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  1. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Allegri sounds pretty fantastic, get him here already.
  2. Chelsea v Scunthorpe

    Hey let's blame Mourinho you guys...
  3. Eva Carneiro Leaves Chelsea

    I don't care about any of this and I hope it ends asap because it's really rustling my jimmies
  4. Crystal Palace 0-3 Chelsea

    Nice win but let's not start with the circle jerk quite yet.
  5. Forum Update

    Not too shabby.
  6. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    For the sake of the club's identity, I hope Guardiola.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    I'm one of Mourinho's biggest admirers, but there's no way I'll accept a home defeat to Bournemouth. Time for a change.
  8. 19. Diego Costa

    Haha you douche, one doesn't f*ck with Mourinho!
  9. 19. Diego Costa

    Wait, so now he's arguing with Mourinho too? What's next, they grab each other by the throat in front of cameras for the world to see? I want this retard out of my club now.
  10. 19. Diego Costa

    I think I want Costa out for the reasons other people want Mourinho out.
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    New poll, same answer.
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    Nailed it.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    The former. That comment was made referring to the one 'great' season he's had here. Last season I praised him more than just once, it's not like I'm trying to hide it.
  14. Last Film You Watched

    Uh... who cares, Ghost in the Shell is a terrible movie.
  15. The Mourinho Thread

    I still don't agree - I don't think we won the title because of luck or because we won games we shouldn't have, that's unfair to the team and the manager for not giving them enough credit. As for the league being weak I don't buy it. City are pretty much the same team with the same style/philosophy, but last season they were no match for us. If they're the ones to win the league this year will they still be weak champions because we're in crisis and United are in stage #2 of their rebuild, or something? I doubt it.