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  1. Charly Musonda Jr.

      Would be a dream, we have so many great young players, Boga, Musonda, RLC, Christnson, Aina, Jay Da Silva, JCS, Abraham, Colkett (his passing range ) etc,, obviously not all are good enough but we should give em a try. Pochettino has created one of the most exciting energetic teams in England by trusting the youth. 
  2. The Serie A Thread

    Really impressed with the football Napoli is playing this season, wonderful to watch. 
  3. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Zouma is a player who relies so much on his pace and power, i  really hope it isn't a ACL injury, players are rarely the same when they come back from one.
  4. The Hiddink Thread

    He's a good man manager but tactically he's a bit of a dinosaur IMO.
  5. The Hiddink Thread

    Fucking poor from him tonight, left two defensive midfielders on for 70 mins when it was clear we were struggling  to create, lets not forget Matic was beyond woeful yet again, so poor. 
  6. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    I would rather Howe than Hughes or Ranieri tbh, the football he's got Bournemouth playing is unbelievable. 
  7. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Courtois' distribution is so so poor. 
  8. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Tbf Ramires is just as bad, sure he can run for days but what else does he offer? 
  9. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Mikel-Matic pivot again? ffs...
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    Yeah it does sound strange, but wouldn't put it past Jose to do something like that..
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    Wouldn't surprise me tbh, always felt he wanted the United job. 
  12. 12. John Mikel Obi

    I like the fact that he's composed on the ball and able to pass quickly  (unlike Matic) but Jesus for a defensive midfielder he's poor at defending when we're not sitting deep. Just so slow and lethargic, It was so easy for Barkley to turn him.
  13. January Transfer Window - Likely Ins and Outs

    Linked with Scott Dann... Fucking hell. Emenalo needs to get his finger out. 
  14. Alexandre Pato

    For some reason I can see this risk paying off and being a master stroke, but tbh I said the same when we signed Falcao... So who knows.
  15. 5. Kurt Zouma

     He's one of the worst players at playing from the back and struggles to keep composure when getting pressed, honestly don't know what you're watching if you think he hardly gives the ball away...  He is a good defender, has pace and can tackle, a huge talent but i guarantee most members on this forum will agree with me when i say his passing/composure on the ball is dreadful.