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  1. Kostas Manolas

    Rumour has it we are looking at a double swoop for him and Naingolan. Not a big source but I ain't creating this thread purely because of the rumour, what I want to ask to the avid viewersof Italian football is how good is he? And would he be good enough to be our main defender next season?
  2. Daniele Rugani

    Got a feeling Rudi might end up at fullback if we revert to back 4.Question marks on Alonso in one and im not convinced by Emerson yet, and Rudi is our best player at dealing with fast tricky wingers, as he shown spectacularly against Salah.
  3. Next Manager?

    I think Zola is Steve Holland's replacement as the club based number 2. Last season we let Conte bring in his own replacement for Steve but the general rule in the Roman era is we have a club based assistant to go alongside the manager's own staff and it's worked well.
  4. Next Manager?

    Why the hell is everyone getting worked up, it's clearly happening exactly when (within reason) isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.
  5. Next Manager?

    Do you really think it's as simple as them "not wanting to play Conte's football" what they just turned up one day and randomely decided they didn't like him anymore? We are a successful team, we don't win trophy's because we have submissive choir boys who unconditionally pander to wills of the manager. It's upto the gaffer to manage the characters correctly. That's what Fergie mastered, it's easy to say he booted the ego's that took him on, but that wasn't always the case. He kicked Beckham and Stam out because they were replacable, when Rooney took him on he was "punished" with a record breaking new deal, Keane may have been booted out in his twilight, but do you think he didn't do as bad if not worse than that interview in his prime? Managing big characters comes with the job in successful clubs and if managers can't get to grips with that it will prove their downfall at some point.
  6. 22. Willian

    During Mourinho's second season after he came back when players turned back on his, Willian was the only player drugging is forward. This season he was also one of our best players. Keeping him on the bench is on Conte. Lots of commentators were surprised to see him on the bench despite the fact that he create some this like 2 goals and score 3 himself. We pissed a league title with him on the bench mostly and even our best form last season came with the 352 alas him not playing. He's been a good player for us overall but i doubt we'd miss him that much. Why not? They can keep taking our assests once then are on the decline, if only Fergie out Woodward in happened a few years prior, we'd have had somewhere to send Kaloudanelka.
  7. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I think super sub is his best role for this world cup. If Southgate's going down the high intensity route he did in the first half he'd be tanked by half time every game, and thats just thinking the game in isolation and not the quick turnover.
  8. If it was a back four i'd agree, but with the wingback role the offense game must be factored in more, else we'd just get pinned into a back 5 vs any half decent side and get soundly beaten anyway. Betrand has a decent cross but his overall link up play lacks to much for wingback, although he could have been an option for LCB. Southgate is actually winning me over big time, for the first time in my lifetime there seems to be a genuine identity and direction with the national team.
  9. Lesser of the evils. Rose has spectacularly declined and other options like Bertrand and Shaw are too limited offensively for wing back.
  10. It's happening again, first blow and England just collapse mentally.
  11. General World Cup Thread

    Im very nervous with the keeper situation, im a fan of Pickford but i feel a massive mistake from him is inevitable.
  12. General World Cup Thread

    You think? Aside from Spain vs Portugal it's been crap.
  13. 27. Andreas Christensen

    If anyone in our squad needs a strong world cup it's him. He lost the plot after his error against Barcelona.
  14. Next Manager?

    Remember in the past when Marcelo Bielsa was a name some people wouldn't have said no to when it came to discussing our next manager? He's heading to Leeds. Good to know our 2015 title defense isn't the biggest fall from grace anymore.
  15. Next Manager?

    No he won't.
  16. Next Manager?

    And furthermore, even if the best happens with Conte ie gets everyone he wants, sorts his differences out and is so happy he signs a new deal, we'd be one meh window (which will happen at some point) away from him kicking up shit and acting like he's got Sunderland's squad all over again. Im not even sure it would even be worth having 16/17 Conte back if the deal with the devil is he reverts to 17/18 Conte again before long, firstly because with Pep and City bang in their prime even having 16/17 Conte back likely still won't be enough for the title and i can't face last seasons Conte again, if last year was his only year i'd consider him on the level of Scolari, if not worse.
  17. Next Manager?

    It's one thing to be concerned and show it in a constructive manner (like your doing), it's another when the club starts getting slagged off in ways i'd expect to see on Spurs forums.
  18. Next Manager?

  19. Next Manager?

    If Sarri happens, Pedro must stay. He is tailor made for the type of footy Sarri plays.
  20. 70. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Hardly, as good as Morris did managing us at youth level is the equivalent of managing Celtic. The U16 boss will step up and everything will be tickety-boo.
  21. Jamaal Lascelles

    From what little ive seen i get the opposite vive, he feels like another Andrew Robertson in terms of begging to make the step up.
  22. Nabil Fekir

    My friend reckons price was a problem as the Coutinho money is running out, quite ironic really as that's the type of thing were slated for.
  23. 22. Willian

    What your suggesting only works if it benefits the club. Fergie's often cited as the way to go, but he only "cut out the ego's" when he knew he could afford to, when Rooney took him on he was "punished" with a record breaking new deal. Player power is an overhyped phenomena (usually used to excuse manager's doing shit jobs), every single successful team have big characters that will happily challenge the manager, as Roy Keane said, you don't win trophy's with a dressing room full of submissive choir boys.
  24. Tomáš Kalas

    Fulham will never take that type of deal, for them this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make some serious cash.
  25. Next Manager?

    I don't think that's true at all, a member on there called Davey Baby regularly goes against the grain yet is unanimously considered the best poster on the site. The only part where both places differ is they don't allow the club and it's staff (players or otherwise) get slagged off in ways you'd expect to see on Spurs forum's. You would be fine because your criticism's constructive, it's the suspects that say things like "what a pathetic club" after a shitty twitter source claims one of our targets are heading elsewhere that would have a hard time.