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  1. Thats l confuses me the hell aswell, Wilkins kept saying in the youth cup "throw them on see what they do" made me thankful he never got more than two games as manager for us. Coaches can get an idea on who deserves a chance at a higher level and who doesn't like you said, but imagine if we gave Bamford, Mancienne to name two extended runs in the team because "well we won't know unless we test them"? I mean my god we would have wasted so much time.
  2. The Anfield atmosphere is a media driven myth.
  3. Dominic Solanke

    Club's fault, he would be world class by now if the club treated him better, its never their own fault when an young un underperforms.
  4. Ola Aina

    Well a lot of people had him down as next captain.
  5. Ola Aina

    Ok you're right, it's all the clubs fault, poor Conor Clifford , if only we treated him right he would be as good as prime Gerrard right now instead of at Boreham Woods bench Do you know what the funny thing is? I actually agree in terms of natural talent, but natural talent is only 1% of the equation of making it as a footballer, I know two lads who on talent alone are good enough for League one football atleast (both got trials for Plymouth and one of them even played for.them a few times), do you know what happened to them? One is currently stacking shelfs at Tesco and last I saw of the other he was delivering Dominos.
  6. Lukaku would have got a chance but he wanted first choice forward asap, he wasn't and still isn't better than Costa. Also Bertrand got 38 games in 12/13, and go back on his thread, it was when he got the run in the first team at left back the majority came to the conclusion he will never be better than a squad player, Bertrand is a clear example of a player who was rated more the less he played. De Bruyne however can't argue with. But the main point is, is that the academy was always going to be a slow berner (I can't be bothered to quote everyone so I will try and cover as many responses as I can in this post), when Roman took over in 2003 the academy was in a horrendous state, it took years to fix it to a competitive state and the start of the fruits to the investment beginning to show was getting to the YC final in 2008 then going one better in 2010, but there was still a bit of work to do, as shown by the 4-0 humbling in the semis the following year. One thing the lad said that strikes me is that we have all the big talent in London and surrounding areas, I'm guessing that was something that started when Roman got here, which makes sense, Loftus Cheek signed for Chelsea as a 8 year old, which would have been 2004, Mason Mount (one of the stars of the latest triumph tonight against City) was signed up at 6, in 2005. We are slowly seeing the start of players coming into the first team, hopefully Ruben builds on the minutes he has got this season and Andreas is a shoe in to return and be a full time member of the squad. One thing that is a significant difference between our academy teams now and five six years back is its less reliant on the players brought in from abroad, now I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to sign players from over Europe of course it ain't, but the team that won the Uefa youth league every single player is eligible for England, whereas our 2010 youth cup side wouldn't have been half as good without Lalkovic, Mitrovic, Bruma, Conor Clifford, and a HG core is vital to any club, the fact that out local recruitment is building the foundation for dominant youth sides is a very positive sign. Yes in many ways I can understand the caution, but given the academy has been on an upwards curve for years, the first stage of the academy rebuild was to get it competing, done that, then dominating, done that, the next stage will be to see it start benefiting the first team squad, and with Ruben almost always in the 18 and hopefully Andreas to follow, that's a positive start.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    Ok I'll bite. As alreeady said Iheanacho came on and didn't start, and furthermore Hiddink started Kenedy and brought on Traore (ahead of the experienced Remy) vs PSG and you're constantly slating his youth selection. But why I initially brought up Greenie and Ihea s that he hasn't given him that many more mins if more atall than Kenedy especially has got this season. And re Jose, along with the previous examples already given by @pHaRaOn didn't he bring on Scott Sinclair in the CL semi at Anfield? I might be getting that mixed up with title decider vs Arsenal days later bit either way, both were extremely high pressured games for a 17 year old to make his debut.
  8. Ola Aina

    So we ruined their careers because we sent them out on loan? Most young players go out on loan first these days at most top clubs, most of the players Fergie promoted in his late years went through the loan system first, Welbeck, Cleverly main examples. To blame the club for Bruma, Kakuta and Josh is ridiculous, is it also the clubs fault that Conor Clifford is a Boreham Wood squad player instead of our captain right now? (I thought he had that potential, which has to go down as my worst error of judgement in history). Bruma had two chances on loan, and to put it nicely he was rubbish both times, first to Leicester (and the nicest thing I heard said about him by a Leicester fan is that he made Ben Mee look like John Terry) then to Hamburg on a two year loan, yes a similar two year loan that Christensen has used to play his way into Contes plans (by all accounts). Gael just didn't have enough substance to his game, yes he was flashy and skillful but that was about it, compare him to the likes of De Bruyne (the one time we did geuinenly screw up) and Musonda and its night and day. Josh well, the best game I can use to describe Josh is the FA Cup semi final he played for Wigan vs Arsenal, on the ball he looked ok, but off it he was horrendous, had no positional sense or tactical awareness and left James McArthur to do the job off two men, you often moan about how weak off the ball Cesc is, you would have gone blue if Josh became a regular, and before you say it I'm not just basing my judgement on a display vs Arsenal, I saw many of his various games out on loan and met the same conclusion every time. Do I think the club could have done better? Yes, but ultimately if those three were top players they would have found a way, could you imagine a young Courtois or De Bruyne failing on loan at Bolton, Fulham, Leicester and Swansea? No I can't, because it simply wouldn't have happened. Also with Bertrand, he joined the club at 15 which makes him an academy product in my book, it's a shame Mou never rotated defence because I like him as a squad player.
  9. Player of the Season?

    Two years ago Norwich fans trolled the POTY voting by giving it to third choice keeper Carlo Nash. If it wasn't for Willian I would be tempted to vote for Marco Amelia.
  10. Chelsea v Spurs

    Of course that would be ideal but I'd rather they just beat United if I had the choice right now. Spurs beat us and Saints and Leicester fail to beat Everton (which is possible) all off a sudden the race goes to the last day, and given Eden and Cesc comments we don't need the frenzy that will cause, any of our players that make a mistake that leads to a Leicester goal (especially them two or JT) then it's going to be carnage and their integrity will be widely questioned or worse be marked down as cheats, we know all too well how ruthless the media are with us and we can do without the controversy.
  11. Ola Aina

    I remember back in 2010, when we won the first of many youth cups, the investment made by Roman into the academy was reaping it's first reward, and that mixed with the fact we were ditching experience and replacing them with young player's, led to multiple articles of "what would our team look like in 2016" ie now, guess which type of players featured in those fantasy future teams? Delac, Billy and Conor Clifford, Bruma, Van Aanholt, Deen Conteh, Mancienne, Stoch, McEachran, Kakuta, could you imagine if we went into this season with that band as our key players? Well the nicest way I can put it is two of Newcastle, Sunderland and Norwich would be staying up this season instead of just the one. Honestly, and this is for @chelseafan26and every one else who slates the club every time there's a rumour of an under 22 leaving, how many of those players that I mentioned above did you also believe deserved more chances in the first team? Also just something is also like to add, Terry wasn't the last youth player to break through, Bertrand was, just because he was sold in the end doesn't change that, he was a fill time member of the first team squad for three years playing about 70 games and won three major trophies, that's breaking through in my book. Also, Afferly already had numerous first team games for PSV before Barca got him, if you are going to praise Barca for him, you should praise us for Mikel and Zouma for the sake of consistency.
  12. Juan Mata

    And why has the TV deals struck football? Because of the amount of fans it attracted in the first place. The people who pay Doctors and Nurses can't afford to pay them 200k a week, If however 40,000 fans started watching them in work weekly and started buying their merchandise, their wages would quickly shoot up to astramoinical levels aswell.
  13. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Yes it can work, and there have been many examples. Ronaldo at United (I'm not saying Cesc is on that level) had a complete free role in his late years there, do you know how Fergie countered that so there wouldn't be a chink for opposition to exploit? Two defensive minded midfielders, even at home vs wank sides, and it worked. Lampard in his prime, we had Essien, Maka and even Ballack doing the dirty work so he could get his twenty goals a season, although ageing was also a big factor Lampard constantly bombing forward became more of a hindrance than a help after those player's left (or in Essiens case completely fell off a cliff). The point is Cesc gives us qualities that no one (realistically attainable) in world football can give us, do you remember 13/14 when we were completely clueless in breaking down packed defenses? Cesc changed all that, it's not always the assists its his sharp thinking that catches defenses unorgonaized and gives us genuine opportunities, compared to 13/14 were Rami and Mikel would make a bad choice or slow the play down giving the team the chance to regroup.
  14. Chelsea v Spurs

    Yeah, although how they escaped with a win that particular day beat me. It's defiantly something that exists, look at our own record against Arsenal between 95-05, not a single league win against them, United we beat regularly likewise Liverpool but Arsenal our players crumbled, even Hasselbaink who's record vs them for Leeds was as good as Drogbas when he came here couldn't reverse it, it took Jose and Didier himself to finally do it. Tottenham will win here sometime and it might be next week, but there phycological torture at The Bridge stretching back 26 years could defiantly work to our advantage.
  15. Costa or Kane

    Truth be told I wish Paq was still here, yeah he went over the top (a lot) but at least he went over the top defending our own players, I'd rather read that than the tedious our players are crap, other teams players are amazing and the sun shines out of the sold player's arses cliches that litters this place these days. Im not saying you are one of those people (the culprits know who they are) I just quoted you because you mentioned Paq.