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  1. If you Broke my Heart .. i will love you even with my broken peaces !! so plz .. just donT !!

  2. i really feel bad .. never felt this way before

  3. Listen to your heart when he is calling for you

  4. no we wont .. Chalobah in .. rajkokvic out

  5. Slobodan Rajkovic

    he was .. now h dont .. he get work permit
  6. Ryan Bertrand

    Chelsea wants to extend Bertrand contract before loaning him out from heeere
  7. Ryan Bertrand

    this is almost official news from trusted sources http://josh-mceachran.com/news/2011/06/19/eyes-on-bertrand/
  8. Todd Kane

    every one follow this man http://twitter.com/#!/chelseaythteam he says he have great news about youth team -- but he wont announce it until he get 60 followers . now he have 23 or something like that -- hurry up -- we can do it in 5 minutes and knew what is the news maybe it signing
  9. Todd Kane

    we can understand that Chelsea young player todd kane who scored the draw goal against Blackburn in the final reserves national league match will sign a new 3 years contract at the first of July . todd kane who played most of his games in the right back was the top scorer for chelsea u18 . but chelsea starlet can also play in the right midfield and the right wing . more young players expected to sign new contracts at the same date or close to it, so congratulations to todd kane and we wish him the best luck with chelsea after signing his first pro contract the source
  10. Josh McEachran

    this is the video for josh when he said that he want to stay at chelsea for the the rest of his life http://josh-mceachran.com/melody/musicvideo.php?vid=4b564e67c
  11. Josh McEachran

    josh page have more than one admin - and josh mceachran is one of those admins - i knew that from a freind -- so its official page iam sure of that
  12. Ryan Bertrand

    well he have got back -- i hope he do well with us he done good game with the reserves