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  1. Chelsea v West Brom

    Hopefully Costa is fit for this, Pulis will park the triple decker and his movement to stretch the defense will come in handy.
  2. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    If DeGea or Lloris played like he did vs City a national holiday would be declared.
  3. 19. Diego Costa

    Vs Tony Pulis we will need his clever movement.
  4. 19. Diego Costa

    Why? He's restrained himself for seven games now whats to say he can't last 5 more?
  5. Steve Holland

    The CL win was set up by someone in the sky, there's literally no other way to explain how we kept surviving in those Barca and Bayern games. The two title wins we were the best team by far in the league so its easy to see why we got complacent.
  6. Steve Holland

    There's a lot of theories about just why Ray was sacked (including leaving skid marks in Roman's toilet ), one that sounds quite plausible is that when Roman was getting concerned about the performances Wilkins replied with something like "we've just won the double, how much more do you want?". I could see Roman saw that as a sign of complacency and resting on the laurels.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    That's the point tho, his methods went stale and he realised he needed to improve in Europe so he made the adjustments necessary to his style to compete with what was back then the new influx of manager's coming into the league. The same way Klopp, Conte etc are coming in with the high pressure now Wenger/Houllier first and then Jose/Rafa came in with fresh tactical ideas and surpassed the man manager boot up the player's arse manager Fergie was in the 90's. Fergie adapted his management style and accepted that there will be some ego's/fragile flowers in the modern game and that he needs to start waking up a bit tactically, he came into games from 2006 onwards with solid tactical plans for teams especially one's on par/better where-as in the 90s he was quite reliant on his philosophy and while it worked domestically it held them back in Europe, there was a reason them beating Juve in 99 was considered a shock. If Jose wants any chance of getting out of this rut, he needs to accept that the likes of Martial are not Lampard and Zannetti, he's not going to play 150 games in a row and act like he is in a war, and he needs to reinvent his tactical mindset.
  8. Man City v Chelsea

    If it was anyone other than us, Spurs would have probably thrown it to spite Arsenal.
  9. Steve Holland

    The 10/11 season mentally and emotionally ruined me as a fan, so when i see it being passed off as a decent season just because we somehow finished 2nd it does set off a trigger i must admit. I like Carlo as a man and grateful for the double but i still can't get my head around how such an expierenced manager let things get so bad.
  10. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Where have you got that from? He didn't look too happy last season and probably was keeping his options open just incase last season was a one off, you can't expect a world class keeper to commit his prime years to midtable.
  11. Steve Holland

    That maybe, but that storm was already brewing up when Ray was there and our season was going to collapse regardless.
  12. Steve Holland

    As for the Holland, didn't McLaren actually manage Boro and be England assistant, so why are the FA so against it now? Holland must be almost blindly patriotic or have a solid as fuck friendship with Southgate, can't think of any reason he would chose England considering the direction the respective teams are going in.
  13. Steve Holland

    We were rubbish with Ray that season, him leaving and it finally starting showing in the results was just a coincidence, and furthermore listening to him in commentary since he has left makes me wonder how the hell he got the job in the first place.
  14. Man City v Chelsea

    I suspected that might have been the case, Pedro out and a CM in, maybe Oscar.
  15. The Conte Thread

    I really hope we draw Atletico next season in the CL if we make it again, Conte vs Simeone will be box office.