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  1. 10. Willian

    Could miss him in the short term due to Pulisic's injury and the new boys possibly needing time to bed in, would have been a useful bit of stability in a sea of change. However if he's holding out for 3 years then there's not really much we can do, would be far too risky a deal at his age.
  2. The Conte Thread

    The work he did in the title season was fantastic, which if anything makes his later behaviour worse. And what i was saying isn't really about being a youth fan per se, it's more to the fact that surely promoting them to a squad role was better than signing players you don't want? (that's assuming he didn't want them which Drinkwater aside is giving him the benefit of extreme doubt). Even Jose that season promoted McTominay at United to fill a hole, there's no way our guys couldn't have furfilled a similar requirement if it truly came to it.
  3. The Conte Thread

    Well given his grievances at Juve and Chelsea were apparently signing players he didn't want (even though he's wants to reunite with the final two signings made in his tenure here) what's he got to be so outraged about? He's practically playing supermarket sweep at Inter, got the striker he loves, got Alexis 3rd time of asking, got Godin, got the best attainable wingback etc al.
  4. The Conte Thread

    Then why's he moaning now? He's been given 17 players (most recent one being a world class wingback that's tailor made for his system) in a year at a cost of €200m (€270 if he takes up his options to buy) which is an unprecedented level of spending for an Italian team not named Juve. He's had his every wish catered for at Inter and he's still acting like a juvenile teenager.
  5. The Conte Thread

    For all Jose's faults one thing I'll always give him is that he stayed commited to the job until the end. Yes he was unhappy he didn't get his players in, yes he let that be known in passive aggressive ways and ofcourse his man management was misguided at best, but I do believe underneath that all he did desperately want to turn things around. Conte on the other hand is a ticking time bomb, he became uncontactable for two weeks in the summer of 2017 and then jacked it in after the January transfer window which cost us top four which also indirectly kicked off Liverpool's dominance. The only reason we as fans didn't feel the full brunt of his actions was because he couldn't speak English to a very expressive level, if he did I dread to think how bad his behaviour would have been.
  6. The Conte Thread

    He's 10x worse.
  7. The Conte Thread

    Don't forget Alexis, if Conte had his way we'd have devoured our wage structure for the Chilean, he flopped hard at United and then he still went and signed him at Inter anyway
  8. The Conte Thread

    We weren't pissed off with him because he criticised the board,we were pissed off with him because he refused to do his job properly and get the absolute best out of what he's got and what's even more hilarious is the January window that caused him to jack it in, he now wants to reunite with 2/3 signings from that month Furthermore Conte also had access to the youth players Frank did, if he was that upset at the prospect of signing Morata, Bakayoko and Zappacosta, Tammy, Mount/RLC and James were available for him to use instead until a player of his choosing could be had.
  9. The Conte Thread

    The worst thing is I really don't get why he does it. He's shown time and time again he can get average players punching and create a system better than the sum of it's parts. What did he really have to lose by just making that final push for six months? He wanted to stick two fingers up at the heirachy? No better way than doing it via Kiev (which was actually a realistic possibility as had we got past Barca Roma were tough but beatable if we learned lessons from the group stage and Conte had the measure of Klopp tactically so we'd have stood a decent chance Vs Liverpool, Real in the final would have been one step too far though). He could have only gained from just getting on with things. Had he got on with it those last six months and done the absolute best he'd have left a hero (dare I say one tier short of club legend) due to the circumstances he was working under combined with that wonderful title season. I remember something I said after that City game in March which even if I say so myself summed up the season in a nutshell, he wasn't even remotely to blame for the fact we couldn't defend the title but the fact we missed top 4 was 100% at his door.
  10. The Conte Thread

    Hindsights a wonderful thing but looking back we really should have parted ways with him ourselves after the title regardless of the fan uproar it would have caused. Atleast now it can put the idea that he wouldn't have behaved like this if he wasn't "fully backed" to bed, at Inter he's been given 17 new players at a combined cost of €200m (€271m if you include the options to buy with his loanes) and is still acting like a complete cunt.
  11. Bayern Munich v Chelsea

    I'm sure they'll try and keep sharp but nothing beats proper match fitness which is going to have them at a disadvantage when the CL restarts.
  12. Bayern Munich v Chelsea

    I don't think we will turn the tie around but communicate is right, even though they are still training nothing beats competitive match fitness. A full team with only a 2 deficit I would have really fancied our chances here. It's why teams that are walking their league rarely win the CL and that's when they are still playing competitive games. It's hard enough switching from lots of room to error to one mistake could kill you, let alone no competive games full stop straight into the lion's den. I will be stunned if the eventual winner isn't from Spain, Italy or Manchester.
  13. The Conte Thread

    He's going to destroy his own career and will have no one to blame but himself.
  14. Super Frank Thread

    But didn't we all widely prepare and even accept that initially? Possibly even to a larger degree than what's transpired given how many (paraphrasing) "I'll be happy with 10th aslong as we see signs of progress" comments there were in the summer. Ultimately yes he has to improve on aspects of his management to make it as a top-level manager but if we at the start of this season were offered 4th, all our top 6 rivals plus Wolves, Leicester (the two suprise top 4 challengers) and (this one's for your benefit) Ajax beaten atleast once, four CL winning managers outsmarted plus some promising looking attacking games along the way pretty much all of us would have asked what the catch was. However one thing I think we can all agree on is most of the mitigation is gone next season. I still think it's too early to challenge for the league (we likely won't get everything we need and even if we do they will need time to gel) but 75-82 ish points should be the target and with his attacking singings and (hopefully) a keeper of his choice he'll have to improve on performances and results.
  15. Arsenal - Chelsea

    We don't see this in the CL? We were the benefactors of an absolutely outrageous stream of rubbish decisions against Ajax which ultimately saved us from going out of the group stage. Not to mention Barca gate in 09.