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  1. transfer ban has been reduced
  2. Anthony Martial

    I will never again say one bad word about our board if they somehow bring Martial to Chelsea
  3. Next Manager?

    #Napoli’s coach Maurizio Sarri has rejected #Zenit St.Petersburg’s offer, a source has told @CalcioNapoli24. Zenit was ready to pay his €8M release clause. #CFC (via @claudioruss)
  4. The Conte Thread

    Sacking Conte would be one of the worst decisions ever made by Abramovic
  5. The Conte Thread

    "He's a great player and he knows very well that in my first season in Juventus we tried to buy him from Udinese and then he decided to go to Udinese," said Conte. "I have great admiration for great players, I think Alexis Sanchez is one of these players. "If Manchester City want Alexis Sanchez, they buy Alexis Sanchez and they don't have problem. "I think it's a good investment because we are talking about a top player and I'm hearing that the amount is around £20m. If you buy Alexis Sanchez with a normal price maybe 80 or 90 million euros." Conte trying his best
  6. The Conte Thread

    Our board must be smart and keep this man for many many years, he seems to know how to get players to play with passion for whole 90 minutes. Our bench looked really great today + few youngester this should be good until January, then we can maybe try to get Sanchez here, if we continue to improve and show that we are conteders he could easily come here, or maybe our board will do some unexpected magic and negotiate deal with Atletico for Griezmann which will include Diego Costa, but we should wait for that when time comes. In Conte We Trust!
  7. Petr Cech

    Petr Cech has conceded more goals in 3 years at Arsenal than he did in his 11 years at Chelsea. Don't be surprised if he sue Chelsea for accepting bid from Arsenal
  8. The Conte Thread

  9. Andrea Belotti

    Apparently this is his car...
  10. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    New right back unless Azpi will play there is Chelsea sign Rudiger and give a chance to Christensen
  11. Andrea Belotti

    Pay whatever is the price for this guy. He is going to be best striker in the world in year or two. He is almost unstoppable right now and with right coaching and training he will only improve and be better. He is now better than Lukaku and Morata combined, better finisher than Lukaku and amazing with technique, know how to dribble, how to run with the ball, first touch really great for player that is also strong, he is the better version of Costa. Hazard, Belotti and Pedro/Willian or a new winger? would be deadly. Belotti, Rudiger, Alex Sandro?, another midfielder, right back and maybe winger is a must signings to improve our squad to compete in Premier League and Champions League. We have money for that and we need new players on those positions in my opinion. Hopefully Conte will sign new contract because Abramovich will sign players that he really wants. Right now it seems that board is trying to bring players that Conte wants (Sandro, Bakayoko, Rudiger) and now Belotti or Morata. But for now I think that fans need to be patient and wait what will happen in next 10-15 days. I hope that we will sign atleast 3/4 players by that time.
  12. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    New right back, left back - Sandro?, central midfielder - Bakayoko?, striker - Lukaku/Morata/Lacazette, are those our targets for this transfer window? Do we need another cb because Christensen is back? Another winger like Mahrez?
  13. Diego Costa

    chat shit get banged at finest
  14. Cesc Fàbregas

    Still one of the best playmakers in the world. I hope that Conte will use him in the same way as he used Pirlo because Fabregas is the one of few players that can play the "Regista" role perfectly. Chelsea need to keep him because his passing skills and vision will never go down. and only players who can replace him are Verratti and Thiago as someone said here before.
  15. Eden Hazard

    Let's say those reports about him going to RM is true and he eventually end up there at the end of the season, who is going to replace him? Sanchez is 28 years old and there is probably no big chance for Chelsea to sign him. Mbappe could be an option but he will probably sign for RM. Griezmann wants to stay atleast one more year in Atletico Madrid. Dybala is unrealistic target. Coutinho is the inconsistent genius but I think he will leave Liverpool only if there is a chance to join Barcelona. James isn't the type of player that Hazard is, Bale is injury prone. This is really fucked up situation...