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  1. Pep Guardiola To Manage Manchester City

    Well I'll use two other example's, Palace and Watford, been carried by Bolasie/Cabaye and Ighalo/Quique Flores respectively and in recent weeks both teams are being exposed. Tbh, even if he does take easy jobs, his outstanding work at Barca has earned him that right.
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    One paper saying were going to sell him for £25m
  3. Pep Guardiola To Manage Manchester City

    When I do watch La Liga and Bundesliga, the lesser sides strike me as more technically able, when I see games in the PL when two bottom half teams come head to head the lack of quality is alarming, take Villa for example, some cock ups theve made this season is beyond ameteur stuff, its just horrible.
  4. We have already got a fai bit of cash from player sales along with the TV money. Even last year their was wide reports we were chasing Pogba and its no secret we were prepared to blow a serious amount on Stones, shows the money and ambition is still there. Also in recent times when we so desparately needed to react in the market we have, 2012 our squad got stale and we needed young blood to add some fresh impetuous, we got that, 2014 we needed creativity and a forward who can score and lead the line, we got just that. We seem to be at ourbest in the market when we are in desperate need, and this summer will fall in that category.
  5. Pep Guardiola To Manage Manchester City

    Because no side in England are as good as Real, Barca and Bayern and even then Liverpool and City netted over 100 season before last. Could you imagine Norwich or West Brom at the Camp Nou? Would be massacre. Out ofthe league teams we have the traditional top seven Saints, Leicester and if we push it Stoke and hammers with a bit of quality, that leaves nine teams that are shite and Pep will take a shit on, 54 points to play for vs those teams and Pep's record suggest he will probably take about or close to 50 against them lot, he will more than likely take at least 13 vs Stoke/Leicester/Saints, which will mean 20 points out of 36 against the big boys will probably win it for him. Id love to bewrong, I really would, but I can't see past Pep dominating this league for the 3/4 years he is here, especially if he's getting the funds he's reportedly getting.
  6. Pep Guardiola To Manage Manchester City

    I am off the opinion that the lesser sides in this league are very overrated, on the ball most areclueless and lack any real technical skill, if Pep unleashes the pressing game to full effect I just cannot see any team below the standard of Liverpool/Everton coping with them even remotely.
  7. 17. Pedro Rodríguez

    I made a lengthy reply to this but internet cut me off and deleted everything, I'll write it up again in next couple of days.
  8. Pep Guardiola To Manage Manchester City

    Thing is, I think we can return to where we were next season with the right appointment and the astute transfer window similar to 2014 and 2012, unlike when we last dropped out of the top four (for Munich to save us) we still have a lot of quality in the squad. To compete with Pep can be done but we will have to keep up with the very high standards he will set at Eastland's, Pep teams sweep up against the lesser sides, we (or anyone hoping to compete with him) will need to match that or just be below that then beat him on head to head. That's why I'm sort off attracted to the idea if Sampaoli, his high energy attacking football is suited to flat track bullying, its a gamble with very high potential rewards.
  9. Pep Guardiola To Manage Manchester City

    Here is  some perspective for people who think Pep has had it easy at Bayern and anyone can do what he has done. Before last season they have only won three in a row once before, Pep is oncourse to win 3 in a row himself to add to the three in a row Bayern have done (him managing two). If they hold out to win the Bundesliga this season, it will be the first time they have ever done 4 in a row, yes I know Pep didn't manage for the first of them four but just shows how well he has done to maintain their dominance, its not easy. And just to add Barca won four in row early 90s but aside from that, they never did more than two until Pep showed up, infact if it wasn't for the genius of José and the sheer determination of our old guard, he would have sweeped up on La Liga and CL titles during his four years. Luckily he will only be at City for a few years, but its going to be a nightmare for us and the rest of the challengers, the guy is a genius.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    I mean in the eyes of the fans not the players, of course if Mou is to ever return, most of this squad will have to have been gone. Mourinho is a proud man and I think he left on good terms with the owner all things considered, so there will be no bad blood their, the reason I think he might be up for a 3rd spell in years to come is after all the history he has made for Chelsea I just can't for the life of me seeing him wanting to end it for good on those last four months, if the timing was right and he had a chance to return for 2 years later down the line, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if he returned to right this wrong. Obviously there are other factors to consider, if we were in a stable position under a manager who's football is opposite to Joses then it will be a non starter, but if we wind up in 2022 with our team in a similar outlook (in terms of playing personnel) to Inter 2008 and we were on the lookout for a new manager, then I can easily see the temptation to "marry again" would be there., for both parties.
  11. Last summer was tragic, but 2012 and 2014 were absolute brillian windows, that'l could easily happen again next summer.
  12. 5. Kurt Zouma

    I hope youre right but Kurt's game is all about pace and power, this is the worst injury he could have got, he might recover this time like Essien did after the first one, but if it happens for a second time it will likely be curtains for his career as a top player.
  13. 17. Pedro Rodríguez

    They could fuck up like last summer, but they could also pull off a masterstroke summer ala 2014/2012. Our board isn't perfect, but reading these sheer conspiracy theories about how they are plotting to ruin the club is hilarious, its like listening to my 10 year old cousion thinking the whole family hate him when he's told he can't have something.
  14. 17. Pedro Rodríguez

    Thankgod I thought I was going insane for a while. It's worth noting that similar things were being said about Costa before Christmas, post after post after post writing him off, forgetting what he gives at his best, and honestly I think in a lot of cases this is happening with Pedro, although unlike with Diego couple months back, we haven't yet had the benefit of an on form Pedro for a sustained period. I widely mock Arsenal fans for forming their opinions on their players and Wenger on current form or in some cases the last result, but really are some of our fellow fans much better?
  15. Juan Mata

    Both are dreadful defensively and off the ball, with them in the same lineup the opposition would swamp our midfield and get no end of joy.