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  1. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I think next year is a year too soon for a title challenge, even with Ziyech and Werner here we will still be that little bit too raw to take on City and Liverpool over 38 games, so for that reason i have no issue with us getting the match winners in then after that focusing on getting the gamechangers at the back.
  2. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Out of all the languages I've tried to learn i have had the best (sort off) success with German, but the issue is German isn't that widely a spoke language and Germans in my experience just speak English to you anyway even if you make the effort so the combination of both factors meant i lost the motivation to learn the language. Spanish is the one i'm really trying with and I've learned enough to get by when in Spain and Latin America, but i hit a massive glass ceiling when it gets to the verbs/adjectives etc, it's so much more complicated than it is in English.
  3. Aston Villa v Chelsea

    I've actually found the Bundi quite enjoyable so far especially the most recent run of games. No crowds is not ideal but 100x preferable to no football atall and i'm semi use to it anyway having watched my fair share of youth games.
  4. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    The players in their prime now grew up seeing Chelsea being nothing but successful with Lampard as the main man through a fair chunk of it. That (plus the package we can offer) makes us a huge pull to a lot of players, aslong as the big Spanish two aren't after them we have just as much chance as anyone in a race for a player (we can blow Bayern out of the water financially).
  5. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    Willian has pretty much confirmed he's going to accept short term terms.
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    If this happens and we get Chilwell (don't rate him but he'd be the managers choice) then next season there's huge pressure on Lamps to deliver with two world class attacking signing's plus his choice of fullback. I think he's done a fine job this season all things considered and I maintain that even if we end up 6th/7th but with Zyiech and Werner in the ranks comfortable third is minimum requirement.
  7. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    Is he going straight away or seeing out the season?
  8. 15. Kurt Zouma

    Never thought i'd have said this in August but Zouma should probably be starting every game for us until the end of the season. Purely because only two of our partnerships seem to work and both include Kurt (him with Rudi and him with Tomori).
  9. 18. Olivier Giroud

    I think the Giroud and Caballero deals were about a bit of added security at both ends, we don't lose players for the run in aswell as added insurance just incase Covid fucks up our transfer window and they get a years guarenteed income secured in uncertain times. I don't think either being here in 20/21 is nailed on, especially in Willy's case.
  10. David Luiz

    I was delighted to get him and wanted him the previous summer, thought he was the perfect replacement for Carvalho.
  11. Jeremie Boga

    I had an argument with someone during the Spurs/City game who thought Spurs transfer business (in other words him and Fernandes) will mean they overhaul us and i do recall the odd (paraphrasing) "all our rivals got business done and we didn't they're so much better" That said I do think United got a bit of a boost with Bruno but luckily we seem to have got a similar in house boost with Gilmour which will hopefully be enough to see us over the line.
  12. Jeremie Boga

    You can never tell. I remember end of January people were going mental because we didn't panic buy the average Bergwijn only for three weeks later to sign the best player in his division.
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I genuinely wouldn't, even more so now Taglifico (a superior fullback from what I've seen) is supposedly avalible for nearly half that. Chilwell is a similar level to Alonso in my opinion.
  14. Aston Villa v Chelsea

    Just thought as timing has it we have City in the second week I think. If Liverpool win at Everton and City win both their games. We would hand Liverpool the title if the game is on before Liverpool play and we beat City.
  15. Michael Ballack

    He gets bullied by Giroud everytime, imagine what Drogba would do to him.