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    boring , boring CFC.

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  1. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Chelsea have no creative midfielder. Chelsea have no suitable left-back. Chelsea have no suitable deputy striker. Chelsea have no commanding goalkeeper or competition. Chelsea have no commanding centre-back. Fact.Fact.Fact. But yeah, save it all for the summer when Liga Europa will start .
  2. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Win percentage with Kanté this season: 36% Win percentage without Kanté this season: 71% The sample size is getting increasingly bigger and the signs aren't good. It's not even about Kanté playing bad because he doesn't, it's about him not suiting our needs in most games.
  3. Newcastle - Chelsea

    This is too much , this is not normal , this is shit .
  4. Newcastle - Chelsea

    West Ham , Bournemouth , Southampton , Brighton , Newcastle - 13 points . Too much .
  5. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Time to S T O P The hype and face the realities. Chelsea need to buy. Chelsea dont have a top class players in this squad . Fact .
  6. Newcastle - Chelsea

    I could be a very good center defender or goalkeeper for Chelsea at this moment ......I will join for free
  7. Newcastle - Chelsea

    First Brighton now this ..... fuck off . No fucking words
  8. Newcastle - Chelsea

    And there are those that think we don't need any signings this month. Tell you what, the attacking options we had coming off that bench were truly pathetic. We need a signing, end off.
  9. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Typical Chelsea Fuck off . Really
  10. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Fuck off . Bullshit !!!!
  11. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Nice bullshit .
  12. Newcastle - Chelsea

    anti football from Newcastle
  13. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Park the bus stupid castle
  14. Newcastle - Chelsea

    Come onnnn