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  1. The Conte Thread

    I'd take out Alonso, put Azpi on the left and Rudi at right back, Marcos would be Bosingwa level tragic in a flat back 4.
  2. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Da fuq have i just read?
  3. Chelsea - Roma

    Your probably right, but desperate times and all that. I know it's a different planet of football but in my team last season we had a player of similar build at RWB, and prepared our shape for when he was wiped out defensively and reverted to a back 4 with two DM's infront and it worked well, the fact our RCB was a natural RB helped.
  4. Chelsea - Roma

    This is probably the Vodka talking but maybe Musonda is worth a go there? Maybe Rudi on the other side to balance out Charly's lack of defensive nous.
  5. Chelsea - Roma

    You can give Conte a pass for the wingbacks but he has perfectly suitable alternatives to Cahill yet keeps picking him. And our team are still better than what we have been producing most of this season. I really hope he turns this round but some of his decision making this season has been horrific, the board narrativecan only excuse him to a point.
  6. Chelsea - Roma

    15/16 we would have lose tonight and got washed away by City, not that im positive about the current predictament but we are still some way away from thing's being that bad.
  7. Chelsea - Roma

    The board deserve their fair share of flak, but are they picking Cahill?
  8. Chelsea - Roma

    15/16 was just unprecedented, we can't compare that to this in terms of shitness that season was on another galaxy. However the performances of late bar Atletico have been right out of the 10/11 textbook from the lethargy to the reapeated mistakes by the manager. Sure there is a problem with the players and board to a point, but they aren't making Cahill captain nor repeatedly picking him.
  9. Chelsea - Roma

    Conte needs to buck his ideas up fast because this season is heading dangerously into Carlo 10/11 territory.
  10. The Conte Thread

    Conte needs to buck his ideas up fast because this season is heading dangerously into Carlo 10/11 territory.
  11. The Conte Thread

    The point is there will be suitable managers out there, if i followed other leagues like i use too i could probably earmark a few, but i don't, that would be the job of Roman and his advisors. If you were big on Conte in 2015 fair enough but you were 1 off a very few, i remember 1 person on here suggested him and got (verbally) slapped down. Well i would imagine we would first look at the "obvious" contenders, which would mean Simeone, Allegri, Ancelotti etc sounded out. If we did have to think more outside the box, i would imagine Jardim would be considered, maybe Sarri or possibly Marco Silva if he keeps it up. But as i have already alluded too, it's not my job to pick names and and even if i personally couldn't think of any, there will be option's out there that paid employee's of the club can identify, plus manager's would be chomping at the bit to come here as it's a no lose situation.
  12. Kevin de Bruyne

    Im not arguing most of that, i was on board with the sale at the time and i am not afraid to say it was up there with backing AVB as my biggest error of judgement as a Chelsea fan. The bit i am contesting is Georgey/Gullit's post that he buggered up the future of the club, which simply isn't true.
  13. The Conte Thread

    Would you have named Conte in 2015? It's not my job to identify managers. We won't, theres many top managers around, if the big names are unavailable it will require a bit of thinking outside the box like Spurs did with Poch. I hope Conte finds a way round this, but if the worst comes to the worst and his tenure collapses beyond repair, it's not in anyone's best intrest's to cling on.
  14. The Conte Thread

    I am not doubting Conte just yet but i always felt that "who can do better?" narrative to be quite simplistic. Two year's ago a lot of people wanted to keep Jose because apparently there was no one better but alas, there was. If Conte's tenure crashes and burns at any point ofcourse there will be better option's out there.
  15. Tammy Abraham

    Even more so when you factor in he's played for two defensive team's that lack creativity and the fact Ike Ugbo is finding the step upto mens football very difficult. I actually think in the next 2 season's he will be the top scorer in this league save for Aguero, Jesus, Lukaku, Kane and Morata, maybe Sanchez and Eden too.