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  1. Deadline Day!

    What are u thoughts about deadline day? Which are players that u expect Chelsea to sign, and which are players u expect Chelsea to sold? IN: Modric, and i expect one crazy signing again from nothing. OUT:Kalou, Malouda, Benayoun.
  2. Anthony Martial

    I will never again say one bad word about our board if they somehow bring Martial to Chelsea
  3. Next Manager?

    #Napoli’s coach Maurizio Sarri has rejected #Zenit St.Petersburg’s offer, a source has told @CalcioNapoli24. Zenit was ready to pay his €8M release clause. #CFC (via @claudioruss)
  4. The Conte Thread

    Sacking Conte would be one of the worst decisions ever made by Abramovic
  5. The Conte Thread

    "He's a great player and he knows very well that in my first season in Juventus we tried to buy him from Udinese and then he decided to go to Udinese," said Conte. "I have great admiration for great players, I think Alexis Sanchez is one of these players. "If Manchester City want Alexis Sanchez, they buy Alexis Sanchez and they don't have problem. "I think it's a good investment because we are talking about a top player and I'm hearing that the amount is around £20m. If you buy Alexis Sanchez with a normal price maybe 80 or 90 million euros." Conte trying his best
  6. The Conte Thread

    Our board must be smart and keep this man for many many years, he seems to know how to get players to play with passion for whole 90 minutes. Our bench looked really great today + few youngester this should be good until January, then we can maybe try to get Sanchez here, if we continue to improve and show that we are conteders he could easily come here, or maybe our board will do some unexpected magic and negotiate deal with Atletico for Griezmann which will include Diego Costa, but we should wait for that when time comes. In Conte We Trust!
  7. Deadline Day!

    Maybe they want to sign Mahrez and Drinkwater together..only hope left
  8. Deadline Day!

    Any news for Mahrez? What have I missed?
  9. Deadline Day!

    Would be more than happy if that become reality. Apart from them having great scouting they always have some players who could fit in Conte system perfectly. Also Mihajlovic is manager who is always going to give some youth players chance, maybe we can send them some players on loan to return atleast some favour.
  10. Deadline Day!

    We should try to sign Adrien Silva from Sporting (Leicester want him to replace Drinkwater), he is 10x better player than Drinkwater, similar to Vidal.
  11. Deadline Day!

    So City is getting Sanchez for 55M and our stupid fucking retarted board is just watching that, what a fucking joke this club is becoming with this useless board
  12. Deadline Day!

    Monitoring the situation
  13. Deadline Day!

    Daily Mail >>> Sky Sports
  14. Deadline Day!

    also chelsea is favorite to sign him according to sky bet, sky is awful this year
  15. Deadline Day!

    Lichtsteiner on 1 year loan, u read it here first
  16. Ross Barkley

    That's the problem. 35m for Oxlade, 40m for Drinkwater?, 25m for Barkley, that's 100M POUNDS for three players who will be squad players at best, too much money! If those 3 players aren't "homegrown players" we could sign them for 60M combined, just because they are from England price goes insane, u don't need to be a genius scout to find 3 players with similar quality for less money, but again the key is homegrown. Tottenham paid 23m for Aurier who could easily walk in our starting 11 and bossing the right wing, but people will say he has off the pitch problems don't want him here, for Oxlade will say Conte will make him great, he could easily do that with Aurier and fix his hot head bla bla bla. I don't have a strong opinion about Oxlade and Barkley, and if we sign them would love both of them to prove me wrong.
  17. Petr Cech

    Petr Cech has conceded more goals in 3 years at Arsenal than he did in his 11 years at Chelsea. Don't be surprised if he sue Chelsea for accepting bid from Arsenal
  18. Ross Barkley

    Average player at his best, just like Oxlade, u can find bunch of players like them in Spain, Italy, Germany for 15M max
  19. Fernando Llorente

    Chelsea trying everything to sign Llorente while City is doing the same but with the Sanchez
  20. The Conte Thread

  21. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    After these Watzke words I would not be surprised if we go all in for Sanchez, not so much options, or our board will pay whatever Torino wants for Belotti
  22. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    Chelsea close in on £65million Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang swoop as Antonio Conte prepares to offload Diego Costa http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/chelsea-close-65million-pierre-emerick-10801255