Costa is so pathetic at times.
  7. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    Our team is not that threatening without Hazard. I hope Michy takes advantage of his opportunity. Hopefully if it's still 0-0 in the second half we can get Hazard on against a tired Tottenham defense.
  8. Romelu Lukaku

    Cavani is 30 years old.
  9. Alvaro Morata

    Are these guys reliable.
  10. Romelu Lukaku

    If we re-sign for 100m a player we let go for 28m Emenalo should be fired.
  11. 22. Willian

    How do you know ? I think he'll do us a favor by pushing for a move.
  12. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    A repeat of Lukaku on the bench behind Torres. I know Batshuayi isn't as good as Lukaku, but it's pretty much the same situation.
  13. The Conte Thread

    They were all averagae players though who fans had been wanting gone for many years before they were finally offloaded. Neither of the three would have helped us against United.
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

  15. The Conte Thread

    All they do is press us really hard and we crumble. We struggle keeping the ball against the better teams.
  16. 19. Diego Costa

    Some people think there is an agenda against Costa but the numbers show just how bad he's been. WhoScored say Costa is the first player to have been dispossessed 10 times in a game this season.
  17. 19. Diego Costa

    He brought us many points. Another decent striker doing his job would have brought us more points. This isn't poor form. Poor form is missing sitters. He isn't contributing at all and is a negative on the field. He is just a really streaky player. How can you defend this guy who is fighting invisible demons on the field every game ? Against City Hazard was one on one with Stones when Diego made a foul on fernando way off the ball and the referee blew his whistle stopping the play. He has himself said that he was pushing really hard for a move to Atletico. And then after January his season has fallen apart but we're to believe from you that the rumours are all crap. Believe what you will, but stop acting as if you know anything more than anyone else.
  18. 30. David Luiz

    Worrying how we haven't kept a clean sheet in 10 games now.
  19. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Bottling the title is bad enough but imagine doing it to Spurs. *Shudders*
  20. The Conte Thread

    I've been posting here for more than 6 years I mostly post on here when we lose. When we win I post a few posts and then I leave instantly. When we lose I get pretty upset. Today's loss was bad for me and I've been at the computer thinking about it for 6 straight hours since the game was played having done nothing much except having had lunch. Losses are upsetting and I post more when I'm unhappy. Not really a hater of the team but I feel there are genuine problems with the team and the board that are swept under the rug when we win. It's just the crunch end of the season and I'm starting to get nervous and hope we don't bottle the league. I respect all the posters on here though, even the ones I disagree with. As long as we can respect disagree with one another it isn't too bad I think. The last thing I would want though is for this forum to turn into reddit where any genuine criticism are hidden away under downvotes and everything just becomes group think.
  21. The Conte Thread

    I don't really think this will help. Spurs won't really feel the pressure because they're not in the lead as we are. All the pressure is on us.
  22. 24. Gary Cahill

    If you wanna see the state of his defensive skills look at the last game where Rashford was running at him and Cahill started turning like a top. Exactly the same as when Lukaku scored on him. Today Rashford made a similar run at Luiz who wasn't fazed at all.
  23. General Transfer Talk

    On twitter they're saying Monaco wants 65m euros for Mendy. This is probably the worst time to be needing major additions to the squad as all the players are going to cost nonsensical amounts of money. Instead of Bernardo Silva, Emenalo will probably buy Bernard Silver and then wonder what went wrong.
  24. The Conte Thread

    What do Ruben and Chalobah have to do to get games ? No matter how invisible Matic is they can't get a look into the team. That makes me really sad. I'm pretty sure they'd offer a lot more than he does but Conte just won't change the lineup.
  25. The Conte Thread

    It's not really just the CBs. Lots of players on the team are poor at keeping the ball/passing. Matic is very bad, Willian too, Azpi is just okay and Cahill and Moses are bad as well. This creates a lot of pressure where we can't really keep the ball at all. This was just a carbon copy of the Tottenham game.