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  1. Fernando Torres

    Happy to see him leave! Better for the club and him. But the amout of classless wankers on this forum is just sad. I bet all of you posting crappy gifs and other shit did the same out of happyness when he joined us!
  2. Ryan Bertrand

    If we sell ryan to them IF he has a good season we should try and get young matt in the deal. 5mil £ and matt would be a good deal!
  3. Victor Moses

    18 I think
  4. Victor Moses

    I would rather keep him and loan salah!
  5. Ryan Bertrand

    Lets get targett in exchange and 7-8mil £ after his loan! Young english fullback who can replace luis in 3 years time!
  6. Lewis Baker

    Give him lampards number 8 and a squad role this season!
  7. Filipe Luís

    I wasnt really covinced signing him was the best idea. But after some research and watching his interview i have to say he has made me like him already. Great guy good stats and perfect pro! Just what we need. Hope we get a young english fullback to replace him!
  8. Filipe Luís

    I read somewhere he took the number 5 as tribute to somebody! I will check and give u guys the name!
  9. 28. César Azpilicueta

    I think ramos and pique played worse and jordi alba as bad as he did. But spain have a good replacement in quanfran so I expect him to play the next game. But I hope del bosque keeps faith in him he is better than juanfran!
  10. Fernando Torres

    He touched him he didnt ask for a pen. I am not standing up for torres but you guys use everything against him! He has become a bad player get over it!
  11. Fernando Torres

    You guys say you dont expect something else from him but you always react in such a fickle way. So it must mean you expect something else deep inside! They played shit und and he missed a sitter one thing I expected (torres missed but why the fuss) and the other thing did not expect spain to loose like that!
  12. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    What a stupid deal by city giving 31 year old injury prone 150£ thausend quid and for 3 years. Haha
  13. Mikel John Obi

    I really liked him and I thouht he could one day be a good DM. His skills are not good enough he is not getting better and simply cant be a DM for us. Its time for him to move on and play somewhere as a number 8 or 10 same as for nigeria. It would be better for him and chelsea. Nothing really to argue about mates.
  14. Eden Hazard

    Oh gosh no thread in here hasnt got it.(making fun of torres,we get and you get over it) support chelsea players blimey!
  15. Cesc Fabregas

    This is really turninig out to be another falcao hulk sagas!