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  1. Fernando Torres

    Del Bosque to once again starts a tournament with a false #9--starting Fabergas instead of Torres or Negredo. DB started the WC with Silva as a false #9 and lost to the Swiss...and dropped Silva.
  2. Fernando Torres

    DB has not said anything. The press has speculated and have chosen their favorites but DB has never said anything. Twitter is saying Torres is starting. I'm not sure if it's official.
  3. Fernando Torres

    Hmmm guys, dial down the expectations a bit...there's a good chance he isn't even going to start against Italy. Negredo started the last friendly--where DB started 8 of the expected starting 10 (minus the CF). Torres will play in the Euros. Remember even when he was off-form and unfit in 2010, Del Bosque used him in all 7 of Spain's games. Just don't be disappointed if he's not starting today or in Spain's other games.
  4. Fernando Torres

    I can't access the Javi Martinez thread in the Transfer section so I'll put this here: http://www.sportyou.es/blog/futbol/2012/06/05/javi-martinez-yo-era-del-atletico-por-torres-415042.html Mata came partly because of Torres. Martinez is a Torres fanboy! Get on this Roman! I don't want to see Martinez at City.
  5. Fernando Torres

    I don't think he will be as fast as he was before 2010. It's natural with age and injuries to slow down a bit. Having said that, he's still probably faster than a lot of CFs. But he's not the young fast Torres anymore. Watch highlights from the 2006 World Cup, he was incredible then, like a blur.
  6. Fernando Torres

    Hmmm...thought he was poor yesterday actually. Negredo was worst in the first half but Torres could have sealed the starting spot with a goal in the 2nd and didn't. He did have 3 or 4 decent chances. I would love for him to start against Italy but the general feeling was that whoever started the China game was most likely the starter for Italy because Del Bosque put out team of the likely XI for next Sunday. I don't know if Torres did enough in the 2nd half to change Del Bosque's mind. Negredo is a big favorite of his.
  7. Fernando Torres

    Saw the highlights and Torres should had a brace. At the end of the first half Monreal made an unnecessary pass to an egregiously offside Mata. The thing is Torres played the line properly and if Mata hadn't been there, it would have been a tap-in for Torres. Mata was so far offside and yet so shocked by the call. Does he not understand the offside rule?
  8. Fernando Torres

    If you're good enough to get picked for Spain, you're probably good enough for most teams. Except for defense, the defense today was appalling. I've never seen Arbeloa play that badly. He was doing a Bos impersonation today at RB.
  9. Fernando Torres

    Mata, disappointing in front of goal. Arbeloa is having a nightmare. Del Bosque better look elsewhere for a RB. He's given the ball away constantly and doesn't have the pace to make up ground. This is about the stupidest I have seen Spain play in awhile.
  10. Fernando Torres

    Soldado finished the season with 1 goal in 10 games. He was already on thin ice as Del Bosque has never fancied him. Don't know why but I have heard it's down to how Del Bosque balances his team on and off the pitch. In selecting Torres and Negredo, DB has taken one striker who plays fast and on the counter while the other has a good overall game and retains the ball well. Negredo is the latter and in choosing Torres, DB has gone with experience and team dynamics. Torres has been with the team for over 90 caps, is one of Spain's captains and whatever you say about him, he's part of the XIV that has won everything. Also Torres on form is better than Soldado on form. There is a class difference--and yes Soldado has been better than Torres the last 2 years but no on current form. Lastly, Torres is well-liked in the dressing room and has long term friendships/relationships with both Barca and RM players. Whereas I have heard Soldado can be prickly. Lastly, I believed and was proven right that as long as Torres showed DECENT form, Del Bosque wasn't going to the Euros without both Villa and Torres. No way. Del Bosque is very much about familiarity and harmony. I think Llorente or Negredo will start. If Del Bosque does start Torres, I hope he speeds up the Barca style a bit as methodical possession football is not really Torres' gig. I think DB really likes Negredo even though he may have had a meh season--he's pretty conservative at heart and likes Negredo's overall game and ability to hold up the ball. I know Torres' ball retention sometimes drives DB mad.
  11. Juan Mata

    From your lips to God's ears.
  12. Juan Mata

    And Silva is the PL champion. And more likely to start for Spain. And I think, a better passer. Both are great, I don't think there's any need to denigrate Silva. When on form, Silva is amazing to watch.
  13. Fernando Torres

    A combo of #1 & 3. Torres and Sturridge as main CFs. Buy Hulk as 1st RW and have him as #3/emergency CF. Lukaku to go out on loan and play 30 games minimum. So even if it's a championship side, do it. He needs to play every week. Great potential, but very, very raw. Let Bamford/Feruz play as CF in the Carling Cup if against non-PL side. #4 Could be a figment of the press' imagination. And even if it's true, AVB had assurances from Abramovich too, remember?
  14. Fernando Torres

    Torres hasn't talked to English press for YEARS, unless forced to at club press conferences. It explains the very bitter and gleeful way they attack him for every little thing he does or say. His timing was very, very poor in this instance. But the media was always going to make it 100X worse. Perhaps he should wise up and cynically make a couple of friends in the English press and that way, he'll at least have a defender or two like the English stars do. But nah, he won't. Stubborn.
  15. Fernando Torres

    According to a Spanish blogger for AS (who is probably Torres' biggest/closest backer in the Spanish media), Torres had played along side DD all week in training and only found out the afternoon of the final he wasn't starting. Like all players, he wants to start the big games. For this one, he was basing it on some pretty solid evidence that he would. RDM made the call that contradicted Torres belief. Understandably he was very disappointed. He should have kept mum about it but in the heat of the mixed zone, stuff happens. So, no, Torres did not expect to start in place of DD.