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  1. 16. Edouard Mendy

    It's not so much he didn't get to them, more didn't even look like doing so. If he went the right way for a couple but was beaten due to the quality fair enough, but he was sold everytime. It's not a dealbreaker as i said Cech and Tibo were equally shit with pens but we may have to consider doing an LVG if/when we next head to a shoot-out.
  2. 16. Edouard Mendy

    The ironic thing is out of all our #1 keepers signed in the Roman era Kepa is probably the best at pens, Cech (Munich was an anomaly) and Courtois were crap with them aswell.
  3. Super Frank Thread

    I can't really comment on RDB's Ajax as I never seen them but taking a keen interest of Ten Hag's (not just in CL) I'd think he would be well suited to the squad we have with his style of play. I wouldn't want Pochettino for reasons I gave the other day. He's awful in the market (look at his transfers with Tottenham, the majority were hopeless), doesn't really play a style that suits our current squad, he isn't really that good at promoting youth either as many claim (Kane fell into his lap and Alli was signed from MK) and there's still huge question marks on whether he can keep his cool when the heat rises, 15/16 run in especially he totally cracked up.
  4. Super Frank Thread

    I think he's overcomplicated things since lockdown, i was by inlarge happy with things upto then.I wonder how different things would have looked if the shutdown didn't happen and we maintained the Gilmour inspired momentum.
  5. Super Frank Thread

    Carlo was hired for CL and couldn't even match previous efforts, so he was always going to be in trouble even with good league results. Apples and oranges!
  6. Super Frank Thread

    Absolutely no Pochettino and most definitely no Simeone. If the time comes where it's clear Lampard can't take us to the next level then Ten Hag is the perfect choice.
  7. Spurs - Chelsea

    IF time comes for Lampard we should go all out for Ten Hag in my opinion.
  8. Super Frank Thread

    Tbf there isn't exactly a shortage of people happy to bring if,buts and maybe's to the table whenever we narrowly win, like recently vs Brighton.
  9. Spurs - Chelsea

    That was my main worry about him, his lack of aggression going forward compared to the likes of Robertson, pre injury Mendy and even Tierney really stands out.
  10. Spurs - Chelsea

    Yeah no way did he want his record vs Frank creeping into the territorty of his vs Wenger.
  11. Spurs - Chelsea

    Yes there's a difference between constructive criticism and the bile and hatred you spill. There's a club in the Spanish capital that suits your style of support, maybe you try them out sometime.
  12. Spurs - Chelsea

    I went mad when Cech saved from Olic but when Bastian missed I got Moscow flashbacks.
  13. Spurs - Chelsea

    How did I survive the Munich shootout
  14. Spurs - Chelsea

    @Jason surely constant abuse of our players is grounds for warnings?
  15. Spurs - Chelsea

    Where you the one that said "0-0 and Drogba got both" in his first season?
  16. Spurs - Chelsea

    Quickly back after your cowardly hiding act after he got us back in Saturday I see.
  17. Spurs - Chelsea

    Do players reguarly piss during a game? I know Auba did it last year but never heard of someone doing It before that.
  18. Spurs - Chelsea

    I think we're owed a few bad ones where the keeper bails us out tbf.
  19. Spurs - Chelsea

    I've been critical of Kante being selected seemingly no matter what but ofcourse we'll bring him on when defending a lead.
  20. Spurs - Chelsea

    Is it me or is there some sort of trend for late 20s/early 30s guys dying their hair bleach blonde? Emerson, Aguero and I've seen it a few times on TV aswell.
  21. Spurs - Chelsea

    I'm more worried about the bedwetting if Reguillon has a better game tonight than Chilwell, will be excruciating.
  22. Spurs - Chelsea

    So it's taken 3 days after he dragged us back from 3 down for your vendetta to resume!
  23. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    He was good against BHA and Liverpool but still nowhere near his prime self (in my opinion). It's no coincidence his best games came in games we cede possesion, he can still be pretty useful in them but in games like WBA where it's up to us to take the initiative he looks lost. Rice seems more suited to this system as he will actually properly sit in and will know when to drift in between the two CB's to cover the fullbacks bombing on.
  24. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    He isn't our best player, Kante of 2020 is streets behind Kante 15-18. I probably wouldn't sell him right now as even with Rice we will need another defensive minded midfielder in the squad, however he should be a horses for courses squad player going forward.