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  1. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    We will have Kepa to cover up for him
  2. Kai Havertz

    Must have missed it Off late I started realizing that Mount can be like a Joker card for us ... He really covers the pitch well, presses well, good going forward and can defend (okiesh) ... If he can complement Kante or the DM we are set. Thats why i was so glad when Kante's role was changed post restart. Yes Mount hasnt done much in the game we lost but let's see ... wishful thinking.
  3. Kai Havertz

    I m more for this because I dont believe in selling Kante specially when we arent like other club who need to sell to buy ... I have some hope for Kante + Kovasic or Mount in the 2 ... Somehow I feel Mount could pair up well with Kante (wishful). Like i said with Lampard pushing him to the defensive end on the 3 with better defence (hopefully) it could work.
  4. Kai Havertz

    We keep saying that we need to sell Kante ... the thing is who is going to defend if he is gone ... No one in the midfield is capable of doing it not even Kovasic... , Under Sarri and Lampard he was pushed into an advanced role which actually screwed us. I m glad that Lampard has moved him into his preferred position ... Yes agreed there are those injuries issue but i hope it's just a phase ... still for me it makes no sense to sell the best DM (by a mile) we have ...
  5. Kai Havertz

    Yes he's very good squad player and yes u need such squad players in your team, they essential for the balance ... we just can't have 11 stars in our team. Agree he is not really shining at the moment but feel he does have the skills and attitude at this age. As Jason mentioned part of this could be down to the constant changing of position or could be other reasons.
  6. Kai Havertz

    It was fun while this excitement lasted ..
  7. Sheffield United 3-0 Chelsea

    Cool ... so we are not going concede another one ... Phew!!!
  8. Sheffield United 3-0 Chelsea

  9. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Obviously ... half of things would then be done by the defences thus hiding his vulnerabilty
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    It not his height ... it is confidence combined with Desicion making ability.
  11. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    The more I look at Donnarumma, feel he is Kepa in the making .. Maybe I'm wrong Would take Onana in a heartbeat and keep Kepa for competition ... hoping Kepa rises
  12. Kai Havertz

    Honestly, who the f*** cares!!!
  13. The English Football Thread

    Yup ... they have got a tough run in as well ... Among all the teams United have the easiest ones.
  14. The English Football Thread

    I dont think we're in the driver seat because of the games coming up ... atleast on paper they are tougher than United. What we have in our hand is a buffer of 5 points or how u put, win the next 5 games... but yes we will need to win the not so tough games to ensure we maintain our position ... Yes Fingers crossed!!
  15. Chelsea 2-1 Man City

    Thats fine, mate ... What i mentioned was based on first hand thing, havent gone back to the match again ...