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  1. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    A win is win and is important specially against Arsenal ... will take it as is. Take-away for me Positives: - First 15-20 mins, going forward was pure magic and WOOOOW!!! Great link up, one touch, pressing off the ball and getting into good position. - During the first 20 mins, we had a different Morata ... thats what u want from him ... Adapt! Adapt! Adapt! He put in the shifts ... aggressive, falls back, physical and more importantly putting the ball in the net. - In the last game, Jorginho wasnt getting the ball despite being in position (we bypassed him quite a few times) however this week most of the play was going through him which is a plus. - 3rd goal ... good link up and more importantly Alonso being the difference while in the box and final third. Not so positives: - Defense ... We arent organized as compared to our offensive play. Yes I would put it down to early days but there is loads & loads of work. - Morata ... After the initial 20 mins, he was strolling in the park between the 2 Arsenal defenders. - Kante in an advance role. Good to see that he is being unleashed but that can be a huge problem for us. Jorginho cannot defend, not sure about Kovačić defense and Barkey was lively but he is no where the level of Kante. If you look at all the chances, you will see that the position which Kante generally falls into (edge of the box) when the opposition has the ball in the final third ... he wasnt there (he was following the defense & was moving deep) and Arsenal could end up with 4 goals. I'm divided on this one, maybe it might just fall in place when we are in steady stage but I have my doubts. - Jorginho for all the positives in terms of being the deep lying point man, the better oppositions could easily take us down. All you need to do is mark him out of game and it could be a huge issue for us. Yes early days but this could be a gap for us. - Willian & Pedro ... I think we need to start investing into the likes of CHO & Musoda. High time. All in all looks good ... This can be start of a new era for us if everything falls into place.
  2. Jan Oblak

    Currently Alisson is hands down better than Kepa ... With Oblak, at par. Kepa has lot to learn (the potential is there) and with the world expensive tag he would be under tremendous pressure. Have my fingers crossed.
  3. Michy Batshuayi

  4. Deadline Day!

  5. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    This is where I feel the board's inefficiency by not putting a buy back (hoping it is there & we arent knowing abt it) ... Kovacic would surely get more game time here than Madrid ... if he lives up to the expectation he goes back to Madrid next season to replace Modric if not Chelsea will buy him. We are basically giving him a platform to justify him as a player and if he succeeds then Madrid takes him away.
  6. Deadline Day!

    The Miracles are done, mate .... was done yesterday!
  7. Marina Granovskaia Thread

    I complete agree with the answer ... there is a distinct reason why they are there & we here. Whatever you mentioned is THE obvious. However if there are things which happens once or twice it can be passed off but if there is constant inefficiency then fans will voice it, come up with theories with whatever info or no info we have. Fans will voice their frustration, take out time and write/speak because they love their the club even if it means that no one in the officially capacity are going to hear them or there wouldnt be any solution. Isnt that the purpose of all these forums else we all will be only nodding our heads in agreement on what the club does.
  8. Marina Granovskaia Thread

    Without the dingling dangling and waiting till eternity to sign. For me, Timing is the key and if what the reports says 2 m+ here or there (referring to financials) was the issue, then pay it & move forward. In the larger scheme of things, 2m would be just changes. Imagine Sarri coming in a month earlier along side the signings ... today we would be in a better position. What is going to happen now is while Sarri tries to built and the results are not going in our favor (which it wouldnt), there would be unnecessary pressure from all corners on the coaching staff with loads of ideas thrown in. Rest I m sure u know what happens next ....
  9. Nabil Fekir

    Completely true and agree on both points.
  10. Nabil Fekir

    Sorry it must be just me ... but I never understood the hype around him. From what I saw he looked a decent player nothing more.
  11. Thibaut Courtois

    Not upset on his leaving ... Yes he could have gone out graciously and thats what spoils it I guess. For me I'm disappointed/upset that he could have turned out to be one of the best in the world and he has not been able to make it infact he plateaued early after a phenomenal rise at the start. Anyways all the best which he would really need because he wouldnt have his way at Madrid like he did it here.
  12. Marina Granovskaia Thread

    Yes ... we made 2 signings .. YAY!!! But should we be impressed in the way the Board or Marina went about handling the situation, well ... Hell NO!!! Lot us would be like we did sign good, potential players so why the fuss ... So what if it was late!!! Thats exactly the issue here. With a new manager on board (which in itself took a while to be on-boarded), why were we not able to get him the squad early. We should be aiming first 2 positions if not the top in the league which is right now dominated by City. Yes it takes time for transfers to happen but these players were already available on the first day just they are on the last day, also mind you we havent got Kepa on a cut price for buying in the end instead he's the most expensive goalkeeper. We can sing praises of Marina/board all we want after these 2 signing maybe more today but the fact stays that we're very inefficient in our operations at the club. Constant change in managers, no vision, transfers, issues in integrating youth, expansion r just a few. Chelsea as a club will have to really think about how effective we can become in all aspects. I should be over the moon that we got 2 potential signings but then when I think that in 2-3 years time we would be doing the same makes me worried. Well ... maybe till then ... as always fingers crossed &
  13. Thibaut Courtois

    I get he wants to leave blab blab blab .. etc etc etc ... But where is he going ... Real Madrid already has Navas who has been better than him and is liked by team/fans, Atlectio has Oblak who is a starter & hasnt come along as someone who needs to leave. Basically Courtois is going to be a non starter!!! Strange. Having said that, I still dont want him in here. Bye bye Courtois.
  14. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    The reason I mentioned irrelevant because we dont have our main players in ... Once they're back then we would understand where we stand on day one and where on day let say thirty. Right now we got badly exposed as explained in the video
  15. The Board

    Why dont we have an official fan forum/club/group who can interact with the Board or the ppl in the management and provide an insight on issues/opinions etc etc from the Fans side. Do we have anything on those lines ... I m assuming in this modern age of technology and exposure we should be having something on this line ...