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  1. Oscar

    He will go I think, Jose has a habit of stripping players back a bit so they learn the team needs to work hard and as a unit (Hazard and Willian) It work for said players but appears to have made Oscar a worse player all round. Hasn't contributed much at all and not as eye catching as he was when he first arrived. Calling Paul Pogba anyone?
  2. Fulham v Chelsea

  3. Fulham v Chelsea

  4. Fulham v Chelsea

    Good Link Please?
  5. Domestic Cup Competitions thread

    Yes mate i'm going!
  6. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Well When you talk about books for work "The subsea enginerring handbook" is over £80 So to answer your question....Yes illegal Free
  7. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Guys can you help me! Has anyone got a Kindle for reading books? I was wondering where you download the ebooks for these for free? But proper books, not the free ones you usually get online, like autobiographys etc?
  8. Fernando Torres

    I'd rather have only Ba to choose from than this joker...Just put a late bid in for someone like Michu/Berba/Fletcher til the end of the season... Torres scores on average a goal every 246 minutes or something....
  9. Fernando Torres

    You're a gimp mate
  10. Fernando Torres

    I can think of 4 things he did that game...Could analyze... 1. The shot he smashed into Row Z - Proved he still can't shoot. 2. The cross for hazard - Never reached its intended Target 3. The pea roll shot - Yes! something on target! But shot was literally about as hard as a 4 year would kick. Shit. 4. The run where it looked as if he had pace, beat the defender in on goal, poo's himself - Looked what happened, keeper must be so relieved when he's running towards them. Ba came on and yes should of scored, but rounded the keeper with ease and shot was going in, good block be Vermalen. Get this prick out is the conclusion
  11. Fernando Torres

    I hope it's true...Fucking Nobhead Torres...Imagine if he went Liverpool with Sturridge!
  12. Daniel Sturridge

    Better than Torres. Torres would never be in that position he was today. Looked decent. Wrong guy left.
  13. Frank Lampard

    I watched the match, did you watch yesterday? the whole team was poor for 30 mins. Noone is saying he is the lamps of old, BUT the fact he keeps scoring, keeps producing the decisive passes, and STILL gets into goalscoring positions (which he usually scores, could of had a trick yesterday) mean he deserves this contract, hes EARNED it. Torres does not even get into the positions lamps does and hes suppose to be our main striker? How can you say move him on. He's producing week in, week out. If you're basing what you say on the first 30 of yesterday, then Hazard should go and Mata cause they were non existent for the first 30. Hazard bottled 50/50's and had a number of misplaced passes, but look what happened, the goal came through luck then the team came together and showed up. Hazard was immense after that. Have a word.
  14. Frank Lampard

    Our club is fuckng ridiculous sometimes...Watch the MOTD analysis....Unreal...He ran the fucking game. HOW can we not be giving him a contract and keep that cunt Torres. if lampard goes it's one of the worst bits of business we have ever done. His performances alone warrant a contract. Fucking joke. Same said about cole. Give them both two year deals. Even if they only give you one more season. You can command a fee. That covers their wages. not to mention Lamps saying he'd take a pay cut. Unbelievable.
  15. Fernando Torres

    Hey Torres This is you --------> Prick