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  1. Frank Lampard

    Yes of course he does. I'm not knocking Frank, he has been a Chelsea legend - but a new contract when he is already here till 35, no chance...
  2. Frank Lampard

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/3951996/Chelsea-news-Frank-Lampard-keen-on-new-contract.html Of course you want to stay for longer Frank, on 150k a week who wouldn't....plus Ms Bleakley has just lost her job on TV!!!
  3. Fernando Torres

    AVB at todays press conference 'he has picked up from last season not only with his form physically but his availability in terms of movement for the team. 'He is back to his old sharpness and back to goal scoring so we are pretty happy with him the way he is performing. So we just have to make a decision in terms of what we want in behaviour from our front line. Fernando will always be in contention for that.' Interesting, we don't usually see Torres singled out for praise before a game...AVB thinking along my lines???
  4. Fernando Torres

    True, but he would have to want the move or he could reject it....I think Malaga would be the best option - realistically they are the only side in Spain who would pay his wages and country I think Torres would go to...Lets not forget also how much revenue his shirt sales have made us, espcially in Asia....lets stick with him till the end of the season, but if we are having the same conversations then, than even the most diehard Torres fans must realise he has to go..
  5. Fernando Torres

    That will be a part of how AVB will be judged. Carlo could not do it, so it won't be easy....
  6. Fernando Torres

    Agreed, consistancy is the problem with Torres and it's up for AVB to get this out of him...He is not another Sheva, still only 27, which should be the prime of his career...I have doubts about wether Sturridge could be the main CF at Chelsea longterm. I know he is only young and inexperienced but his tendancy to use that left foot every time hinders him. I hope i'm wrong but time will tell.. As for Torres, I going to stay positive that this is the game he will give us his all and be a matchwinner
  7. Fernando Torres

    But this is the problem, with these new financial rules we do not have the choice of another expensive option.....Torres is on 175k a week, even if we get someone interested they wont pay even half of that and would probably want him on loan, so we would have to front up the rest. The replacement would want at least 100k a week and with the transfer fee I dont think think we could afford it, as we already have huge debt. Unless we can get Anelka, Kalou, Drogba and Malouda of the wage bill I think we are stuck with him. That is why AVB needs to man manage him better. Torres said yesterday that he loves Benitez and gave everything for him, why not approach Rafa and ask how to manage him?????
  8. Fernando Torres

    Not so sure about that....in my Chelsea life, Robert Fleck, Paul Furlong and Chris Sutton come to mind..
  9. Fernando Torres

    What frustrates me with him is that he has showed he can still do it in a Chelsea shirt but only very rarely. The only games where I have thought "wow, that is the old Torres" are the games against Stoke, Man U and 1st half v Genk at home.... Why can't he give that level of effort in all games??. If it does not happen for him then fine, but at least try your best... We have to stay positive with him and at least his performances this year have not been as bad as when we first signed him when some of the performances were embarrasing...his allround play is ok now and he does have a few assists, but obviously for £50m we expect more.
  10. Fernando Torres

    He did well against Man Ure and that was at OT, where he got untold stick....you know if Torres is up for a game, as when he recieves the ball he looks to go on a bit of a run down either flank. When he is hiding he will look for the simple pass. Also his movement off the ball is important, when he is sprinting to find the space you know he is game, if he is just jogging about he is not interested. He did well against Man Ure and that was at OT, where he got untold stick....you know if Torres is up for a game, as when he recieves the ball he looks to go on a bit of a run down either flank. When he is hiding he will look for the simple pass. Also his movement off the ball is important, when he is sprinting to find the space you know he is game, if he is just jogging about he is not interested.
  11. Fernando Torres

    Well I don't think he has been trying hard enough in the last couple of games. It is obvious he has not been giving 100% lately..
  12. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Gotta be Valencia, that could be a top place decider if we dont get a result in Germany.....plus any Spanish side will look to win the game, so it will be open. Dalgleish has already said he will not be playing a strong side and u know he will go 4-5-1, looking for the 1-0 win..
  13. Stamford Bridge thread

    How about Ashley just changing St James Park to the Sports direct Stadium for no extra revenue for the club, in the "hope" of attracting bidders in the future.... Talk about totally shitting on your fans....he really knows how to piss those Geordie's off, does Hertfordshire born Newcastle fan Ashley....
  14. Stamford Bridge thread

    Anyone got any info on figures for the naming rights - how much could we realistically get????
  15. Stamford Bridge thread

    I knew there was a joke in thier somewhere!!!
  16. Stamford Bridge thread

    Interesting stuff indeed FB, lets hope you don't wake up tomorrow with a horses head in your bed!!
  17. Fernando Torres

    But then who takes the right berth?? only options are Kalou or Anelka...or Mata on the right with Malouda on the left....I think we have to stick with the front 3 of Mata Torres and Sturridge but something needs to be done with Torres to get his confidence back.....if I was AVB I would contact Benitez or Del Bosque asking for tips to get the best out of him..
  18. Michael Essien

    Bet Josh is well pleased about this news.....
  19. Fernando Torres

    Exactly, Torres still has it but is not producing the required effort consistantly enough. I think the media have destroyed him confidence wise...he is scared to do the things that he used to do incase it does not come off... AVB should pull him aside and play to his ego....keep telling him he is still a world class striker and the best we have...fact is we need him firing desperately at the moment. If AVB does not fancy Sturridge in the middle then he is our only option...
  20. Fernando Torres

    It appears to me that he is just not trying hard enough, I was watching him when we attacked last night and most of the time he just jogs into the box, not looking to bust a gut to get in the best position and why would a CF not want to take a penalty??.
  21. Fernando Torres

    Agree, I dont think Torres is giving 100% in every game anymore. He seems to pick and chose his games and that is not acceptable. The fans liked Sheva because he always gave 100%, the same cannott be said of Torres lately..... I think it is time to give Sturridge a go as the central striker and play Mata and Anelka either side..
  22. Stamford Bridge thread

    Chill.......lets see what the club's response is first....
  23. Stamford Bridge thread

    Check the official website, there is a quote from Buck "Obviously we are disappointed but we recognise and we respect totally that the shareholders of Chelsea Pitch Owners have spoken. We will meet with Mr Abramovich and the rest of the board and we will decide what action, if any, we will take going forward."
  24. Stamford Bridge thread

    Who is realistically gonna have the dough for those sites off thier own back like Roman though??.....we will still get our first choice i'm sure....you never know they could submit a new proposal by next week...
  25. Stamford Bridge thread

    This wont be the end of it i'm sure.....common sense will prevail in the end....