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  1. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Well thats true .... If I start doing that then I will have to think of a new career
  2. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Decent Analysis on Onana Had the same concern on his decision making ability and not sold on him being a ball playing goalie. Biggest issue from this video is that he parries the ball in such a way that it remains in dangerous play. However i do feel he is a solid upgrade at the cost he is available
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    A leader is a leader ... doesnt matter if he/she has won things or not, it is how he/she leads the team. If Dunk has that leadership quality then it wouldnt take him long to rally the team and lead them as well. There are many players who have won trophies but they arent good leaders and vice versa. Team would always follow a strong leader. I always mentioned that Rudiger is a good leader but I stand corrected, The one leader we have is Azpi.
  4. Arsenal - Chelsea

    It was a bad game for us specially how we started ... There are gaping holes in terms of strategy & execution which Lampard has to clearly to learn in a short time ... honestly I expected better from Lampard while Areta was clearly better . The long ball strategy which is so unlike Arsenal took us out of the game. Have to give credit where due, Full marks to Arsenal and the back room staff to integrate a never give up attitude ... they didnt look out of place even after they went behind, they became more determined. Why do we adopt the possession based or starting the attack from the back strategy when we cannot execute it in the opponents half ... I hardly see runs being made in the midfield to take away the opponents players when we start from behind. Too many back passes is just clearly breaking the momentum. We need proper defensive minded players ... Alonso could have covered the post for the second goal if it was not for that second when he waited to check Aubameyang. Small things but makes a difference. I hope this loss really makes the blood boils for the young ones when they saw Arsenal celebrating ... Hope this is a lesson for them to pick themselves up and delivery. If there are lessons learned from this loss and recovered next season then this loss is good else if dont learn then there is nothing to say.
  5. 24. Reece James

    Yes there are issues with our young players but being lazy is certainly not one of those in any one of them ... Believe it was bad strategy, that would be my major criticism ... we didnt think it through & through.
  6. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Manchester City have had a £41m offer for defender Nathan Ake accepted by Bournemouth. :(
  7. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I hear you and respect the perspective but as I mentioned as to why we should have him. In my opinion, he really had one bad season which is the current one ... last one he was asked something which is not his forte and one before was a shambles because he ended up doing 2 men's job. He still has the legs for another 2 season easy if he is fit.
  8. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Some one mentioned that he is loved but we still need to sell him. I feel there is not only sentimental value but others values as well which benefit the team.
  9. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I just dont get why should we is a need to sell a DM who is still easily among the top 10 in the world. So one bad season in terms of form/injuries/adjustments and we're ready to sell ... seriously Yes he has been injured this season but that doesnt mean he carry on in the same way. Yes he would get decent amount of money to balance our books ... but would that same money buy us the experience which Kante has! Are we that type of club who is worried about balancing the book by sending out their best players! For me Kante brings balance to the team not only by the way he plays but the way he conducts and his experience. I mean we would already have players who r looking up to him. In terms of age and injuries, next season it seems we will have a big squad and with 5 subs we get different types of profile from every player ... smart rotation would mean that we have a fresh squad throughout. And more importantly, whoever comes in to replace him is no where the level he is ... still one of the best DM.
  10. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    We should target Ake ... would be an upgrade on our current CBs, cheaper alternative, versatile, PL proven, most importantly feel he is Leader which is what we need at the back.
  11. Super Frank Thread

    Really happy for Lampard and the team. A new manager who doesnt have much experience, no transfer to back him, our best player goes away, our new signings were players under 21/22 ... I had low expectation at the start, all I wanted was that we dont get relegated anything else was good. But today Lampard has exceeded all expectation for me. He has shown all traits of being brilliant, normal/average and ridiculously poor in the entire season. I hope and really hope that he goes back to the drawing board to uses the experience from this season combined with his experience as a player to keep upgrading his strategy. He has kept a marker now and anything less for next season would be a failure. I really hope Board believes in the manager and have a long time vision rather than short term gains. KTBFFH!!!
  12. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    It was a professional and resolute performance. The team knew what was needed and went for ... we might had mistakes during the game but you could feel right from the go that the team is 100% in. Marker is now set for Lampard for next season, I'm very curious to see how he betters his strategy to move the marker up. With the profile of players that we're going/gone after in the attack, I really hope Giroud stays. We dont have the poacher/physical striker if he goes ... Giroud would want regular football specially with Euros in the summer and we wouldnt guarantee game time. So i really hope he finds a way which works for us. Exciting times ahead!!!
  13. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    Yupieeeeeeeeeeee ... Champions League, surreal!!!! Well played, Blues
  14. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Well I have a different take on it. It is not about saving something which is as perfect as the goal showed or the one which was hit yest by Trent-Arnold, dont think anyone could have done anything abt it. But if you want to evaluate and differentiate between good goalie and an elite one this acts as a good example. For goalkeeper it is all about Eye to brain to Hand/foot coordination ... the one who processes this quicker would reach toward the ball better. U will find the elite ones react and act much faster than the everyone else. You mentioned that it was still a goal, yes but Alisson came close to it ... Check Kepa on yesterday goal similar shot as the one shown here, he was so far off from shot. That where the difference lies... the problem with Kepa is that his decision making is very dicey (not sure if it is a confident issue or ability one) he freezes at time while others would go for it. I m not completely sold on the height thingy ... yes it is an advantage but not a defining factor for me it is more about the timing of the jump.
  15. Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea

    Couldnt see the complete match ... just the first 30 odd minutes and then the highlights now. Same old issue at the back ... felt we could have avoided or prevented half of their goals. But WOW, even with 4-1 the team didnt gave up hope and seems till a point we could have actually got something. Full marks on commitment. Pulisic is on a roll. His momentum needs to continues into the next season too. Better players would upgrade our back line strategy... atleast they would make less mistakes which means less goals conceded. Hopeful for Sunday!!!
  16. Hakim Ziyech

    Disclaimer: Next level of Pipe Dream If revealing is football porn, what happens if they actually click on the field... Mass Orgasm !!!
  17. Hakim Ziyech

    Wait for a month ... half of the new team would be presented together
  18. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Top 4 should be bare minimum, Top 3 should be the target for next season. Anything over that would be magic, anything under would be thrash with this revamp
  19. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Instead of Rajkovic (who i havent seen to be honest) why not Onana ... he is available and decent, believe he mentioned it was his last season at Ajax. For LB, I know it is an overkill but lets get Telles and Tagliafico, sell both Alonso & Emerson ... Theo wouldnt happen for me. For RB, have hope for Reece, he has the potential. Wait and watch CB is what we really need to sort ... not well verse who is good there so cant comment Will keep CHO/Tammy because we have the new rule and would love to see if these players are fighting it out.
  20. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Let see, not saying we will sell him it would be more if he wants to continue with 2 other strikers ... 1 year deal could be to safeguard our asset ... Like i mention the more the merrier
  21. 9. Tammy Abraham

    I doubt ... feel he would move but if he doesnt then great ... more the merrier and more competition within that position ... feel it is win-win both ways
  22. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Patience is a virtue !!!
  23. 9. Tammy Abraham

    I feel we need to keep Tammy, loan wouldnt help at this time with we already revamping big time and a decent striker would cost big... Giroud and Batshui would be gone. With Wener in there will be competition for places and that will tell if Tammy has the ambitious to fight for his place. If yes, then with the new 5 subs rules we have a great headache on our hands .... If not then we can sell him next season.
  24. Kai Havertz

    We're already discussing Shirt #
  25. Kai Havertz

    Come on, seriously!!! Anyways, with the new rule in place of 5 subs having depth in the squad will be very important from next season. If Kai Havertz comes in then for me the place left is the squad will be No 8 ... I will want to see Mount start at 8 exchanging positions with Havertz however RLC can play that role as well. Feel Kovacic might take the fall in this role as he is not that good going forward but he might be an option for DM along with Kante. It will come down to who is doing well to get started. I m sure RLC will be a big part of Lampard's plan next season. Barkley and Jorginio will be sold.