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  1. Stamford Bridge thread

    The real CFC died the day he bought us. But your right its sad to think of CFC leaving the brigde, but has to be if we want top players, and be ready to compete with top clubs in the future.
  2. Josh McEachran

    Some talented and gifted player just dont make it. Could he be one of them?.
  3. Stamford Bridge thread

    Fair enough, move on...
  4. Stamford Bridge thread

    Intelligent answer from a man who call himself the devils advocate, i rest my case.
  5. Marko Marin

    Thats a really good signing dear little Roman and your board. He will be a top classic player here at CFC absolutely no doubt. By the way about (in)consistent has shit to do about age, only a kiddo would come with such bullshit.
  6. Stamford Bridge thread

    Would be a fantastic epic/iconic place to build our new home. But it will be very sad and emotinal to leave the Brigde. But sometimes you have to put your emotions away, it has to be if we want to follow the money road in modern top football, 40-41.000 is simply not enough.
  7. 4. Andreas Christensen

    Great talent, now lets use it in the future.
  8. Fernando Torres

    This kid aint gonna shine in Chelsea because we aint a club building a team on one player only. Look at his past when and why was he a killer in front?. Because he was the only one up there getting served. Here he plays almost as a wing, and there are many players who want the ball and want to finish, and thats not bad except for the kid. Now he plays like a build up to goal server and our idiot coach says that is good?, that not El Nino!. Alot of Benching time and a big ego to compite with, yeah,. the great Drog. I really doubt he can shine here at CFC, but i have no doubt he aint finished yet, and his next club will see him comeback. We just dont have the play style and time to get him back on track, and who can blame us?. Except i blame our idiot owner for letting his desire control his brain function.
  9. Gary Cahill

    You all use to much brain power on wage. Jugde him on his play!. Welcome to CFC Cahill, i`m sure you will be a rock solid defender.
  10. Edinson Cavani

    He is a dream, that won't come true.
  11. General Transfer Talk

    Christmas is over, stop this dreaming shit...
  12. Oriol Romeu

    Of couse he will return to Barcelona. Boas is not telling the truth!. They can buy him back in 2012 for 10 mill or wait until 2013 for 15 mill. its like a loan deal that simpel, they send him out but made sure they have first say on whatever he return or not, like saying we belive in your for the future. On call from Pep and he is back in 2012 or 13. They send him to Pl to be a strong though player which they can and will use in the future. So lets enjoy him while we can.
  13. Daniel Sturridge

    Thats okey, and i understand why it could be read as sarcasm. But it wasnt ment to be. And i would have used another smiley if it should have been sacastic.
  14. Josh McEachran

    Thats okey, and maybe not at the moment, but in the last 12 month thats what almost every football magazine etc. has voted him to be.
  15. Josh McEachran

    On the other hand we couldnt use Eriksen either