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  1. Robert Lewandowski

    Not Sarcasm ... was the right thing that the club did so that these useless rumors doesnt have any bearing on the player while they try to mend their relationship with him (if it has spoiled like the BS going around)
  2. Robert Lewandowski

    Nicely done, Bayern ... Guess now it is end of story for all who are looking to spread rumours.
  3. Robert Lewandowski

    I heard those rumors too of he not being happy ... But honestly that wouldnt lead to he asking out, And if he did then he is seriously Balotelli level crazy. He plays for one of the elite clubs in the world, leads the line, is among the elite players ... Has everything going for him. Only place he would want to go from there would be a Real Madrid or Barca which is not happening ... Just the usual media BS.
  4. Robert Lewandowski

    hahahahaha ... Goes to show that there is not much traction happening in the market!!!
  5. Premier League thread

    Somewhere in the middle of the sea, hope Conte is looking at the list and saying - Damn you, Hazard!!! And is already texting Emenalo, Maria and Roman on the status of the new signings ...
  6. Romelu Lukaku

    I believe one of the reason of playing Rashford other than Zlatan's injury is also down to the people in the board and United has a strong presence of ex United people who would want to have certain tradition going for them. That could be the reason why Rashford got game time instead of Martial. Feel it is more of a forced thing rather than Jose wanting to develop ... like someone mention above they are looking to get the likes of Morata and Belloti despite having Rashford and Martial.
  7. 21. Nemanja Matic

    People will attack anyone who will talk out of sense which is exactly what you post suggests. Why would u want to keep Kante on the bench who has not only been our best player but the best in the league. I m not going to degrade Matic but it doesnt make any sense to play Matic over Kante. And playing Nainggolan & Matic together, the best option would be to play the 3 men midfield which will be Matic - Kante - Nainggolan with Nainggolan being the free roam and the attacking outlet for us.
  8. The Conte Thread

    I got that (the psychology piece) ... I just wanted to end this because I feel we were drifting big time ... And my view on things are different than others and then it doesnt become a debate but more of an argument. So not being sarcastic at all ... Peace P.S. I would love to indulge in the psychology talks because u get to learn a lot but my view on football and psychology is more from a business preservative where money takes precedent over everything. Maybe one day, would love to hear your thoughts ...
  9. The Conte Thread

    For enlightening me and the feedback
  10. The Conte Thread

    Thanks, Mate!!!
  11. The Conte Thread

    No I'm not mixing it ... Idealistic talk??? Come on, mate!!! How I see it: There is a difference in mentality when it comes to the big/elite clubs and the others ... The others would be content with one title/trophy (if they win) and the rest they can consider as bonus but the Big/elite clubs dont stop at one or consider the second one a bonus. We are now in the elite class and we shouldnt stop at anything ... This is Chelsea we are talking about for whom success takes precedent over everything (we have sacked managers for not reaching to that highest levels without considering their reputations) so it's ingrained in the club and the players and obviously the fans. So if you say Arsenal wanted it more than I would surely say that we should have wanted it much more and I m sure that the club sees it the same. Without being harsh, human Psychology at times goes out of the window when you are getting paid 10x-15x more than the average human out there, they train you to be machines ... thats the reality in today's world. Anyways I m not denying completely what you mentioned but I feel we are drifting into another tangent ... as I mentioned in the other post it started as a small observation which I hope doesnt come back as an issue for us. Rest, I feel we had a brilliant season ... we just werent good on the last day and paid the price. P.S: @OhForAGreavsie, damn! Now I have to prove read my post twice to make sure it is correct
  12. The Conte Thread

    No one is denying what Conte has done and achieved ... No one talked about THE PERFECT MANAGER. Not sure why are we going there. It is just a simple observation which I hope doesnt become an issue for us. What Conte & Chelsea has achieved this season is NOW HISTORY & WE NEED TO FOCUS ON THE NEXT SEASON ... so if there is any scope of improvement it shouldnt be overlooked is what I would conclude it with.
  13. The Conte Thread

    I'm referring to in game strategy ... we cant keep changing things after we lost the game. Like I mentioned above it is an observation which I hope is just me overthinking ...
  14. The Conte Thread

    I m not mixing up the 2 ... In fact in all the past interviews you will find that the players wanting the double. And I dont buy that we went easy because we won the league so this was a bonus. It is a prestigious tournament atleast better than the League Cup. Clubs like Chelsea cannot be content with just winning one title/trophy a season, we should be competing and wanting to win in every tournament that we are in. Anyways, my observation was not about motivation ... my concern is that in game Conte was clueless and quiet something which we are not used to. I hope it doesnt happen too often next season.
  15. The Conte Thread

    Come on, Mate ... We had the double on the line which makes us equally motivated. All i saying, I hope we dont have such moments where we are clueless ... because next season will be even more tough for us. Whether Fabregas starting would had made a difference, maybe yes ... change in tactics works