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  1. Hull City - Chelsea

    Strange that this is only on page 8 with the Lamps thread untouched, bet that wouldn't have been the case had they levelled. In fairness to Barkley he did he okay when he was playing deeper however as soon as Mount went off and he went higher all the frustrations about his game returned with a vengeance. He should be considered an option for a deeper lying position but for the more attacking berth he should be a super sub at absolute most.
  2. Hull City - Chelsea

    Im glad it's looking like Frank sees Gilmour as a deeper midfielder. Could be a natural changing of the guard with Jorginho if all goes well.
  3. Hull City - Chelsea

    Mount's fault!
  4. Hull City - Chelsea

    Can you turn up every time we have a lean spell in a match?
  5. Hull City - Chelsea

    Apart from the usual elephant in the room I've enjoyed that. Far too many times going away to Championship sides end up scrappy (remember Norwich two years ago?) but we've gone there played our game and dominated.
  6. Hull City - Chelsea

    Can understand not going too youth centric given this is our best chance of a trophy however Lamptey should have started with Azpi rested. Given the fact he's been playing with knocks for months Mason should have been rested too.
  7. Adama Traore

    As a winger now way, he will in my opinion never have the consistency to be a title winning winger. Adama would be worth a gamble if wingbacks were a big part of Frank's plan, Wolves were prepared to negotiate a fair enough price AND Lamptey walks in the summer but while the former and latter two scenarios could happen at a push, the middle one never will.
  8. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Probably fake but
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Now I'm worried, now you've given up on them a title winning run of form is coming But I'm all seriousness we've all been there, you should see my comments on AVB :shudder:
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    It was the more the point of emphasising that players can still look good statically but still be on the way down more than a direct comparison. If we end up getting Eriksen (which we won't) I hope I'm wrong but I can't remember many top performances from him really since that nightmare game Spurs ended their Stamford Bridge hoodoo.
  11. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Its only because he's most recent the go to example of a formerly top class player turning to complete shit, before that Torres was the one mentioned. Either way it will be a risk (all be it a relitevely cheap one) to say his performances are because he wants to leave Spurs, and furthermore even if it's as straightforward as that do we really want that type of player setting an example to our young guys? Hazard badly wanted to leave last season but instead of sulking gave us his best season yet, even Hudson Odoi (who a fair portion of the fanbase has already marked down as a bad attitude diva) still have his all during the period he by all accounts badly wanted to go.
  12. Super Frank Thread

    Constructive critisism is fine, however there's one certain person on here that's so agenda ridden and unobjective he can't even bring himself to praise Frank for the Spurs game.
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Even if he's still producing alright numbers doesn't nessesereiley mean he hasn't declined. In 12/13 Lampard and Rooney put in solid numbers but it was clear to anyone who watched them they were well past it. If I'm correct 14m a year is about 350k a week, that's just too far ahead of our highest paid player for the risk we're taking. If he doesn't recover from his recent injury's we'd be left with a crap player inflating our wage bill and negotiations with not only new players but contract extensions to current ones will be an absolute nightmare (for example imagine the leverage Tammy will then have if he outperforms him). As utterly outrageous as Drinkwaters wage is, it's not removed from our overall structure. I was happy to take a 6 month loan for Cavani with the wages subsidised, however the money needed to have outmuscle Atletico's offer is simply too much.
  14. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Wages. By the sounds of it Cavani is getting a two and a half year deal worth €14m a year. Would be absolutely mental to offer that to a 33 year old. If he flops we will fuck up our wage structure every bit as badly as United have with Alexis. Eriksen is exactly the type of player we should be avoiding at all costs. He is past his sell by date and unmotivated. He has Alexis at United MK2 written all over him.