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  1. The Conte Thread

    Atleast he is better than the BS that Jose has to offer
  2. Title race

    Right now I dont think it is about who anyone plays ... It is more about keeping your composure and/or nerves. Time and again we have seen teams lose out to weaker teams because they are not able to keep their cool. Spurs are classic example from last year, Liverpool (Gerrad admitted that anxiety as they were approaching the finish line) . Our current lot has the experience to make it through the finish line but I would admit that Spurs are showing some experience in that direction ... The Crystal palace game for them was all about keeping that nerve. Will keep our fingers crossed and I for one is going to take one game at a time.
  3. General Transfer Talk

    Ake, Christensen, Chalobah and possibly Baker should get chances next season as they all are deserving one and they have earned it. We will need a bigger squad due to CL and Conte needs to rotate the squad often. I'm sure we will go into the market to make marquee signings but we shouldnt overlook what we have in hand. Musonda, Tammy, Boga, Brown, Loftus-Cheek, Aina needs to be sent out to better clubs (specially Tammy & Musonda) who could provide them regular game time to assess them for the future.
  4. 26. John Terry

    John Terry: Captain, Leader and a Legend!!!
  5. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Brilliant analysis on the United - Chelsea game on MNF ... Great comparison by Neville on Hazard and Messi. Worth a watch.
  6. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    I m not sure on Pogba as one of the 2 CMs ... I dont see him having the discipline that is needed to be a CM, defend & attack throughtout the game ... this will only mean that Kante will have double thw work while on the defensive. For me Pogba would work wonders when he has 2 CMs covering him and he plays more of the attacking no 10 role (like the 3-5-2 or 4-3-3). His greatest strengths is to smash the ball and the quick passes other than that he's just an over hyped player.
  7. 6. Nathan Aké

    I m well aware that Football is a squad game. But why get a player who is doing really well somewhere else and he hardly is on the team sheet forget the minutes? We have so many players on loan who we know are never going to make it to the first team, pick anyone out of them to make the numbers, pick someone from the youth squad to make up the numbers ... why pick someone who is doing well if we're not going to offer anything to him. I get the logic that we shouldnt be tweaking the winning combination but yesterday was an opportunity and we still go for it. We changed the formation to accommodate Willian but didnt go a 3-5-2 where again Ake could have got a chance. And he has been regularly playing football at the PL level, doesnt need a pre-season to prove himself. The only conclusion I can make out is ... If he doesnt enjoy the manager's confidence and he was forced to be part of the team just like Batshuayi from the Chelsea hierarchy then we would have a problem going forward.
  8. 6. Nathan Aké

    My argument is what's the point in making the numbers!!! I dont know who would they recall Ake or Christensen because end of the day it makes no sense to recall someone and not use him when the need is there. Why didnt we just buy someone in Jan when we knew Ivanovic was moving out instead of recalling?
  9. 6. Nathan Aké

    As i mentioned above what is the point in having one extra player if he is not getting into the team sheet forget minutes because that player's contribution is zero. The theory that he is not impressing the manager is just too vague for me because both managers have really praised him for his work rate in the last 2 clubs and he is a young lad without any issues. If we are preparing him for next season, my argument would be atleast give him some minutes like Chalobab and Loftus Cheek.
  10. 6. Nathan Aké

    Come on, mate ... Common sense!!! What is the point in having depth when we are not going to give any minutes to the kid. How does it make a difference if you have 23 players or 22 because for all those who dont get games are just making numbers which has no value. Yesterday was the best example of playing the ones who are not getting chance or who have been brought in for depth ... I feel Ake could have done a job based on his stints at Watford and Bournemouth. Again i m not denying what you mentioned before but it is baffling as to why should we get back a player who is doing well and hardly making the team sheet in here. I m just confused....
  11. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    Really bad day at work yest ... Out-thought, Out-played, clueless, no direction ... As one of the commentator mention, United youth are making it easy against an experience Chelsea team. Not sure why is Conte so much into Costa ... On Costa's bad days he is just a bully trying to get into a unnecessary fight which harms us. Conte should bench Costa, guess it is high time.
  12. 6. Nathan Aké

    Maybe you're correct, maybe he doesnt fit here ... however if that is the case then why did we recall the player who was doing extremely well at Bournemouth, he was a starter there and getting regular football... more importantly doing well. Recalling him means no sense when we are not going to give him any time on the field. Again he been a home grown player and not getting a single minute makes no sense.
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    Honestly wouldnt compare the 2 in terms of attitude ... maybe yes the poacher angle but looking at Lukaku yesterday you couldnt find any passion ( a 35 yr old Zlatan was more energetic) however with Chicha he's very lively ...
  14. Romelu Lukaku

    Watching Lukaku's game yesterday which was so frustrating at time ... kept going to the same thing: how come he scored so many goals
  15. Alexis Sanchez

    Feel that the impact of the Sanchez deal will be very similar to the impact of the RVP one ... It will be guaranteed title for any PL club who buys him ... He is in the form of his life, wants to add a medal before he retires, mostly importantly he seems to be driven to add his quality to gain something for the team. Though it will be tough for Chelsea to acquire him because Arsenal wouldnt sell it to us ... But we should really push this one hard, never know what can happen.