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  1. WOW, nice donation to TalkChelsea mate!

  2. Marko Marin

    Good signing, really cheap and really talented - he is injury prone though. Bremen's president expressed that he is not interested in Lukaku so I doubt he'll be leaving.
  3. Hey man it's been a while, how you doing? :)

  4. Hey guv. Could you get on MSN and give me the cPanel details for FootballRenders. I want to upgrade it to 3.2.1 and add a couple of new things. I formatted my computer and lost the file containing the cpanel details. Thank you ;)

  5. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    First of all, well done Jim on converting the forum to IPB 3.2 aswell as creating an awesome skin for it! I absolutely love it. Secondly, regarding the "delete posts" suggestion - I highly disagree. Members should never be given moderation powers, because that's what the moderators are for - to moderate the forums and make sure that everything is working correctly aswell as making sure that everyone are having a pleasant stay here at TalkChelsea. I don't know if more should be said about this. At the end of the day, it's all up to you, however, I would not recommend it. Just wondering (since I haven't been on here for a while), why is there no more a main website/portal? Keep up the good work guys - your administration is really good!
  6. Sorry guys, better luck next year!

  7. Oh hell no. You ain't getting Kaká. Forget it!

    1. Rambo


      yes we are, then we'll sell him to West Ham.

  8. You better win against Man UTD next week :P

  9. Arsenal have never been this important for you guys before, lol. They are doing you a huge favour.

  10. Its for that users online thing which i cba to pay for.

  11. Chelsea Pre-Cut Renders

    Here's my latest: