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  1. Next Manager?

    He was absolutely dreadful in his first season at United (finishing 6th with Zlatan as your striker is god awful) and got out of jail due to the kindest Europa League run in history. But even if that's the case, do we really want the one-step forward then three back yet again? Last time you can justify it by the fact we got a title out of it, I guarentee we won't this time. If anything our current transfer ban makes him even less suited, part of the reason it all went wrong last time was because he wasn't getting his expensive targets and it was arguably the sole reason it went wrong the first time, also we've just recently sold the two players he built his attacking structure around last time. Also with the ban the need to promote our brilliant academy players comes to the fore even more, do you honestly trust Mourinho to do what's right by Reece James, Hudson Odoi, Mason Mount, Ethan Ampadu? Make no mistake those guys are the real deal and if we don't nurture them others will nab them off us, most likely rivals in this league. Mourinho won't patiently develop them, it's not in his nature, he won't be able to do a Klopp and take on a 3 year project (it's three years minimum until we're challenging for the league and the CL again bar a written in the stars run in the latters case) he won't be able to, his ego won't be able to stay calm through all the punches he will have to ride to get there. Lampard while a risk as the unknown, it also means we can go into it with hope. With Jose back we all roughly know what the script is going to be only this time it will almost certainly be all the bullshit with no league title to show for it. Jose will always be a massive figure in the history of the club, no one can ever take that away from him, but he should never be our manager again.
  2. Kurt Zouma

    I think he's a bit overrated personally, and it has to be noted (although not totally his fault) the business end of last season is the first time he's been a regular in a defense that's not a disastrous one. Furthermore he can command £40m this summer potentially, it would be a bit of an economical waste to have a player who can command such a fee sitting as 4th choice which he will be with everyone else fully fit and even that's assuming Ampadu goes out on loan.
  3. Next Manager?

    Needs to be looked at it context, given where we are right now just looking at trophy record is counter productive as it's likely going to take atleast two years to get challenging again and even that's only if we get almost everything right in the interim. One of the main musts with these job now is who can bring through the next generation. We have the best set of youngsters in this country since the Busby Babes, would you really trust Jose to nurture them and be patient while they grow? Could you really imagine him patiently building for a few years while Pep and Klopp run away from sight at 1st and 2nd? I can't, his ego won't allow it, he'd lose his shit more than ever before. You think its bad seeing KDB and Salah at rivals, wait until homegrown Chelsea boys are doing so which could well be the case if we bring back Mourinho. One of the big remits of this next few years has to be to bring through the cream of our current crop, and with that in context Lampard (especially given he has Jody Morris in his staff who will openly advocate giving these players chances) seems as safe a bet as any.
  4. Next Manager?

    Is he? Historically absolutely but is he really one of the best active managers in 2019? I see no evidence to suggest so, ever since his title in 2015 he's been stumbling across one disaster after another. You wouldn't bring a washed up ex great player to next season's lineup based on what he did in the past, so why would you with a manager?
  5. Next Manager?

    He's lead his team out of the top four three out of the last four season's. He finished 6th with Zlatan leading the line for god sake. Nothing against you but I'm genuinely stunned that there's so many people entertaining the idea of a Jose mark 3 after how it ended with us and United, it would see us away from challenging for years and years and years, will probably be as damaging as Souness's spell at Liverpool was,if not more so.
  6. Next Manager?

    It takes no time atall to fly almost anywhere round Europe. They could easily meet in say Barcelona and Frank could be back home for tea time.
  7. 22. Willian

    Lets not rewrite history, many average players stayed long past the time they should have back then aswell.
  8. 8. Ross Barkley

    Because Barkley's the best Photoshop.
  9. Next Manager?

    How do you know that? Arsenal don't have a big budget and Auba and Lacazette aside have been pretty pants in the market for years. United throw money away at will. They may sign players but there's no guarantee both or even either will significantly improve, infact (recent) history suggests they won't.
  10. Next Manager?

    Football doesn't work as simple as that. There's many factors to consider. Firstly, you would imagine Kante, Kepa, Jorginho, Christensen will all be better next season which as a collective will go a fair way to making up for Hazard's loss. Secondly we have coped well without him last couple of years, 20 wins out of 21 last year in games he didn't start, yes the opponents weren't great and yes he came on and made the difference in a few of them but if we were so fucked without him we wouldn't drum up a stat like that. Yes he will be missed and yes games will come by when we seriously miss his magic, however there's been enough sample size of playing without him the last couple of years which suggest we will not be plummeting down the league.
  11. Gianfranco Zola

    From what i heard he's been offered a ambassadorial role and turned it down as he wants to carry on coaching. Is it me or has his return gone a little bit too under the radar? You would think his return after all this time even as assistant would have caused unprecedented fanfare but he's barely been adknowledged atall, not even an initial fuss was made of him.
  12. Next Manager?

    This notion that Jorginho would fall apart outside of Sarriball is the laziest myth I've ever heard.
  13. Next Manager?

    I personally believe Drogba's skill set lies as a club ambassador promoting the club in events around the world.
  14. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Depends on the context. Is Lampard or anyone going to win the treble with this squad? Quite clearly not but if you look at by a comparison to realistic targets then I would say there's a comparison. Pep winning the treble with Barcelona is overachieving as I imagine the expectations of Barca that year was one of the big trophies, so in that sense the treble is overachieving. I imagine next season Lampard will be given the target of 4th place, so if he achieves that with a domestic cup or even better a deep CL run by a similar token he's overachieving. So yes Lampard won't instantly turn us into treble winners because as you implied he doesn't have the players, but he will be given expectations in line with the quality of our squad and if he's a similar level to what Pep was in 2008 we would have a chance of meeting said expectations.
  15. Next Manager?

    If any manager comes in and plays Kante as a lone DM i will instantly question their ability as a coach, it neglects his biggest attribute. Most managers who want to play on the front foot will value Jorginho as the DLP.