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  1. Andreas Christensen

    No return clause for Christensen.
  2. The English Football Thread

    Supporters CAN make a difference! Now let's get JT that new contract.
  3. 18. Loïc Rémy

    Would be insanely stupid, 20m euro isn't even that much.
  4. John Dempsey

    Wikipedia led me to an article which said he has been working at the Springwood Crescent Centre since 1988. Maybe you can give them a ring? Springwood Crescent, Edgware, Middlesex, South East England, United Kingdom HA8 8FT     020-8958-8123
  5. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    No to Sarri we don't need racist homophobes!
  6. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Really really don't think so but I hope I'm wrong! I feel sick about the whole thing.
  7. The English Football Thread

    I like em. No sponsor. 
  8. 5. Kurt Zouma

    No chance he'll be fit in six months. Will be closer to a year.
  9. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Diego Costa did his ACL too a few years back. There's hope.
  10. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Can't be good news now, the scan was this morning. If it was good they would've let us know by now.
  11. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Good news today I hope...I keep thinking about him screaming! Not cool that they didn't cut to a different camera or shut off the fucking mic!
  12. Islam Feruz

    Bizarre. Kid should've just stayed in Scotland for his development.
  13. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Musonda >>>> Boga
  14. NFL/College Football (the pointy kind) Fans

    Cam didnt hit the dab next year tho