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  1. Champions League thread

    This was long due ... Come on Chels, raid the market in Jan and we can be superbly set up for this tie.
  2. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    With all due respect, I dont think Courtois is anywhere the level of De Gea currently and yes De Gea is pretty much the best in the world at this point of time. For me, Courtois has now gone into steady state for the last 2 yrs as if he has reached the max level of his development. He started off way way better than the likes of De Gea but now I dont know it seems he believes in his own hype (eg: he made a statement some time back that "As per him" he feel he is the best in the world). Its the little things which he needs to work on like I always felt his positions are a little off which doesnt allow him to reach the ball in time. Having said all the above, I would want him to stay and work on his development which will take him to the top. He has the potential and more importantly age to be up there with the best but currently he isnt.
  3. The English Football Thread

    Jose destroying United ... Enjoying it ... hahahaha!!! From being notorious in attack under Fergie to parking the bus sorry the correct term by "United fans" playing "counter attacking football" they are going in the right direction. Keep going, Jose. P.S. United & Chelsea ensured that Delep is a world class player because both never exploited that left side.
  4. Charly Musonda Jr.

    I think it is what's the club wants more than managers ... Our is a single point agenda, we need to win a title which doesnt allow the manager to do experiment much because the moment we lose couple of games the manager is directly under pressure from all quarters. The mindset of the board has to change first before we point to the manager.
  5. Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd

    I feel the United game is the right game for us at this time. Being at the Bridge, Jose will set up his team to play his usual defensive counter attacking game (I'm 99% sure of that unless he hits his head on something which is the other 1%) so it gives us loads of time to do the talking. We will need to keep possession as much as possible because the United team is not functioned to play the defensive game & the team that cracks down will be the one to lose the game. We will need to be discipline for this game thats how we can get something out of it else United gets that one goal which is what they are looking for. I will go with Hazard and Bats (only because he likes to press more than Morata) at the top for this game with Fabergas as the no 10 so that possibly Matic goes with Hazard and Herrara with Fabs creating a gap in the midfield while pushing them behind. Hoping Kante is fit for this game. I wouldnt mind switching Azpi with Luiz/Cahill and putting Pedro in the LWB Courtois Christensen Luiz Cahill Zappa Kante/Drinkwater Bakayoko Azpi Fabergas Bats Hazard Fingers crossed!!!
  6. The Conte Thread

    That what I mention, we all are dependent on each other
  7. 22. Willian

    Thats exactly what he needs to do. Best thing is that he has the potential to play the direct game but the worst thing is that he goes back to the same slow painful momentum destroying game after showing a spark of this direct play.
  8. The Conte Thread

    Hahahahaha, Irony of life ... we are all dependent on some or the other things Without the media, we also wouldnt have anyone to criticize.
  9. The Conte Thread

    Like I said, Klopp & Liverpool are not winning anything so media doesnt want to waste their time because they know at the end of the day they wouldnt be achieving anything. Yes there was a lot of hue and cry in the initial phases of Klopp's regime but now everyone has figured out just like with Arsenal. Imagine Klopp being Chelsea manager, a bad run of form the bets would had been in place and everyone would have made money on his sacking & the new manager. We're the media's punching bag and as I said we will always be under the scanner because we also feed them with lot of things to be criticized Fans and Media, 2 different things ... in general, we (fans) dont voice our opinions to get paid while the media gets paid.
  10. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Feel the issue with Morata is adaptability, he needs to come out of Spain and adapt to the English game. Someone rightly pointed about inconsistency which will play a big part unless you dont adapt. Also for me Morata is not a one man striker he needs cover either from a second striker or from a no 10/attacking mid so that he can combine to get the best (like how they did with Hazard) ... we can come up with Bats - Morata with Hazard as the no 10. Bats can be the work horse while Hazard & Morata be the pure forwards
  11. The Conte Thread

    I get what you say but you're not getting the point ... No one really cares about Klopp & Liverpool currently. They have been on the decline & now steady at one point ... Klopp was suppose to the savior when he came in but with 2 seasons of mediocrity and bad transfer windows no one cares about him or them. Hence he will always be under the radar unless he pulls up a major coup and then he will be the favor of the moment. Currently Chelsea provides all the meat for these hungry wolves so our managers will always be under the scanner until we're winning in one way or the other and also live cycle of our managers are too short which means everyone wants to bet how soon :). And as far as Wenger goes he just for the laughs for the media and fans alike.
  12. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Completely agree with you. However as much as we criticize him the fact is we dont have anyone else to cover the CM position (most of us agree last season too that Fab is not a starter in Conte's setup). We let go of Matic/Chalobah, got an injured Drinkwater, didnt add any quality player in the CM position, we dont take risk on any of our youth (this time around we mite not have one as well). Our entire hope in CM position was pinned that Kante and Bakayoko would take us through the entire season. That sure came crashing down and we ended up with Fab who is a non starter under Conte's system, so we will get lackluster performances.
  13. The Conte Thread

    Answer is very simple. Board at Chelsea are ready with their chopping tools when it comes to Manager evaluation despite the fact that those tools should be used on them. Media looks at us as short term success while the others are looked upon as long term "Project". The media will always have a day out when it comes to us because we can sell their shitty stuff... What would make better headline : Conte sacked after winning the title in his first year or Klopp sacked. Take your pick
  14. Chelsea 4-2 Watford

    WTF!!! and then PHEW!!! We won ... we were shit but we won and will take that any day. Big win for Conte more than anyone because he would had been sacked if we lost this one for something which the board is largely to be blamed.
  15. The Conte Thread

    It has a combination of all and all parties involved but primarily it's f**kup in the transfer window where the board has to be majorly blamed for. And Predictability would follow it where the manager & the players are at blame. I was expecting Conte to take the 3-4-3 to another level in terms of tweaks like the Atl. Madrid game but it is so far less. Plus the fact we arent doing our homework well.