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  1. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    He's definitely above Schurrle but he's also a very frustrating player for me, sometimes he genuinely looks as good as Hazard (Super Cup and Burnley) but other times is a complete ghost. I've far from given up on him (that would be hypocritical of me given the patience preaches I've given re Mount and CHO) but he needs to start impacting games a lot more consistently, Callum i feel could play dogshit and still come up with a matchwinning moment (for example Newcastle at home this season he was dreadful then all of a sudden set up the winner) whereas i don't yet feel CP does.
  2. General Chelsea Stuff

    Imagine if Drogba missed on top of that..... Makes me feel for Valencia and Atleti, they lost two finals in quick succession and it looks like their chance to get that elusive one has passed, especially for the former, getting that 1 is really a weight off.
  3. Coronaviral

    Not only that, suicide, stress, austerity will come if a lock down is anything other than a temporary measure. That's why i laughed at the "lockdown immediately for aslong as possible" argument, ultimately that would cause a problem even bigger than the virus.
  4. 19. Mason Mount

    Because we make Real fans look like the epitome of patience.
  5. Coronaviral

    As shit as things are looking we're not on that trajectory, we're on a similar path to France.
  6. General Chelsea Stuff

    My theory is why would he have left his post as Ajax manager to become assistant all over again? Also from what i recall there was a distinct improvement in our attacking patterns of play after he arrived.
  7. General Chelsea Stuff

    I've always been slightly curious about the regime that season, my gut instinct is Ten Cate was informally incharge.

    Alicante is great although in small doses, there's not a great deal to do once you've hit the beach and the Santa Barbara Castle. I have a social network there so I was okay but if you do it as a lone traveller I wouldn't recommend more than two nights. Its fantastic if you are looking for a cheap messy holiday with freinds however, bottle of beer at the shops is one euro, bottle of sangria around about two, and there's a couple of bars that do shots for 50 cent. I was genuinely having nights out for 20-30 Euro (although I was on an organised pub crawl where after the initial payment I didn't have to pay for entry anywhere). Valencia was incredible also but for some reason never really hit it off with Barcelona, possibly because it coincidenced with the most stressful time of my trip. One City I would reccomend strongly is Lisbon, there's a shit load of things to do aswell as for the football fan two beautiful stadiums to visit (Benfica are in the next generation technology wise). Regarding Iceland, the flights aren't the problem it's more living when you get there. Pints, food, activities even Hostels and the transport from the airport to the centre of Reykjavik are obscene, from the research I've done it makes London look like a City for the pennypincher.

    AC and Inter are getting a brand new modern stadium. Was suppose to be 2022 IIRC but the pandemic may cause a delay.

    Lol, no, had a few days to fill and there were cheap flights to and from Malpensa airport (in Spain) so took them and went. On a random note never realized you don't need a passport to go between some EU country's (Spain/Italy being two), half the passengers used ID cards at the check before the flight.

    South, spent various time in Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona. Went to Milan in the middle for a few days aswell purely to see the San Siro (as it's being demolished soon). As for where i'd love to go, Iceland appeals but it's so expensive (even a 3 day budget trip you're looking at a grand), i have tried to save for it but it's hard as the opportunity of a Chelsea match or a cheap City break comes up and i'm back to square one
  12. The English Football Thread

    The J League is scheduled to restart in early May, if that happens without a hitch then a clear prescedent is set. Plus it will nice to watch football again.
  13. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Doesn't matter if Jadon was born on August 31st and Callum September 1st, the former was still a year ahead in leaving school, becoming scholar/full time, playing in youth/reserve league's etc. If you were a college lecturer would you hold it against a second year student for not being as advanced as the third year kid? Regarding Sarri i was and still am in the minority that thought he managed Callum quite well, he should have played more the League Cup and Europa group stage but his overall appearances exceeded my expectations at the start..
  14. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    They're pretty close in terms of DOB but Sancho left school and became full time pro a year before CHO did which triggered my comparison between Callum's season under Sarri and Jadon's very first at Dortmund, as it was their respective 17 turn 18 season's. I don't disagree that CHO needs to step it up a bit more consistently now (especially in the league as you say) but i do believe he well and truly has the capability to be showing a level similar to what Sancho is. Hopefully he kicks on from what was a very strong January before he was injured again.
  15. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Hudson Odoi 18/19 5 goals in 24 games (can't remember assists but I think it's 5/6) Sancho at the same age 1 goal in 12 games.