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  1. 7. N'Golo Kante

    He's everything we wanted/hoped Ramires would be.
  2. Juan Mata

    Since August has he actually been getting any more game time than he did under Jose here? He's only started 2 games out of 6 league games since the return from the first international break, and IRRC 1 in 3 average was roughly how many he started under Mou until he was sold.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    Was Fellaini injured at half time or was it a tactical change? If it's the latter that rules that theory out sadly.
  4. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I'm not sure if he is starting quality long term, but as has been alluded to he has allowed us to change to a formation which probably with no exaggeration has saved our season, so for that reason alone the price for him was a steel.
  5. Chelsea - Man United

    Kind off? It's at least 70% his fault and that's probably being generous. In his five full season's here he did a great job in 3 (you could argue 4) and a good job in 2, but those 5 months last season was the worst performance by a manager in PL if not English football history.
  6. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    If De Gea and Courtois displays were reversed today the media, United and even some of us would bang on about how this proves he's not even close to the Spaniard. Hopefully this is a turn around because on form Tibo is untouchable at #1 in the league.
  7. Chelsea - Man United

    I appreciate what Jose did for this club, but oh my his reactions were priceless today.
  8. Chelsea v Man United

    I was not a Cahill fan even when it was almost tradition to brand him the new JT, but in the new back three he hasn't been too bad. My worry re JT is he admitted a while back he didn't like playing in a back three and his only career experience in one was THAT Robinson air kick game vs Croatia.
  9. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Why should he? Should Bill Gates hand over his fortune and buisnesses for evening shifts at Tesco just to "prove" he has what it takes in the world? Despite his recent form he is a proven top class keeper, and by hide his weakness I assume you mean play behind a great defense? Well no defense is great without a top or alteast very good keeper, none. Remember what happened to our record breaking defense when Hilario had to go in, even Carvalho looked lost, they even looked a bit more shaky than usual when Carlo went in for Cech. And do you think Donnaruma will go Juve? He's as die hard Milan as they come and the chances of them not having another successful period in the next twenty odd years is highly unlikely.
  10. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Since about February after his return, I remember that United game he made two top saves I've only seen bettered since by Lloris the other night. After that he was actually keeping us in games but unfortunately he was still at the same time making point costing errors (like against Stoke, ironically the media love child did the same thing against the same opponents two weeks ago) and that was overshadowing it, I guess rightly. And he has more than just the year with us, three at Leti and that one at Genk were he practically by all accounts single handed won them the league, yes it's not a strong league but for perspective he was 18, the same age as Tammy now, and we are getting (rightly) all excited over his displays in the Championship.
  11. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Well that's a different argument either way, I was responding to the post suggesting we should sell him and get Butland which would be mental. 6 good months with Stoke don't match up to what Tibo has done.
  12. Chelsea v Man United

    Bants aside it shows that money doesn't guarantee anything and also shows just how good Jose mark one did for us despite the financial advantage.
  13. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Yeah let's do that, let's also sell Kante and Hazard for Henderson and Townsend while we are it.
  14. Chelsea v Man United

    Thats such a media driven myth. De Gea as made as many mistakes as Courtois in recent times, most recent one spunking two points up the wall against Stoke. De Gea makes some great saves for the camera which are often making up for poor positioning, ie stopping fires he starts, which is what we critise Cahill for. It made me laugh when he was lauded for his performance vs Italy in the Euro's when it was his fault they were playing Italy in the first place. I scrutinize De Gea a lot purely because of the overhype he gets, and for the supposedly best keeper in the world he sure fucks up a lot. Im not saying he isn't a very good keeper because he is, but I can't believe even our own fans have fallen for the media propoganda that he is on another level to Courtois, he just simply isn't, Tibo is such a better all-rounder, all be be it not in his best career form. As for Jose, no way in hell was he unfairly sacked, a squad with the quality and value of us should not be fighting relegation at Christmas, he could have won the previous ten titles and deserved to go.for that. If we were say 9th i would have probably agreed that he deserved time to turn it round but 16th? No way. Having said that no doubt in his mind he was harshly sacked, so will for sure be determined to put that right. However unlike when he returned with Inter, I do believe we have the manager to deal with whatever he throws at us tactically and mentally.
  15. Chelsea v Man United

    Antonio, if there's ever a time to produce a masterclass like you did at The Euro's, this is it