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  1. Summer Transfer Targets

    Fair enough ... I do respect the opinion ... I just got a different view, the current Lampard setup doesnt really suit Kovacic and Jorginho or maybe I would need to see more to be convinced. The tempo has to be always high and both these players I felt lacked it which means there would be no fluidity through the center. Neves for me is more box to box which helps Kante and Madison is more of backup/squad player who has a good work rate plus English quota checked. Mount and RLC surely looks better than Madison but I'm looking at a complete set. As far as how much a player cost, it is a crazy market which is not going to come down and the money is not going from my pocket ... So if we get a player which suits the manager, go for it.
  2. Summer Transfer Targets

    Atleast I have an opinion which is what the forum is about. No matter how ridiculous. But thanks for that respect. Appreciate it!!!
  3. Summer Transfer Targets

    I doubt the 200m on those ... I dont think we have better players (Kante is WC) ... we need players with high work rate in the middle specially under Lampard, strong box to box types to compliment Kante. I believe they have a lot going for them plus they are young and playing in the top flight. I wasnt referring to other positions where we need reinforcements ... was talking only midfield and we need good players (even squad players) to support Lampard's philosophy
  4. Summer Transfer Targets

    Maddison and Nevas next summer ... Midfield sorted for few years with Kante, Mount and RLC ...
  5. Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea

    I thought it was a great game, brilliant on how we approached and played it out ... Loved the way we played specially the first half, ultra pressing and Liverpool's plans went off. Obviously Liverpool altered their plan and went wide which slowed us (something to thing about). The result is surely disappointing but the difference from Sunday to Wednesday was very encouraging to how we gauge the manager. One thing is now certain that Frank's strategy is to press hard and focus is on what we do when we dont have the ball. It is going to demand high work rates from pretty much everyone, this was evident when Kante started and it made such a huge difference. However this is also going to be our Achilles heel this season because we dont have loads of players specially in the middle with high work rates atleast for now. The other real positive I thought was we could unlock Pedro for the first time, Frank's game suits his style (might have a Barca feel to it). Pulisic looked good and the strike which was ruled off side was superb. I know early days but I feel top 6 could be a sure thing this season ... Excited for the next game and we keep improving it is going to be hell of a ride:) P.S. That marking of Van Dijk by Kante on the corner should be how we approach our current season!!! Need to have balls to take on the big ones
  6. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    Would be honest, the 4-0 scoreline hurts specially when it happened in that 5-10 mins time frame. But first competitive game of the season, there are positives and there are lot of learnings. As someone pointed in the earlier post, we behaved like amateurs at time which contributed to the scoreline which is bang on. Defense is a worry, has been even in pre-season. Like to see how Lampard start addressing this. Only problem is that we play another game in the next 2 days against Liverpool and that could a similar scoreline. Liked the fact that Lampard was not worried to pitch youngsters in a big away game ... which tells that Lampard could be open to taking risk as per the situation. Fingers crossed for the next few games to see how we sort the defense.
  7. David Luiz

    Honestly, I have never cared about how many have we won or they did or some one else did... because it is in the past and there is no point dwelling over it whereas Arsenal fans are still struck in that era when they were successful. They always try to use that as a measure of they being a big club but the fact is that today Chelsea is in the Forbes list on the top 10 clubs in the world. So technically like you said, baring United no one can say they bigger as the Citys, the Arsenals and the Chelseas are pretty much on the same footing.
  8. David Luiz

    Well said!!! I feel even after the next 2 decades, they will just keep going back to how many they won once upon a time and they were the Invincibles ... Wouldnt have much to talk abt
  9. David Luiz

    He has to leave. Period!!! Nothing likely about it ... Guess he is just lucky that we have a ban and are short in the wingers dept.
  10. David Luiz

    Well it does provides us with entertainment when they lose ...
  11. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    After a long time (maybe actually the first time) I dont see we winning this game but I'm still eagerly looking forward to it. I hope at best we will draw thats is stretching by a miles. Curious to see who starts and how we shape up on Sunday will probably be the strategy and line up for the rest of the season. In true sense this will be a season of transition and new beginnings
  12. David Luiz

    Just as expected Arsenal' Mr DT in all praise about Luiz. And the best part I like the reasons behind Luiz moving to Arsenal ... guess what *Drums roll* Arsenal are a bigger club than Chelsea, more trophies than Chelsea and that prompted David Luiz to move to Arsenal .... that is f**king hysterical. Going by his theory, I'm glad that Luiz at 32 suddenly developed brains.... or lost them ... we will never know
  13. David Luiz

    Thank you, Luiz for the memories and also for moving out .... wished it would had been some other club than Arsenal but ... never mind. One request though, could you also take your buddy & partner Willian with you maybe in Jan ... that would be a good gesture for the drama you pulled off. Thank you again.
  14. David Luiz

    Wow ... says Luiz wants Arsenal move, thats great loyalty!!! If that is the case then seriously ship him out, I dont want him but the situation demands that we need experience bodies. However if this is coming from him then please make some one else's life miserable. I can see the next 2 days on Arsenal TV, Luiz is a great world class player and Arsenal should sign him ... he will be a rock in the defense, etc, etc, etc.
  15. Nicolas Pepe

    well it is already done ... plus I dont worry about the opposition, more focused on hoping that we are better than everyone ...