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  1. Sevilla 0-4 Chelsea

    Didnt watch the match, woke up in the morning ... checked the score and hohohohohohohohooooo ... It was the Giroud show!!! 4 goals ... Brilliant!!! One of the most underrated striker in club setup. What a start to the day ...
  2. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    Decent game, a very safe one for both sides. Nothing much to write off. Was sort of expecting it, Lampard seems to play it safe till the chemistry is top notch (I'm assuming). Maybe it makes sense in Lampard's defence to accumulate as many points we can from the mid & lower tier teams while being safe with the top ones which means comes March we are well played in the top 4. With a well set team, we can then push to better things whether PL of CL (if we r there till then) ... Wished Giroud could have converted that half chance ... Alas! And yes, he should have come in earlier.
  3. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

    The most easiest thing which could had happened was we would have drop the levels & maybe draw or lose the game specially when everyone is going ga-ga about Chelsea plus add to it the international break & key players missing. But hats off to the team, they managed to maintain the momentum and it was a very professional performance. Some hits & misses obviously but 3 points and clean sheet, cant ask for more. Kante is returning to his peak, he is again becoming a nuisance for the opposition and Zouma has started growing in confidence which is heartening to see. Hope we carry on the momentum in the upcoming fixtures as well. Well played, blues.
  4. Declan Rice

    Feel the homesickness is just a lame rumor, he is in a business where you will have to go where the buck stops. Anyways, I have a feeling that RLC or Barkley would be part of the Rice deal so I dont think RLC stays with us for very long. On the buy back thing, never a fan if a player is highly rated ...yes for the above average players if there is a buy back then makes sense also if a player wants to explore/move out. As i mentioned before, I believe if Gallagher has a good loan then he mostly gets into the team next season and then it is up to the player to make a spot in the 11.
  5. Declan Rice

    It would be premature to say that he cannot reach to the level that Mount or Gilmour. He has already been rated highly and he has being performing well on his loans taking the same route like Mount did. If he succeed in his current loan then he would surely be drafted into the team from next season. I feel RLC would be sold than Gallagher specially if the latter has a good loan
  6. Declan Rice

    How does signing of Rice impact Gallagher ... He is more of a box-to-box/Attacking MF who will compete with Havertz, Mount, RLC. If he comes good with the current loan and I feel he will be send for one more season. But having Rice wouldnt affect him at all.
  7. Krasnodar 0-4 Chelsea

    Honestly what the fuck are our players doing ... looks like they are just walking in the park. There is no passion, it should have been waves after waves from us instead it seems like they are dont bother me mode.
  8. Krasnodar 0-4 Chelsea

    Zouma, Havertz and Werner doesnt make sense ... even Chilwell could be rested. Not sure why is Lampard trying to overplay Werner, he will burn out.
  9. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    Let's do the simple thing right and we have a chance. Lets have Odio start on the right side instead of Mount, Kovavic in the middle along with Kante, start with Giroud for first 45 and then Werner as the first change. Mendy James - Silva - Tomori - Chilwell Kovacic - Kante Odio - Havertz - Pulisic Giroud
  10. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    Felt the only positive from yesterday's game was the clean sheet. In game management by Lampard was poor, with 5 subs available we could actually changed the strategy around the 70 mins mark and got in someone like Giroud for a physical presence & ariel threat. With loads of game coming up, we need to rest players ... Werner, Havertz, Mount, Kante have literally started in all games ... We dont a break down happening.
  11. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Good for you ... whatever makes you happy!!!
  12. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    The dynamics in the market was different this time around and it helped us. Everyone knows Havetz and Werner would have ended up at a different club in a regular market, we made the best of the situation. We could very well have ended up with different set of players. U see Lampard admiration as a big factor while I dont ... nothing ridiculous about it. BTW sometimes u just need players who can perform instead of "generational talents" in your team ... If Tammy performs then it would be surely ridiculous to replace him.
  13. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Why would we let go of Tammy if he plays well ... we arent playing FIFA or Football Manager here. The primary reason why players ended up here is because Lampard called them up and sold his vision to them just like how Jose did or Conte did (well he went in the opposite direction) or any top manager does ... I cant help if you find my statement ridiculous ...
  14. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Being a huge Lampard admirer is no factor ... Chelsea already has 2 young strikers/CF what is the point in getting another one. City are on a look out for a striker while United were out to get him initially as per rumors ... Thats what it is based on
  15. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Haaland would end up in one of the Manchester clubs ... Dont see him coming to Chelsea