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  1. RIP big momma from Road trip.

  2. The Serie A Thread

    Sure I heard once along time ago now that he is the best ever foreign player to have played in Serie A. Not a bad acheivement if true.
  3. Come on City,stop them bindippers from getting 4th please.

  4. Footballing wise,perobably the worst weekend EVER !!!

  5. David Luiz

    Stick him in midfield in place of Essien next season. I think it was Carlo treating him harsh but he doesn't know how to treat Torres either or Benayoun.
  6. Expectations for a certain player are now fairly low,he probably won't startso who knows,he may bag a few today.

  7. Stamford Bridge thread

    I want a 70k seater. I know we wouldn't sell out every game but would against Manure,Liverpoo then there's London derbies Fulham,Arse,QPR,Spurs,West ham (one day). It's my dream to see us host a CL final and a world cup semi final,then we can always work on filling the stadium over the years,I want biggerand better than the Arse. It's not gonna happen anytime soon anyway,plenty more years to get down to the bridge.
  8. David Luiz

    He could be a Desailly where he can play defence or midfield,quite easily.
  9. We're only 1 goal behind on GD now. A nice big Arse win will do nicely,with a few injuries and red cards to both teams.I'm going for Arse 5 Manure 0 please.

  10. La Liga Thread

    No,not that I know of. At the time Barca had a dutch dozen of players that could play midfield/defence. So i don't think Kluivert was ever needed there. The front Barca 3 in the late 90's of Figo,kluivert, and Rivaldo was lethal. I remember Vialli saying it's the best strike force in Europe and boy he wasn't wrong. As for them teams,I think they are the best XI 's from this millenium/century/decade (or whatever else). I was going to say you could add Figo into the Barca side too but he never really played for them in the noughties. If it was the best Barca XI of all time then I think Rivaldo would be a strong contender to get in the side.
  11. Didier Drogba

    Drogba won't go to Marseille unless they pay him what he wants,which I doubt. Why can't we have Sturridge,Drogs and torres in our squad? If we start with 2 of these 3 every match ,99% of the time Carlo always subs a striker for striker anyway so the player being benched will get time plus then there's the small matter of injuries. Let's not forget Torres is injury prone although we've not seen it yet. Personally i'd like 2 up front next season. Drogs and Torres preferably starting and forming a partnership with Sturridge and a new signing on the bench and starting FA and mickey mouse cup games.
  12. The Pre-Season thread

    I want us to play Kingstonian every year again.
  13. Fernando Torres

    I blame the rain sodden pitch. If the pitch wasn't drenched then Nando's first touch would have seen the ball get away from him. Glad it chucked it down.
  14. Fernando Torres

    But they're a massive club playing in the Europa league and haven't won the league for 21 years. (Happy 21st Liverpoo fans !!!,nearly catch us up on 50 before you know it,time soon flies). They think they're better than everyone and everything. Clearly not that great or Sheik Monsour surely would have chosen to buy them instead of City. That's how shit they are,they've desperately searched for a big money investor for years and found nobody. One more thing,John Aldridge is just a nob,plain and simple. Plastic paddy that would never get into the England team.
  15. Fernando Torres

    Why am I not surprised. Thing is,if he should ever re-join them when he's 35 and they're in the championship he'd be a hero again and 'kop legend'.Worse fans in the world by a mile.