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  1. The Conte Thread

    How do you know he didn't do that? Word was they initially considered sacking Mourinho after the Saints game, but his track record gave him the extra 3 months to sort it out, he was given multiple chances to turn the rubbish around and didn't, one point of relegation at Christmas with only one player on form is a sackable offense whoever you are, even Fergie would have been sweating for his job under those circumstances. I am fully in the belief that this Roman itchy trigger things is overstated, if anything it shows his weak spot for appointing the right man, which I think/hope is different this time. All his sackings went beyond mere failure to win a trophy. Ranieri wasn't his choice, not a problem when it comes to Conte. Jose mark one, he was starting to fall out with the board, both Roman and Jose were in the early stages of their paths as owner and manager, so both thought they knew it all, the best thing for both parties at that time was to part company. That's a situation that could happen with Antonio, but if it happens three years and two titles later like with Jose, then we have had a good innings with him. Avram was never going to be long term, it was quite evident Steve Clarke was the man incharge. Scolari, couldn't adapt to the English and European game, had some of our best ever players in our prime fighting for 4th, players were unfit, had to go, can't see that being a problem with Antonio. Ancelotti, predictable tactics and formations, kept repeating the same mistakes again and again and again, his idea of pragmatism was swapping one of Anelka and Kalou for the other after the hour, 71 points doesn't get top four a lot of the time, and the way we stagnated and fell off a cliff that season still haunts us to this day, apart from the first six months of 14/15, we haven't looked a top class team since and a lot of it goes back to that season. Can you see Conte getting outsmarted by the likes of Kenny Dalglish, Mick McCarthy and Steve Bruce? I can't. He pleasantly surprised me with the double (although even that season things weren't all garden and roses), but the second season was horrific, the only difference between that season and season just gone is those players had the sheer mentality and character to churn out many results we quite frankly didn't deserve. AVB, all he had to do was finish top four and show some positive signs for the future, he achieved neither. RDM got a chance based on Munich but after a decent start we ended up looking like a more expensive version of his WBA team. Already been there with Jose mark two. Putting an scenario for argument sake, this season finish 3rd with say 80 points, and the next we finish 2nd on 87 points but narrowly lose out to Pep's City who get 90, make a strong performance in Europe but narrowly miss out in semi, with improvement made both season's in terms of playing style and youth integration, can I imagine Roman ripping everything up to appoint a manager who might not work? no I can't, he probably won't be happy per se that we won nothing, but I seriously can't see him being sacked in that hypothetical circumstance I just created and if he did, then no we haven't sacked managers for much less, it would be by some distance the most mindboggling sacking of the Roman era and would eclipse even Real Madrid for lunacy.
  2. The Conte Thread

    I would love it if he was a success he stayed for a decade and more. But being realistic, this is the modern day game, he will probably want a new challenge eventually, if he can give us 5 years with a couple of titles and consistent European performance then that would be brilliant.
  3. Kalidou Koulibaly

    The one negative of getting him would be he goes to the ACON and could end up missing our trip to Anfield and home match vs Arsenal. Of course the pros well and truly overide that, just putting it out there.
  4. Kalidou Koulibaly

    I wouldn't put anything on Martinez defensive judgement tbh.
  5. The Conte Thread

    Our English quota is on its last legs, Terry will probably be gone next summer and Cahill is hopefully a squad player from here on in, i think that is almost forcing Conte's hand to use the academy, not that I'm complaining per se, just as long as the players promoted have potential to be Chelsea level. I don't think Conte actually likes Mikel as a player, id be surprised if he gets a new deal and will probably be subjected to the role Kalou got under AVB, ie as few minutes as possible.
  6. Patrick Bamford

    After his embarrassing PL loans spells id be happy to merely make a profit, no chance we get £10m.
  7. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Imagine if we had those three in their prime now under Conte? We'd so be going three at the back!!!
  8. Carlos Tevez

    Costa, Tevez, Batshuayi and Traore would be such a top class attack, well balanced in not just attributes but youth-experience wise too.
  9. Kalidou Koulibaly

    Swap deals are nice in theory but rarely ever happen for a reason, too many variables. The players Antonio doesn't want he should chat with them and tell them that he's not in his plans and if he stays he will find playing time hard to come by, Danny Murphy mentioned Rafa doing that for him when he joined Liverpool.
  10. Kalidou Koulibaly

    Normal circumstances I would say £40m max, but our defense means this isn't normal circumstances. If we have to pay that little bit more for him then so be it.
  11. André Ayew

    Remy was a decent squad player for us, like a Hernandez at United type who can fill in and score at a decent rate, although he has served his purpose and i hope he's gone by end of August.
  12. André Ayew

    Having a competitive squad isn't about having Hazard on the pitch and Neymar as his back up. How many on paper average player's lifted the PL trophy under Fergie's watch? Infact our new manager has only recently got a Sunderland reject looking like hell of a player. I'm not necessarily saying Ayew is who we should be signing, but our problems last season wasn't due to a lack of top players, Hazard is one of the best in the world, Cesc is one of the top playmakers, Costa is one of the top strikers, Azpi is one of the best fullbacks atleast from defense POV, Tibo is the best keeper in the league and for good measure we have signed arguably the league's best player from last season. It was quite a few factors as to why we finished 10th, the major one's have been discussed to death, but another was lack of depth, if Conte thinks that Andre can come in and do a job as a squad player and fit in to the team dynamic he is trying to build, then who I am to argue? He's certainly better than Moses who fans seem to be begging to get a chance.
  13. André Ayew

    Id rather have Pedro as that alternative to be honest, I think he might turn out all right under Conte, and he has already shown he can be very good within a good system.
  14. Ola Aina

    My ideal situation would be Cesar with a new full back (be it right back or left back as I'm easy with Azpi on either side tbh) and Ola and Ivan as the squad options.
  15. André Ayew

    Moses should be first out of the door, he may look all right when its pre season but well, lets just say there's a reason three clubs have decided against making his loan permanent.