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  1. The Conte Thread

    Tbh I think Romans sacking record shows a bit of a weakness in his hiring, I think/hope Conte turns out good mind. But AVB, Scolari, RDM (full time) and Avram were brutal appointments. Jose mark two, AVB and you could argue Ancelotti would have been gone a lot earlier if Roman was as bad as popular opinion suggests.
  2. The Conte Thread

    2015 was a disgrace but last summer? Ok the defender thing was frustrating but we signed the best DM about andin Michy have a competent alternative striker for the first time since 09/10, maybe it was an average window considering what we needed Ok, but those two signings mean it can't be classed as disaster, in my opinion. Also Cahill has been playing by default so far, Hiddink dropped him when he had alternatives and hopefully Antonio will to. As for Ivanovic, Jose dropped Rooney, so maybe god for bid Ivan is the best option? As for Liverpool, they are not out of the woods yet, they still have problems vs the flat tracks and also bare in mind they won at The Bridge and The Emirates the season they finished 8th under Kenny.
  3. 2. Branislav Ivanovic

    Mourinho has benched Rooney within two months but didn't bench Ivan in two and a half years. Maybe he actually is better than the alternatives, frightening thought but hey.
  4. The Conte Thread

    Jose wasn't wrongly sacked, okay the players didn't cover themselfs in glory, but to be one point of the relegation zone at Christmas is unacceptable, Jose could have won the previous ten titles and his sacking would have been justified. Jose did a great job in his combined 5 full seasons at the club, but those five months were the worst performance by a manager in PL history. I will be more than prepared to give Antonio a pass for this season if we show positive signs of progression AND are in somewhat a respectable position in the table, if we are lurking in 16th in December, I'd clear his desk myself.
  5. Arsenal - Chelsea

    No, but that's the point, if we set out to stop them playing first and foremost we wouldn't have been 2 down. For top teams wityh good players a minimum 0-0 is on offer vs Arsenal every single time, to lose like this is unacceptable tactics and management.
  6. The Conte Thread

    Im thibking maybe the 3-5-3 might work, we did shut Arse down when that happened. This season has come down to hoping we get fourth whatever means how and praying we evolve more like a Poch Spurs than a LVG United.
  7. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Was they really that less up for it today than last season? Difference is, Hiddink applied the right tactics to beat them, Conte today didn't, he played the tactics that suited them to the ground.
  8. Arsenal - Chelsea

    You're preaching to the converted mate, let's hope Antonio follows the Fergie blueprint when Arsenal come to The Bridge.
  9. Arsenal - Chelsea

    We were even worse defensively last season yet two easy clean sheets vs these lot. We played into Arsenals hands today and they killed us, you don't play high and try to play out the back against Arsenal, it's suicide. If Conte followed the usual blueprint we would be celebrating three points tonight, I've still got faith in him, but when it was reported he wanted to attack Arsenal from the off I thought oh no.
  10. The Conte Thread

    You don't think? Well Styles, you know I even turned against Jose last season, so I'm my eyes no one turns against the club, but we have to allow what he has taken over. I've alluded to this before I think even in a response to you, its a similar situation to Poch in his first season at Spurs, he took over a group of underachieving players who's professionalism was widely questioned and at the start he struggled, in fact things Spurs fans said about Poch was similar to what said about Antonio here. I see some signs he can be the right man, yes of course if things don't progress in coming months I'd waver to the out side of the fence, but unfair to juge in seven games.
  11. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Already three more pages than the Leicester match thread, I rest my case On the game however, Conte screwed it up, their is a clear blueprint for Wenger's Arsenal since late 00s and that's sit back, stop them playing and hit them when they overcommit, Fergie created it, Jose, Carlo, Moyes and Hiddink adopted it and Conte should have done the same, hopefully he does when we get those cunts again. As for Cahill, I love the fact he plays with his heart, but he is a limited player who will hopefully be third choice when JT and Kurt are fit.
  12. Tammy Abraham

    As already alluded too, Tammy is light years ahead of Bamford. Bamford was already in his 20s by the time he got a Championship loan, and at this rate Tammy will beat Bamfords goal record by Christmas.
  13. Tammy Abraham

    He's head and shoulders above Bamford.
  14. 30. David Luiz

    Luiz in midfield could be an option in very big games when we will not see the ball for long periods and need to contain our opponents as much/more than attack them, so City, Spurs, and maybe the return Scouse game at Anfield, especially if Zouma is back for them games which means we can do it without Cahill starting. Those games mentioned are the only games I could live with him in CM. Lesser games however when we need to take the initive I don't think him in midfield works in the slightest.
  15. 19. Diego Costa

    I like Michy and he is defiantly our best alternative forward since Anelka, but Costa is a level above him.